Pav Buns with wheat flour and maida

I always enjoy baking buns, whether spicy, plain, flavored or stuffed. Whole house has a wonderful aroma during baking and the moment buns are out of oven, I feel like preparing a hot cup of ginger tea to accompany them and give myself a treat.ūüćģ This time I decided to mix two flours wheat and maida together and bake pav buns .


If buns are flavored, Apoorva is very happy to have them as her evening snack.

Last year when my inlaws had come to stay with us, my mother-in-law had requested me to prepare pav bhaji for my father-in-law, but somehow I couldn’t , though I packed for them¬† carom seeds flavored buns when they were going back.

This year when my in-laws came to stay with us, I was determined to prepare pav bhaji for them, and the very next day after they arrived, I did and they liked a lot !!!!!!


I prepared buns with half wheat flour and half maida. If anyone wants to try buns for the first time, this recipe is very easy to follow….

Ingredients :

(all ingredients except water+milk mix should be used at room temperature)

Maida 1+1/2cup
Wheat flour 1+1/2cup
Milk powder 1/4cup
Sugar 2tbsp
Salt 1+1/2tsp
Yeast 1+1/2tsp
Oil/butter 1+1/2 tbsp
Milk+water 2 cups minus 2 tbsp

Notes  :

  1.  To knead the dough only water can be used. I prefer using half water and half milk. It helps to keep the bread/buns soft longer.
  2. ¬†Absorbing liquid quality of flour is different for everyone. So don’t follow blindly the quantity of water or water +milk mix given in the recipe.
  3. For first proofing people are generally confused if the dough has doubled or not. My personal simple way to solve this problem is to select a vessel which you think is the exact fit for doubled up dough volume.

Process :

Take a big, wide vessel and add maida, wheat flour, salt, sugar, milk powder and yeast in it.


Keep your milk + water mix ready. It’s temperature should be tolerable to touch, which means it should be slightly more than lukewarm but not hot.Don’t add whole liquid in the flour mix. Slowly start pouring liquid in the flour and start binding all flour together. Once flour comes together, it will be dry.IMG_20171125_112706834_BURST000_COVER_TOP.jpgNow keep on adding liquid and start kneading the dough. Remember, dough consistency should be little more wet and sticky than chapati dough.IMG_20171125_112800463.jpgKneading for the first 8-10 minutes will be a messy task, but after 10 minutes, start adding oil /butter and knead for 5-7 minutes more. Your palms and fingers will be clean now and messy dough will turn smooth.IMG_20171125_114025036.jpgGrease a bowl with oil and keep the dough in it. Apply oil on top of the dough to avoid it drying and cling wrap the vessel for first proofing.
(Always take a bigger vessel to keep the dough for proofing so that there is sufficient space for the dough to become double in volume).IMG_20171125_114602499.jpgKeep the vessel at a warm place for proofing. I always keep it inside my microwave (switched off).IMG_20171125_114810976.jpg
First proofing takes one to one and a half hour depending on the temperature of your kitchen. During summer it gets proofed within 50 to 60 minutes, but during winter it might take long.

While dough is proofing, grease the baking tray and keep it ready.

Once dough is double in volume, first proofing is over.IMG_20171125_125039514.jpgApply little oil on clean kitchen top and take out the dough and punch it slightly.IMG_20171125_125715061.jpgShape the dough in the form of log and cut it into equal size and roll all buns smoothly.(To get smooth shaped buns, please take a look atTea time Wheat Flour Buns with pizza spices ).IMG_20171125_130117215.jpgIMG_20171125_130346503.jpgPlace all the buns into ready greased tray/pan and apply oil on them to avoid dryingIMG_20171125_131630476.jpg¬†Cover the baking tray with another larger sized vessel. I don’t cover the buns for second proofing. After brushing them with oil I just keep the tray in microwave (switched off) for 10 to 15 minutes.

Just ten minutes before baking preheat oven at 185 degrees. Second proofing gets over in 10-20 minutes. If you are baking buns in large quantities, they start getting proofed while you are preparing , so 10 minutes are sufficient to proof.IMG_20171125_132500363.jpgGive a milk wash to all the buns and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Baking temperature is different for all ovens so bake according to the set temperature of your oven.

