Potato stuffed buns

Festivals are incomplete without having some noisy hullabaloo from the neighborhood kids, some guests or relatives at home. Last week during Dussehra festival it was a long weekend, and my co-sister’s family visited us from Hyderabad. Now my in-laws are also settled down in Bangalore, so it was an amazing festival weekend. Having breakfast in my house, followed by gossiping till we realized that lunch time is near and no one has taken bath till now. Then having lunch at in-laws house, and later instead of going for siesta, again giggling, laughing, taking pics and videos of funny family situations….!!!!

Finally on Sunday morning they were leaving back to Hyderabad, so I decided to bake some stuffed buns in the morning to pack with them. Early morning I kneaded the dough, kept it for proofing and prepared potatoes stuffing. By then kids were awake and when I was starting to prepare buns, my darling niece Anjali came in the kitchen and I asked her whether she would like to join in. She agreed with full zeal!!! I gave her instructions, and she did everything accordingly!!!


She even did the last step of brushing them with butter after buns were out of oven. I was so surprised and amazed with her interest and involvement that I completely forgot to take pics of some steps. Instead gladly took a few pictures of Anjali so that my daughter Apoorva could be inspired to do the same…… but I really doubt if it will work!!


Ingredients :
Maida 2 cups +2tbsp
Milk powder 1 tbsp
Salt 1 tsp
Sugar 2 tsp
Oil /butter 1 +1/2 tbsp
Instant active yeast 3 /4 tsp
Milk /water 1/2 cup +2 tbsp (slightly warmer than lukewarm)

Except water/milk, rest of the ingredients should be at room temperature.

Process :

Boiled Potato mix :

Boiled Potatoes
Dry mango powder
Garam Masala
Red chilli powder

Chopped green chillies
Chopped green coriander /mint leaves
Mash potatoes and add above mentioned ingredients, mix well and keep it aside.

Buns preparation :

In a big vessel collect all dry ingredients and mix them. Slowly add water/milk and prepare the dough.




Be careful not to use all water/milk completely. Slowly start kneading the dough by adding one tbsp water/milk at a time and knead it for 12-15 minutes. Keep adding oil/butter from time to time. Initially dough will be wet, but slowly it will be pliable and smooth.

Keep the dough in an oil greased pan covered with cling film at a warm place for first proofing. This might take 60 to 90 minutes, depending on how warm or cool your kitchen is.



After first proofing, take out the dough on clean oil greased kitchen counter and punch it gently.


Collect the dough and divide it into equal size buns and roll them smooth.


Now on your palm or on kitchen counter spread one bun, fill in potato filling, close it and roll it between your palms smoothly. During this process, greasing palms with oil will make your work easy.

Look, with so much dedication Anjili is involved in filling the buns. .. ❤️❤️


Keep these buns in a baking tray with some gaps between each other for second proofing.

Second proofing gets over in 15-30 minutes. Just 10 minutes before proofing time is going to get over, preheat oven at 190 degree. Brush up buns with milk and bake them at 180-185 degree till the top of the buns become brown.


Apply butter on hot buns and they will get beautiful sheen and will stay soft longer.

Serve hot buns in breakfast with your favorite sauce or chutney.





Pull apart buns/Dinner bread rolls

Baking buns is my all time favorite. I really love these tiny breads when they get oven spring. Watching them rising and slowly becoming brown on top is so much fun! If you have never tried to bake any kind of bread in your oven, you should definitely try these tiny round shaped breads.



The best part about buns is that you don’t have to worry about preserving them for the next day, because your family members will be roaming around kitchen whole day with some excuse or other to grab one or two, so by the end of the day you will find nothing to keep safe 😂😂.

The recipe for these buns worked so well that I baked them twice In 15 days and both times got wonderful results. First time baking was a tester for my recipe and second time to ascertain that recipe really works well, it’s not a one time wonder!!!


Baking plain all purpose flour/maida buns is the easiest thing to bake. If you are really interested to give your family preservative and chemical free breads, this plain buns recipe is for you!!!!! This recipe will be your first step in the process of learning breads.

