Layered Papdi

Layered papdi

Layered Papdi is a crisp savory munching snack. During festivals when we are busy preparing sweets and savory stuff, we prepare something special which we can enjoy when all hullabaloo of the festival is over and we just want to relax and enjoy our evening tea/coffee with our home made snack. Layered papdi is one of my favorite snack, to have it with tea or I use them to prepare spicy chatpata chaat…..

Layered PapdiI have a few more snack recipes on the blog. You can check them also…Namakpara /Nimki and Murrukku

Ingredients :

Maida (white flour) 1 cup
Chiroti/normal rava (optional) 1 tbsp
Salt 1/2tsp (reduce or increase according to your taste)
Ajwain /jeera  (carom or cumin seeds) (optional) 1/2 tsp
Oil (for moyan) 2+1/2 tbsp
Water 1/4 cup
Oil for frying
Cloves (loung) 10-12


Take maida in a broad vessel and add salt, ajwain/jeera(carom or cumin seeds) and oil. Mix it well and slowly add water and prepare the tight dough.

Dough for layered papdi is ready

The dough should be really tight otherwise we can’t roll it thin. Cover the dough and leave it for 15/20 minutes for resting.

After 15 minutes knead the dough again, divide it into equal parts and prepare the same sized balls.

make round shape balls

Roll them very thin, in round shape on the clean kitchen counter and keep them on parchment /butter paper.

roll them round in shape

Fold one round disc along the center and then again fold it to get 1/4th of its original size. Slightly press it and prick it with a knife from all sides to avoid puffing.

fold two times in triangle shape

Also, inserting cloves in between will help in keeping the layers flat.

Insert loung in between folded papdi

Heat oil in a deep pan and fry these papdis on the sim to medium heat till they become crisp.

fry papdi till they are crisp
Let them cool down completely and store in an airtight container. Enjoy these papdis with your tea /coffee.

Layered papdi


Namakpara /Nimki

Namakpara/ Nimki is usually prepared during traditional Indian festivals in India. Generally in India sweets are prepared during festivals, but preparing savory snacks like Namakpara/ Nimki also has their own importance. But honestly speaking, salty snacks need no occasion. We can have them with our morning and evening tea or just like that for munching also.


Namakpara is one of the most easy to prepare savory snack, and with slight changes in the dough, which we prepare for Namakpara can give us many varieties of snacks, like plain or rolled papri for papri chat, mathri, etc. Even a combination of  different types of flours can be used to prepare them. But we will prepare those versions  some other time. Today, we will be doing Namakpara with ajwain (carom seeds) flavour.

Ingredients :

Maida         2 cups

Chiroti rava (optional) (normal rava is also fine) 2 tbsp

Salt           1 tsp

Ajwain (carom seeds)      1 tsp

Oil             4 tbsp

Water    1/2 cup (minus 1tbsp)

Oil for frying


Take a broad sized vessel so that kneading is easy and put maida, salt, chiroti rava, ajwain and oil in it.


Oil helps Namakpara becoming crisp. Mix it all nicely and take little mixture in your palm and hold it tight. If mix binds well instead of crumbling, the oil quantity is perfect. If mixture crumbles, add some more oil.


Slowly start adding water in it and knead it in a tight dough. Apply some oil on ready dough (so that it doesn’t dry) and keep it covered for half an hour.


Clean your kitchen slab and roll the whole dough (or divide the dough in small balls and roll them).

roll namakpara dough in round disc

Cut the rolled dough vertically in long stripes. cut namakpara  lengthwise

And again cut these stripes horizontally in big or small size. cut namakpara vertically and horizontally

You can fry them immediately or if planning to fry later, then keep them on dry, clean cotton cloth (maybe your dupatta) and cover with the cloth so that they don’t become dry.

Fry them in  between low to medium heat and and take out and keep them on a sieve or butter paper, to remove excess oil. Let them cool down completely. Fill in an air tight box and enjoy your crispy, salty snack!!!!! namakpara/nimki