Coconut Cheesecake (No-Bake)

Coconut Cheesecake (no – bake) is a dessert where no flour is required. You can bake a cheesecake and it can be prepared without baking also. I had no plans for this dessert. From cookies  baking disaster Coconut Cheesecake(no-bake) was planned!!

I decided to bake coconut cookies and chocolate chips cookies in the evening.

I should never plan to bake anything in the evening…my first mistake.

Dinner preparations got pushed to a later hour, so I decided to prepare cookies after dinner…… my second mistake.

Baking cookies is not a big project but I prefer to cook or bake alone, otherwise I easily get distracted and end up forgetting to add some or other ingredient. That’s why I always bake in the afternoon when I am alone with my oven.

In the evening  my daughter Apoorva is back from school and she starts telling her whole day stories. Then Manish is back from the office and TV is on. So I never bake anything during these hours. But that day I thought that as now I am baking cookies for such a long time so I wouldn’t do anything wrong. Basically what can go wrong in a cookie recipe and many people bake cookies while watching TV?

But I was definitely wrong. I was watching a comedy show on TV and completely forgot to add sugar in the coconut cookies. I had powdered sugar and left it in the jar.  Took rest of the ingredients with me and kept everything on dining table. After baking first batch I wanted to taste warm cookie and realised my mistake!

These cookies had very mild sweet taste of coconut, but I knew very well that Manish is not going to eat them… I felt so sad for wasting so much of butter. I just couldn’t find any other way to use these sugar-less cookies.

Next day while scrolling down Instagram posts I saw one cheese cake post and immediately knew how I am going to use my sugar-less coconut cookies. I had cream cheese, desiccated coconut, whipping cream and condensed milk in my pantry. I decided to go ahead with these ingredients only for a no-bake coconut cheese cake.


In India we don’t get good quality dairy based whipping cream. All bakers use non dairy whipping cream of different brands. Amul brand has dairy based whipping cream in red colour pack but it is not available in all shops. Once when I saw this pack at my nearest grocery store, I bought a small pack to try it out. For coconut cheese cake I decided to use this, but while whipping, realised that it is taking its own sweet time to get stiff peaks. I gave up in between and thought that it might set in 5-6 hours in the fridge. It did set, but was not completely firm. That’s why you can see in the pictures that the top part of whipping cream in cheese cake is slightly loose from the sides. So if you try this cheesecake, go ahead with non-dairy whipping cream. We can add melted white chocolate or agar agar for loose cream to set firm.

For flavor, along with roasted coconut flakes, I added orange zest with whipping cream to balance sweet taste. Orange zest gave delicious fresh flavor and roasted coconut flakes added wonderful crunch along with cookie base.

Overall, I really loved and enjoyed this simple no-bake cheese cake experiment which was done only to use my sugar-less coconut cookies.



Ingredients :

cookies crust

250 gm sugar less coconut cookies
3 tbsp condensed milk
30 gm butter


400 gm cream cheese
70 gm castor sugar

200 gm whipping cream
60 gm castor sugar

extra flavour and decoration

1+1/2 tsp orange zest
1/4 cup roasted desiccated coconut flakes


Process :

Keep coconut cookies in a zip lock bag and crush them nicely.IMG_20190110_123943838

In a bowl add crushed cookies, condensed milk and butter. Mix well everything and spread this mixture evenly in a spring form cake tin. Press this mixture nicely with the back of spoon. Keep it  in the fridge to firm up for 20-30 minutes.



Whip up cream cheese till it is smooth and then start adding caster sugar in small portions. You can reduce or add sugar as per your taste bud.  Keep this ready cream cheese in a seprate bowl.


Grate zest from the oranges.


Now whip up whipping cream and in small portions keep adding caster sugar. I have used dairy based Amul red pack whipping cream, so I have to add sugar. If you are using non dairy whipping cream, sugar is not required. Mix orange zest nicely in the cream (coconut cream can also be added).


By now cookie mixture is settled down firmly. Take out the pan from the fridge and spread evenly cream cheese.


Sprinkle some toasted coconut flakes.


Now spread whipping cream evenly.


Again sprinkle toasted coconut flakes all over the cream. Keep the pan in the fridge for 5-6 hours or overnight.


Later take out the pan from the fridge and carefully take out cheese cake from the spring form tin. Give it 5-7 minutes standing time because it would be too cold.


Enjoy no-bake coconut cheese cake with delicious fresh orange flavor and a wonderul coconut cookies crumb with a crunch of toasted coconut flakes.