Mawa/Khoya from milk powder

Milk powder based Mawa (Khoya)

Milk powder based Mawa (Khoya) is very popular for preparing sweets at home. As milk powder based mawa (Khoya) gets ready within 15 minutes, it is also known as instant mawa. Though my first choice is always to prepare through the traditional method by boiling the milk (Khoya/Mawa), it is a time-consuming process. So this recipe of milk powder-based mawa is very helpful if you are planning to prepare Gaajar ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa) or any mawa based sweets this winter season. Try this easy recipe of only three ingredients-based instant mawa/khoya and I am sure you will avoid buying khoya from the market. Moreover, New year celebrations are about to start – so plan some homemade sweet dish based on mawa or khoya!

Mawa/Khoya from milk powder


Milk powder 2 cups

Milk 1 cup

Desi ghee (clarified butter) or unsalted butter 4 tbsp


Take two cups of milk powder in a bowl.

Milk powder for mawa

Measure one cup of milk and pour half milk into the bowl of milk powder. Mix it nicely to avoid lumps. It will take the form of a paste.

Add milk in milk powder

Now pour the rest of the milk and mix again.

In a heavy-bottomed pan take four tbsp desi ghee and melt it on medium heat.

Once ghee melts, reduce the heat to sim, pour the milk powder and milk mixture in the pan and keep stirring it – otherwise, it will stick to the bottom of the pan immediately.

Add milk powder and milk mix in melted desi ghee

Keep the heat on sim and continue stirring. Slowly, the liquid will start thickening.

Mawa/khoya has started becoming thick

Keep stirring till it becomes thick and starts leaving the sides of the pan. Switch off the heat and shift mawa/khoya in another bowl to use it in any of your sweet preparation or mawa based gravy dishes.

Khoya from milk powder

If you want to use it the next day then let mawa cool down completely and keep it in the fridge in a covered box. If you have leftover mawa and no plan of using it in a few days, you can freeze it for around 2 months in an airtight box after wrapping it in 3 to 4 layers of cling film.


Khoya/Mawa from milk

Mawa/ Khoya from milk powder

Preparing Khoya/Mawa from milk is a completely traditional way to prepare this wonderful milk-based fat. Mawa is one ingredient that is added to lots of traditional Indian sweets  Gaajar ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa) and savory dishes. During festival times you can easily find ready mawa in the shops, especially, “halwai ki dukaan par”.

Few years back there was a big hullabaloo about synthetic milk, so we completely stopped buying mawa from the shops. My mom  used to buy fresh buffalo milk, so we started preparing mawa at home. It used to be a very long time consuming process, but the end result was wonderful! It was soft, and having very fine crispy and soft granules, awesome aroma in the house and I and my sisters wishing eagerly to taste it!!

After shifting to Bangalore some friends suggested trying ‘ready dairy mawa’. But I didn’t like it much. So I too started preparing homemade khoya.

Veena Gurudatt, I hope I am not very late for your request……

Ingredients :

Full fat milk           1 litre


I am using here full fat Nandini milk (orange pack).IMG_20170310_160918378.jpg

You can use any brand with which you are comfortable. Start boiling the milk on sim heat. If we boil the milk on medium or high heat, milk sticks to the bottom of the vessel and we don’t want that to happen.


Once milk is boiled, keep the heat on sim if you are busy with some other work.


Else, if you are taking care of milk and continuously stirring it, keep the heat between medium to high.

Slowly the milk will start thickening and the colour will change.

Milk is becoming thick in the process of becoming Khoya/Mawa Keep the heat on sim to medium and continue stirring milk and scraping  the edges of the vessel. Slowly milk will become very thick – it is now time to switch off heat.
Khoya/Mawa is ready!

Take out ready mawa in a vessel. You might find it a little loose, but slowly while cooling down it will turn thick. And because of continued stirring and scraping the sides, your vessel will be neat.


Once mawa cools down completely, use it in some sweet or if you are planning to use it the next day, keep it in an air-tight container so that it doesn’t lose its moisture and keep it in the fridge. The total weight of mawa from 1 litre full fat milk will be 184gm.Khoya/Mawa from milk