That’s how it started…

Today I am starting my blog, though I don’t think I can go very far. Writing was never my forte. In fact, I always try to escape from a situation where-ever writing or typing is involved. I believe in talking, and talking a lot. Though a few years back, before my marriage I was just a silent listener. But after marriage I was in a new city (I shifted from Jaipur to Chennai) and found that my husband is also an excellent listener. That was horrible. Now everywhere there was a terrible silence as I didn’t know Tamil also. And I was craving to talk to people badly. Though my landlady was a generous soul, and fluent in many languages including Hindi but she had her own daily life schedule. Didn’t stay in Chennai for long, but I learnt the importance of communication and I guess, but not sure, my husband also.

After some years we settled down in Bangalore and by now I was quite communicative. But by now, easily available mobiles ruined the habit of writing letters. I was quite busy whole day with my little daughter, household work, chatting with neighbours and watching movies on TV. Slowly time flew and hubby was becoming busy in his work, daughter also no more dependent on me (for other than food and ironed uniform).

By now, many of my friends were on Facebook and were forcing me to join. I brushed off the idea as I never felt the requirement. Had lots of people around myself to talk, then why join Facebook?  One fine day, my daughter had to finish her school project and she wanted my help. And my creativity level is zero, so some friend suggested to search on YouTube for ideas. We finished the project, but now I got hooked to the world of innumerable ideas on YouTube for paper flowers, crochet, embroidery, DIY, and food. Yes…. food!!!  And then I figured out the whole wide world of different types of cuisines….how to cook, bake, fry, grill, boil- and not only we can watch these videos, we can ask our doubts also. It was an OMG moment……!!!! Those traditional Indian sweets which we thought that only a ‘halwai’ can prepare, can be prepared at home!!!! That’s amazing….. it’s not a rocket science…… Why buy rasgulla from a shop if I can prepare them….. though it took me many attempts to get proper soft sponge…. but I was obstinate…. if other girls and boys can do it, why can’t I? So that’s how I joined Facebook and till now I am here only to learn. In this process got to know that there are many FB food groups, where you can learn a lot and share your experiences also. In these groups some people were posting a link where not only you get the recipe but pictorial tutorial for every single step. I was amazed with this!!!!!! How much people write……. first they write the story behind that particular dish, then pictures along with directions, then some specific points if required, and then responding to the reader’s ifs and buts….. God…!!!! that’s too much work!!!!! and some bloggers have some vast knowledge and their writing is so good that you forget that you are here for a recipe. Started digging these blogs and got introduced to the world of’ Baking’.

Though I had a 31 litre microwave with convection mode for many years, was using it only for heating. By going through the blogs and some FB groups got to know that basic baking is not very difficult. If other housewives can bake, why can’t I? So tried slowly in small batches – cookies and plain cakes. I was excited with this new hobby. It was an amazing way to keep myself busy and successful attempts gave happy dancing. Slowly learned all new vocabulary of this world (and for some words I have to  search Google on how to pronounce them)!! Funny, right, but it’s true….

Now, why start a blog? No matter how much you want to try a new recipe everyday, either it’s related to baking or cooking some sweet dish, you need a break. But I didn’t want this break as sitting free, doing nothing, (otherwise, I feel that I have wasted my day) so thought of starting a  blog. And here I am today with this whole write up. Probably will come up with a dish soon with complete recipe. Bye then, take care and and have a good day.