Kheer with white rice (chaawal ki kheer)

Kheer with white rice (chaawal ki kheer)

Kheer with white rice (chaawal ki kheer) is very common in India. Some people prefer to have it along with their meals and some enjoy it as dessert. When I was a kid, I used to finish one full bowl of kheer with white rice before starting the lunch, so that I shouldn’t repent later that I couldn’t eat much😋😋.

Kheer with white rice (chawal ki kheer)
After my marriage when I prepared chaawal ki kheer Manish didn’t like it much because it was kind of very thick kheer and he preferred white rice kheer with thin consistency but at the same time it should be creamy also. He told that his mother prepares the best kheer and whenever possible, I should learn from her. So during my trip to Jaipur I carefully observed, while my mother in law prepared her famous kheer. It was definitely lip smacking dessert 😝!!!!! And best part was that it was not prepared with full fat milk; she had prepared with low fat milk and yet it was creamy and delicious.
After a very long time I prepared white rice kheer at the occasion of Sharad Poornima. Total cooking time for kheer is slightly more than usual, so don’t loose patience – the end result will be extremely yummilicious.

1- Correct ratio of rice and milk is very important in kheer. My simple formula is to take one fistful of rice for one litre milk. It gives perfect consistency of thickness in kheer.

2- Don’t take whole rice grains for kheer. Whole rice makes kheer very thick. Instead select broken rice of any quality of your choice. My preference is broken basmati rice, which is commonly known as “basmati ki kinki”.
3- Full fat milk starts becoming thick very soon and you have to add water in between to turn it thin. With low fat milk you can comfortably cook kheer on slow flame and it will retain correct consistency.
4- Instead of adding chopped dry fruits, grind them coarsely and mix half the quantity in kheer once it is done. Dry fruits flavor will enhance the taste of kheer.

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Ingredients :
Rice                      1+1/2 fistful (3o/35 gm)
Milk(low fat)       1+1/2 litre
Sugar                   1cup minus 2tbsp
Cardamom powder and coarsely grinded mixed dry fruits.
Some strands of saffron for garnishing.

Take rice, wash it twice and soak it for half an hour.


Take a heavy bottom pan and pour milk in it to boil. Heavy bottomed pan is must to avoid the milk getting burnt at the bottom.


Add rice to the milk the moment it starts boiling.


Now you have to keep on stirring milk till rice grains start boiling along with the milk. Turn the gas on sim and stir for 2-3 more minutes and let it boil.


It will take almost two hours for kheer to be ready.

In between, from time to time keep on stirring and scraping the sides of the pan. The color of milk will change and kheer will be thick.

Kheer with white rice (chaawal ki kheer)

Add sugar, stir it till sugar completely dissolves and switch off the gas. Once sugar melts down, consistency of kheer will be thin. I prefer it like this – but if you want you can boil it for 4-5 minutes more to get thicker consistency and then switch off the gas. Add half of the coarsely grinded dry fruits in kheer.

Transfer chaawal ki kheer into serving bowl and garnish with rest of the dry fruits and saffron strands. Once it cools down, keep it in the fridge for 2-3 hours and serve it chilled.

Kheer with white rice (chaawal ki kheer)