Apply some salted butter on baked buns for good shine and to keep them soft longer.IMG_20171125_140017509After 5 minutes transfer them on a cooling rack. You can’t beat the taste of homebaked fresh warm buns. Or if you want to use them later, just warm them in microwave – they will be as soft as freshly baked.IMG_20171125_140222337_BURST000_COVER.jpg




Tea time Wheat Flour Buns with pizza spices (1)

Buns are everyone’s favorite. We can have salty buns in breakfast or with evening tea, plain buns with bhaji and your meal is ready, prepare them as burger for kid’s birthday parties or sweet buns with cream and so on…….

My daughter apoorva is always ready to have pizza any time of the day, but I am kind of always lazy to prepare pizzasūüėĎ. I am very comfortable with bread and buns.. but pizza…. I always feel lazy to do so much preparation of chopping¬† veggies, preparing pizza sauce and baking base… too much work!!!!‚ėĻÔłŹ Once in a while it’s ok, but not frequently, though I bake¬† with wheat flour.

So, today I thought of preparing wheat flour salty buns flavored with pizza spices…..!!¬† Believe me, while baking, your house¬† will be filled¬† with wonderful aroma of spices and butter . Neighbors might feel as if they are staying near a bakery!ūüėčūüėč



In the evening when apoorva tasted them, her response was, “ma, these are bomb”

That’s how teens react nowadays!!!!ūü§Ē


Ingredients :

Ashirwad wheat flour             2+1/2cup

Milk powder                              1/8 cup

Salt                                             1tsp

Sugar                                         1tbsp

Oil                                                2tsp

Groripan instant yeast             1/2 tsp

Mixed pizza spices                     2+1/2  tsp

Butter                                           2tbsp

Water +milk mix (temperature should be slightly more than lukewarm)    1+1/2cup +2tbsp

Process :

Take a big flat vessel with edges, so that you can knead the dough comfortably. Measure and keep flour,milk powder , salt, sugar, half quantity of mixed spices and yeast in the vessel and mix everything.


Prepare  water and milk mixture and keep it ready.



Start kneading the dough with water+ milk mix. Don’t add whole quantity of¬† liquid in the beginning. Slowly keep on pouring and keep on kneading the dough.

(Always prepare liquid more than written in the recipe, because soaking quality of flour might not be the same,some flours might absorb more liquid and some might take less.) Once everything comes together, start kneading it.



Here dough looks dry because wheat absorbes more moisture than maida, so add some more liquid and keep on kneading. It will be messy in the beginning, but we need little wet dough here, consistency should be softer than chapati dough.



I did the kneading for 20 minutes. After ten minutes add one tsp of oil and keep on kneading. Oil will make kneading easy. Slowly dough will be very smooth and easy handle. Add one more tsp oil, knead little bit more and you will get soft and shiny dough.



Keep this dough in a oil greased pan. Apply some oil on the dough also to avoid it drying and cling wrap the vessel.



Keep the vessel at a warm place for first proofing . My favorite place is my microwave. I kept  the vessel in microwave (switched off) and it took almost 1hour for the dough to be  double in size.




Apply some oil on clean kitchen counter and take out the dough from the vessel and punch it.



Again knead the dough,  prepare a log and cut it with the knife into same size to prepare buns.




Apply some oil on your palm and roll all of them nicely without cracks. If cracks are there, pinch them and seal them, roll again and you rounded bun will be ready.





Grease your baking tray with oil /butter and place all buns in it with some space to each other.



Apply some oil on all buns to avoid them drying , cover them and keep again for second proofing. Second proofing takes 20 minutes to half an hour maximum. Don’t let them become completely double in size, that will happen during baking. So when they are slightly bigger in size, second proofing is done. I kept again in the microwave(switched off)¬† for second proofing and covered them with the vessel I used to knead the dough.


Heat butter in pan and add the rest of the pizza mix spices and apply this butter generously  when buns are proofed.

Always remember to preheat oven 10 minutes before buns are ready to be baked.





This was the first time I baked in OTG, so I preheated at 175 /for 10 minutes and baked also at 175 / for 25 minutes with both rods on along with fan on medium rack. But if you want to bake in microwave, preheat at 185/and bake at 180/ for 15 – 20 minutes. Buns might look slightly dry once they are completely baked.



But don’t worry, use¬† remaining butter and apply on all buns. Buns will be shiny and butter will keep them soft. Transfer buns on a cooling rack or enjoy them warm with tea or coffee!!!