Pinwheel Potato Rolls with mint flavor

Us Indians are very obsessed with potatoes. Potato compliments so well with almost every vegetable. Other than using potatoes with vegetables, we have aaloo paratha (Aaloo ka Paratha (paratha with spicy potato stuffing)), potato chips and snacks like samosa and kachori which also have potato fillings. So when I thought of trying Pinwheel Rolls, I decided to fill them with boiled potatoes. But I felt that rolls with only potato filling would lack some flavor – might not be tangy enough. I had mint chutney in the fridge – so I flavored these rolls with mint chutney.


Isn’t this an interesting filling with complete Indian taste!!!

You can change the filling as per your taste and liking. With potatoes, paneer can be added or we can shred some cheese on top of the rolls…

I have a post on Coriander Chutney  in the blog. If you are interested, can go through this link as recipe for coriander and mint chutney is same. For mint chutney, just replace coriander leaves with mint leaves.

You should definitely try these rolls. Not very complicated steps, and in pinwheel shape –  rolls look really attractive!


Ingredients :

Maida 2 cups +2 tbsp
Milk powder 1 tbsp
Salt 1 tsp
Sugar 1 tbsp
Instant active yeast 3/4 tsp
Water 1 cup minus 1-2 tbsp
Oil 2 tbsp
Mint chutney(thick) 5 tbsp
Boiled potato mix

Except water, all ingredients should be on room temperature.Water should be slightly warmer than lukewarm but not hot.


Boiled Potato mix :

Boiled  potatoes
Dry mango powder
Garam Masala
Red chilli powder

Chopped green chillies
Chopped green coriander /mint leaves

Peel and mash potatoes and add above mentioned ingredients, mix well and keep this mix aside.

Rolls preparation:

Collect all dry ingredients in a big vessel and mix them. Add water/milk slowly and prepare the dough.


Be careful not to use all water/milk completely. Once all ingredients are together in shape of a rough dough, slowly start kneading the dough by adding one tbsp water at a time and knead it for 12-15 minutes. Keep adding oil during kneading.  Initially, dough will be wet, but slowly it will be pliable and smooth.

Keep the dough in an oil greased pan covered with cling film at a warm place for first proofing. This might take 60 to 90 minutes, depending on how warm or cool your kitchen is.




In the meanwhile, keep your baking tray ready by greasing with oil or by spreading parchment paper.

After first proofing, take out the dough on clean oil greased kitchen counter and punch it gently.


Collect the dough together and roll it into rectangular shape. Apply mint chutney all over the dough with the help of a pastry brush .



Now spread potato mix evenly everywhere. As both my potato mixture and chutney were very spicy, I limited the quantity that I applied and so you can see some gaps in the photo below.


Start rolling the dough and keep it firm.


Once dough takes the shape of a log, seam the edges tight by pinching them.


Cut this log in equal size rolls and keep them in your ready baking tray by maintaining some gap between them so that during baking rolls have enough space to puff up. Apply some oil on them and keep them at a warm place for second proofing. Second proofing will be over in 20/30 minutes.


Just 10 minutes before second proofing time is getting over, preheat oven at 180 degrees. Apply milk on rolls to avoid them drying during baking and bake them for 20/30 minutes or till they are light brown. Apply butter on warm rolls and relish them with any sauce or chutney along with your tea/coffee ☕




Eggless Cinnamon Rolls

Before I start telling about the complete recipe for cinnamon rolls, I have one confession. I was totally doubtful about the taste of these rolls. I had never tasted these rolls before I baked them myself. My taste was only limited to sandwich bread and pav buns/dinner rolls. Facebook and Google introduced me to a whole wide range of baking goodies. So I started trying to bake them one by one.

Before Christmas everywhere on social media all you see is ‘cinnamon rolls’ posts. Bakers, bloggers, professionals, everyone is baking them, posting them or reviving their old post of cinnamon rolls. I was slightly sceptical about trying them. First reason was that the recipes had too much sugar in them and second reason was that I felt that these rolls have a lot of cinnamon powder. My usage of cinnamon is limited only to ‘masala tea’ and ‘vegetable pulav’. So I was almost sure that I will not like the taste of cinnamon rolls. Christmas came and went and new year started. The thought of cinnamon buns was still stuck in my brain. Finally I decided to try them with my own recipe and I planned to balance the sweetness with Salted Caramel Sauce

During second proofing time of the dough, power was disconnected and I started thinking that I was doing them with less interest, so probably…….. you know, some silly thoughts! I was about to keep them in the fridge and power was restored. Rolls were in the oven and something unexpected happened. The whole house was filled with beautiful aroma of cinnamon!!! Now I was eagerly waiting to taste them.

In the evening I teach Hindi language to a few kids. New year holidays were over and  kids were coming to study. I had almost forgotten this. Kids came and I started teaching. But I couldn’t stop myself  from offering rolls to kids to taste. I was eager to know their feedback. I gave them warm rolls and kids loved them a lot. I was doubtful of their response as I thought that they are just trying to be polite. So I also tasted half of the roll and I was so happy and excited with the wonderful buttery roll with cinnamon sweet taste!!! I finished rest half of the bun and suddenly realized that I have not taken the pictures and rolls were disappearing quickly !!!!


I drizzled caramel sauce, clicked some pictures and shared buns with some of my friends because I wanted buns to finish fast. Otherwise till the dinner time I would be finding some or other excuse to gorge them.


If you have never tried baking cinnamon rolls before,  I would strongly suggest that you should definitely try them. I am sure you will be blessed and praised by your family members for giving them such delicious treat!!!

