I am a complete chenna based dessert person who doesn’t need any excuse to gorge on Rasgulla or Rasmalai sweets. And if I have homemade dessert, I just keep on searching for an excuse to go again and again into the kitchen.

During summer you just don’t feel like having high calories sweets. You crave for something light which can be digested easily. So I prefer to prepare sweets from paneer during the summer season.

Rasgulla from paneer can be the base dish for many sweets. So you first learn to prepare Rasgulla (believe me, its not so difficult as it seems) and the rest of the varieties will be very easy to prepare.


The secret of preparing the best spongy Rasgulla is in the right technique for preparing paneer. While searching for a good recipe for Rasgulla, I found a video by Vahvah chef about preparing Rasmalai. After watching this video i mastered (not at all exaggerating) the way to prepare Rasgulla. This is the picture of when I made Rasgulla successfully for the first time…


Later I tried rasmalai, rajbhog and cham- cham (malai-sandwich) successfully with the base of all these sweet dishes as rasgulla with little variations. I will be posting all of them in the blog, but first I am starting with Rasgulla recipe …..


Ingredients :

I kg full fat milk
I lemon juice(can be replaced with 1 tbsp vinegar)
2 cups sugar (granulated)
4 1/2 cup water
Seeds of 2-3 whole cardamom(optional)
Keep ready one tray of ice cubes
Squeeze out lemon juice, sieve it, add equal amount of water to the lemon juice and keep it separately.
Boil milk and pour lemon juice into it..
The moment milk starts curdling switch off gas…milk is so hot that it will curdle.

When whole milk is curdled nicely, immediately pour this in a strainer which is covered with muslin cloth and add ice cubes.

Let the chenna remain in muslin cloth and wash this nicely in running water so that no taste of lemon or vinegar remains. Squeeze out all water from chenna.
Now hang this chenna in muslin cloth for 10-15 min..so that rest of the water drains out.
Still If you feel that chenna is too wet, squeeze it with your hands


Mash chenna properly.
Rub it nicely with your hands so that all the grains of chenna become soft and you can collect it like a dough.

Prepare small balls of this whole chenna dough. There should not be any cracks in the balls.
And still if you are getting cracks, rub the chenna ball between your palms and again make the ball, or give it any other shape.



Rasgulla balls from chhena is ready
Now in a big size vessel or cooker add water, sugar, and cardamom seeds. Switch on gas on high flame.
Keep stirring water till whole sugar is dissolved, and the moment the water starts boiling, put all your chenna balls into this syrup and cover the vessel and keep some weight on the cover (if using cooker, let it boil till first whistle and then sim the flame for next 5-7 min). Gas flame should be high for the first five minuets and then reduce it to sim for next 5-7 minutes .

rasgullas are ready for boiling

Let the steam cool down and then open the lid of the cooker. You will see that your small balls of chenna have doubled in size.

Your spongy Rasgullas are ready….!!
Shift them in another bowl along with sugar syrup. Let them cool down completely and later keep them in the fridge for 3-4 hours.


Serve chilled.


Oh, you cook  different dishes also other than just baking bread….!!

This was the instant reaction I got from my dear hubby in the evening when he saw the bowl of rasgullas on dining table … 😀😀😀


Would love to hear from you about this  spongy paneer sweet dish ❤️❤️