Stuffed Capsicum(bharva shimla mirch)

Stuffed Capsicum (bharva shimla mirch)

Stuffed vegetables like Stuffed Capsicum (bharva shimla mirch) add charm to your dinning table! Though preparation takes slightly longer time, but the end result is really really good. Stuffed Capsicum (bharva shimla mirch) can be done with boiled potatoes, paneer, roasted gram flour or simply with some spices of your choice.

From my childhood, I had always liked boiled potatoes filled stuffed capsicum a lot. I have experienced that the taste of capsicum is not much appreciated by everyone, but if you serve it in stuffed form, people really like it. After our marriage, in Chennai Manish and I had invited some of  his colleagues at home and I had cooked stuffed capsicum and I remember that everyone liked it a lot!
In Bangalore also my dear friend Padmaja had called me once to her house to cook stuffed capsicum, so that she can see the entire process.

Not exaggerating, but my mother-in-law also very much likes stuffed capsicum prepared by me. Once I packed for her when they were going back to Jaipur from Bangalore and got rave reviews.

So now you have enough reasons to give stuffed capsicum a try……

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Ingredients :

Green Capsicum


Finely chopped green chillies


Spices: salt, red chilli powder, dry mango powder(amchoor), garam masala, asafoetida(hing) and turmeric powder.

Process :

Boil potatoes in pressure cooker. Never let potatoes become over boiled where they get a big crack in between – this way water seeps in and they become soggy.

boil potatoes

Keep boiled potatoes in a strainer so that all water seeps out.

let potatoes dry

Peel potatoes and once they cool down, add all spices, mash them and mix everything together.

add spices

Mash potatoes along with spices

Heat a pan and add 1-2 spoons of oil and add ready mix of boiled potatoes. Keep on turning them upside-down from time to time to avoid potatoes sticking to the pan. Don’t add too much oil here as we just have to roast them lightly for 10 minutes.

roast potatoes little bit

Potatoes will stick to the pan as we have added only couple of spoons of oil. To avoid this use small pan support – it’s very helpful in slow cooking.

pan support

Once they are done, let them cool down.

potatoes are ready for stuffing in capsicum

Wash and dry capsicum. Always buy  vertically shaped small sized capsicum for preparing stuffed capsicum. With vertical shape,  it’s easy to deseed them.

Green Capsicum

To remove seeds, make a vertical cut.

make a vertical cut

Fill in the prepared potato filling. Don’t stuff too much filling, otherwise while cooking it will start seeping out.

stuff capsicum with potatoes mix

Heat the pan and add 4-5 spoons of oil, spreading all over the pan. Next, place all the stuffed capsicums and cover the pan.

cover the pan

Stuffed capsicum should be cooked on sim heat, so you can use small pan support again.

Keep on turning them upside-down till they are tender from all sides and done.

stuffed capsicum

Serve with roti, plain paratha or rice.

Stuffed capsicum is ready!

Bharva shimla mirch

Mixed vegetables/Gadd ki sabzi

Mixed vegetables/Gadd ki subzi

Mixed vegetables/Gadd ki subzi  is a must part of the meal prepared next day of Deepawali which is known as Govardhan Pooja. This time weather changes and winter starts. You can feel the chill early in the morning. All new winter vegetables start coming in the market and people just buy all varieties of veggies at the day of Govardhan Pooja to prepare Mixed vegetables/Gadd ki subzi. My mother used to give us all vegetables to peel, clean and chop. I always hated to clean green, leafy veggies.

At my parents house, we have a small temple. Some neighbors are quite devoted to our temple because when we shifted to this house, there was no other temple in the nearby area – so our personal worshipping place became public place for a few neighbours.  Those close neighbours used to expect complete platter of prasad from us at the day of Govardhan Pooja. So everything was prepared in large quantity. And in between the preparation, guests used to come for Diwali greetings. Finally, we were able to have lunch around 4:00 in the evening!! In the late evening we used to do Govardhan Pooja with neighbors and later would be bursting the remaining crackers. It used to be a very happening day and I miss badly those nostalgic moments.😪😪
Now, instead of celebrating festivals in a community and passing the tradition to their kids, people prefer to use these festival holidays as an opportunity to go out of town and relax.
Well, this time also I prepared mixed vegetables with whatever veggies I could get. No matter how less I try to prepare, I always end up preparing at least for two days…
After all it’s once in a year…..!!!!!

Mixed vegetables/Gadd ki sabzi

Ingredients :

Salt, coriander powder, red chilli powder, garam masala, turmeric powder
Hing (asafoetida), rai(small mustard seeds) jeera(cumin seeds) and oil


Use all vegetables of your choice except the sticky ones like bhindi (lady finger) and arbi (taro).
I used green capsicum(Shimla mirch), potatoes, clustered beans (gwar ki fali), french beans, brinjal, tomatoes, big parrot green chilies, small sized chilies, cabbage (patta gobhi) , bottle gourd (louki), kunduru (ivy gourd) , ridge gourd(torai), green coriander, carrots, peas, saim ki phali (broad beans), mooli (radish), ginger…
and what I could not find were green spinach (Palak) and green fenugreek (methi ke patte) (instead, used kasoori methi), cauliflower, tinda, green leaves of radish and beans from radish….