The recipe for preparing the dough for cinnamon rolls is almost similar to my recipe for Sweet milk buns/brioche buns  as I was satisfied with the balanced sweetness of these buns.


Maida (all purpose flour)        2 cups
Milk powder                              1 tbsp
Salt                                               1/2 tsp
Sugar                                           3 tbsp
Instant active yeast                  3/4 tsp (if using dry active yeast the quantity would be 1 +1/4 tsp and you will have to bloom it before using)
Milk                                               3/4 cup +1tbsp (slightly warmer than lukewarm)
Butter                                              3 tbsp

(All ingredients except milk should be at room temperature)

Filling the rolls:

1/4 cup  brown/white sugar

3/4 tbsp cinnamon powder

Process :

In a big pan take all dry ingredients so that it’s easy to knead.


Collect all dry ingredients with the help of water into the shape of a rough dough.


Use rest of the milk and butter and slowly start adding; simultaneously keep kneading the dough till it becomes smooth and develops elasticity. It will take 12-15 minutes. Keep this dough in a well oil greased bowl. Brush some oil on top of the dough to avoid it drying. Cling wrap the bowl and keep it at a warm place for first proofing.


While dough is proofing, keep your baking tin ready by greasing it with oil/butter and mix sugar and cinnamon powder in a bowl.

Generally first proofing gets over in 50 to 60 minutes but If kitchen is cold first proofing might take 90 minutes. But if you are confused about the proofing, poke your finger in the dough – if the holes don’t fill back, your dough is proofed. If dough bounces back to fill up the holes, it needs some more time to proof.



Grease oil or spread some flour on clean kitchen counter. Take out the dough after first proofing and punch it gently. Collect together the dough, knead it slightly to make it smooth and spread it in a rectangular shape.



Apply some melted butter on all over this rectangular shaped dough and then spread sugar-cinnamon mix evenly all over it and roll it into a tight log.



Cut the log into small rolls and keep these rolls into your baking tray. Brush up some melted butter on these rolls, cover them and keep them for second proofing. Second proofing will be over in 15 to 30 minutes.


Just 10 minutes before second proofing time is getting over, preheat oven for 10 minutes at 180 degrees and bake rolls on same temperature for 20 to 30 minutes.


Serve warm buns, and if you want, can drizzle salted caramel sauce on them and relish this wonderful sweet treat with your family and friends!!!!!







Pizza rolls

Apoorva’s unit tests got over on Saturday and she came with one request, “ma, can I have good food today, because again from tomorrow I will be studying for midterm exams”. Now how can you say no…. and for Apoorva, good food is pizza. If I am not able to prepare pizza, then she would be insisting to order, so I thought of baking at home, but this time no pizza, something which I was thinking to try for a very long time….. pizza rolls. I didn’t tell her that rolls are in today’s menu and started my preparation. Apoorva went to her kathak class and first I prepared pizza sauce. Then I started my preparation for rolls. But the problem is that if you are preparing your own pizza sauce, it’s wonderful aroma spreads in the whole house…. so not only family members but neighbors can also sense that something really good is happening..!!!
Well, after coming back from dance class when Apoorva peeped into the oven, she jumped and shouted
with excitement……My life is goooood….!!!!!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take good pictures because no one had so much patience to just see them and not eat..




All purpose flour(maida) 3 cups
Milk powder 2 tbsp
Instant active yeast 1 tsp ( if using dry active yeast increase 1/2 tsp more yeast and first bloom it)
Sugar 1 tbsp
Salt 1 tsp
Water 1+ 1/4 cups (slightly warm than lukewarm)
Oil 2 tbsp

Mozzarella cheese


Except water all ingredients should be on room temperature.

For all tips and precautions you can check my post for…Wheat flour buns with pizza spices (2) (basic tips to follow if following a bread /buns recipe)

Process :

Collect all dry ingredients in a big vessel.


Start adding water and collect all ingredients in shape of a dough. (don’t use all water ).


Now add little quantity of water and start kneading. Keep adding oil in between kneading. Consistency of dough would be wet and sticky in the beginning, but slowly by continued kneading for 10-15 minutes it will get required elasticity.


Keep this dough in a big oil greased bowl for first proofing. Cover the bowl with cling film, keep it in a warm place so that the dough rises till it is double in volume. This process might take 50 to 90 minutes depending the warm or cold temperature of your kitchen.

If you are puzzled whether first proofing is done or not, just make two holes by poking your fingers in the dough and if these holes don’t fill up, then dough is ready for next process.




After first proofing, take out the dough on clean oil greased kitchen counter and gently punch it.


Knead it again to bring the dough back in shape and roll it with a rolling pin or by tapping with your fingers as 15 by 20 rectangular shape and try to keep the thickness even from all sides.


On this dough sheet spread pizza sauce. Remember, sauce should be thick. Thin sauce will make the dough sheet soggy. I have posted pizza sauce recipe in the blog, if intrested,  you can check it..Pizza sauce


Grate cheese on the top of pizza sauce.


Roll the dough sheet tightly and seam the edges tight.


Now with the help of a sharp knife cut the log in equal size rolls and carefully place them on oil greased baking tray. In doing all this process you have to be careful and fast because dough starts blooming for second proofing. Apply some oil on all rolls, cover them and keep them for second proofing which will be over in 20-30 minutes.



Just 10 minutes before proofing time is going to get over preheat oven at 185-190 degrees. Give milkwash to all the rolls, sprinkle oregano and fresh basil leaves and bake them on 185 degree for 20-30 minutes as every oven temperature varies.

Serve hot pizza rolls with tomato sauce and enjoy your day !!!!