Mixed vegetables

Process :

Clean, wash, peel and cut those vegetables first which take more time to cook. If we will add all veggies together, tender vegetables will be mashed up.

Heat oil in a pan and add rai, hing and jeera to splatter and add chopped vegetables (hard ones first). Sprinkle salt and turmeric powder, mix well and cover it.



Cook these till they start to become tender and at this point  add rest of the vegetables and grated ginger(except tomatoes) .


Again add some salt and turmeric powder, mix well and cover. Keep turning them upside down in between intervals . When vegetables are about to get cooked, add chopped tomatoes, coriander powder, red chilli powder and garam masala. Mix everything well, cover it and cook completely.

Mix chopped coriander leaves.


Transfer ready vegetables in a serving bowl.

Sprinkle some more coriander leaves and serve.

Mixed vegetables/Gadd ki sabzi

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Coriander Chutney (dhaniye ki chutney)

coriander chutneu (dhaniye ki chutney)

Coriander Chutney (dhaniye ki chutney) is very very popular in India with all meals of the day. Right from our childhood we all had tasted different kinds of chutneys in various flavors. It might be of mint, coriander, onion, tamarind, spinach, coconut, tomato or chili. On a beautiful rainy day or nail biting cold weather, before we start preparing hot bhajiya or pakora, we first prepare chutney. In India chutney is integral part of our breakfast. Dosa, idly,  vada, poha, upma, plain paratha, samosa, kachori are incomplete without chutney. So, come let’s prepare nice spicy green coriander chutney and add a zing to your meal.

Ingredients :

Fresh green coriander, salt, hing (asafoetida) green chili, amchoor (dry mango powder) ginger and tomato.


1.If you are interested in keeping chutney for a week in fridge, always use fresh coriander, otherwise you won’t get beautiful green color and taste will be different.

2.Don’t throw away tender stems – use them along with coriander leaves.

3.Quantity of green chili is based on individual’s taste – my personal preference is spicy chutney. So I add lot of green chilies and ginger and it gets  balanced with amchoor powder.


Cut the roots of coriander and wash it thoroughly under running water – after washing keep it on a sieve, so that all excess water will be sieved away.cut stems of coriander

Wash one tomato, a small piece of ginger and some spicy green chilies. Chop coriander so that it’s easy to put in the jar. Grate or chop and add ginger, chopped green chilies and tomato.cut rest of the ingredients for coriander chutney

Grind it for a minute (if required, add some water). Now you will know exactly how much quantity of chutney you will get. So now add salt, amchoor powder and hing and again grind till your choice of consistency, whether you want it to be a complete paste or slightly coarse. Enjoy your spicy green coriander chutney with any meal of the day!!!

Coriander chutney (dhaniye ki chutney)

Gaajar(carrot) ki kheer

Gaajar(carrot) ki kheer

Don’t hate me for my obsession with red carrots. I use  them  as salad, vegetable, pulav and even in breakfast as Gaajar(carrot) ki kheer. Yes, you heard it right…..Gaajar ki Kheer in breakfast!

The concept of preparing carrot kheer for breakfast, I adopted after my marriage. During winter season my mother in law prepares  for breakfast Gaajar(carrot) ki kheer and serves it hot. Such a nutritious breakfast and yummy too. At my mom’s house we were not particular to have it during breakfast only. For foodies like my siblings and me any time of the day was fine😀

Gaajar(carrot) ki kheer

If you have food processer grating carrots becomes very easy and one doesn’t hesitate to prepare. But if you are very busy in the morning then grate carrots in the evening, boil them with milk for 3-4 minutes and switch off heat. In the morning finish cooking the kheer completely and serve it hot during winter season.

Recently, I prepared it during Shivaratri festival as it was a fasting day and we are not supposed to eat any kind of grains

And with this post  I will stop my red carrots recipes series till next winter. So try it once………

Ingredients :

Carrots        300gm (peeled)

Milk                1litre

Sugar              between 150-200gm(200gm is too sweet so adjust)

Mixed dry fruits           2tbsp

Cardamom powder        1/4tsp

Process :

Cut the both ends of carrots and wash them.  Peel carrots and again wash in running water.


Keep the milk for boiling and start grating peeled carrots.




By now milk would have boiled, so add grated carrots in it. Keep the flame on sim and let it boil for 40-45 minutes.


Keep on stirring in between and scraping milk from the sides of the vessel. Otherwise, in the end it is very difficult to clean the vessel.

Gaajar(carrot) ki kheer

After 40 minutes, add sugar, mix it properly and let it boil for 10 more minutes.

Switch off gas. Pour kheer in a serving bowl. Add cardamom powder and chopped nuts and serve hot.

Gaajar(carrot) ki kheer

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