I have some bread recipes also in the blog which you can check later..Samolina/chiroti rava bread (anyone can bake this bread)Wheat flour breadWhite Sandwich BreadBread with wheat flour along with all purpose flour (maida)

Trust me, after trying successfully this pull apart buns recipe, which you will, you will be determined not to use market bought buns/bread. I had baked these buns during weekend for our “Pav bhaaji mealand we thoroughly enjoyed them!!!

I have posted a seprate post on the whole process of preparing bhaaji, if you are interested can check…Bhaaji


Let’s see what all ingredients you need….

Ingredients :

All purpose flour /maida       3+3/4 cup
Instant active yeast (Gloripan brand)                  1+1/2 tsp
Milk powder                  1/4 cup
Salt                                  1+1/2 tsp
Sugar                               1+1/2 tbsp
Oil/butter                         3 tbsp
Water/ milk               1+1//2 cup minus 2 tbsp (slightly warmer than lukewarm)

All ingredients except water/ milk  should be on room temperature. If using dry active yeast use 2 tsp. Using complete quantity of water milk mix is not necessary. If  you feel that using 1+1/2 tsp cup of liquid is going to make your dough a lot wet and sticky and unable to handle,then reduce 1 or 2 tbsp, or if you feel dough is not soft enough, increase liquid 1tbsp at a time.


Combine all dry ingrediants in a big vessel.


Start adding water and collect all ingredients in shape of a dough. (don’t use all water )

Now add little quantity of water and start kneading. Consistency of dough would be wet and sticky in the beginning, but slowly by continued kneading for 10-15 minutes it will get required elasticity. Add oil/butter and mix it nicely into the dough.


Keep this dough in a big oil greased bowl for first proofing. Cover the bowl with cling film, keep it in a warm place so that  the dough rises till it is double in volume. This process might take 60 to 90 minutes.



After first proofing, take out the dough on clean oil greased kitchen counter and gently punch it.


Knead it for a minute and divide the dough in two parts – prepare two logs and cut equal size 16 buns from them.




Keep greasing your palms with oil to roll these buns smoothly like a ball between your palms and keep them in a lightly oil greased baking tray, keeping some distance in between because they are going to puff up nicely. Apply some oil on them to avoid drying, cover them and keep them for second proofing.


Second proofing gets over in 20 to 30 minutes.

Pre heat oven at 190 degrees ten minutes before second proofing ends. Brush up buns with milk and bake them at 180-185 degree for 20-25 minutes till they are nicely brown on the top and bounce back when pressed.


With extreme delight take out your first homebaked golden brown buns and brush them with butter when they are hot.


Buns will be shiny with the touch of butter and will remain soft. Transfer the buns on a cooling rack.

With extreme pride showoff your baking skills with these beautiful golden brown buns to your family members!!!!   and you just can’t stop them pulling out buns one after another from your baking tray because they all will be showering you with lots of love, hugs and praises.


So when are you baking your next batch????



Spicy buns with cumin seeds and red chilli powder



It had been a long, long time since i baked buns. I baked breads, but I always enjoy preparing buns more. I feel too lazy to prepare sandwiches after baking bread😔😔…… Buns are hassle free…. bake them and your breakfast is ready!!!!!!! Just prepare tea and serve, job done!!!!
This week after Holi my dear  friend Krupa suggested to have a moms’ get together before kids start writing their final exams. So we decided to have a high tea party in the evening. We didn’t decide on any menu, so everyone was free to prepare anything of their choice. Initially I was thinking to bake a tea cake, but then I thought that they all have tasted the cake, but not buns… so I baked these spicy red chilli powder and cumin seeds buns….

Did anyone like them? Well,   I brought back the bowl empty 😉 😉Happy me!!



Maida 3 cups      (room temperature)

Milk powder     1/4th cup (room temperature)

Sugar        1/2 tbsp

Salt            1+1/2 tsp (or as per your taste)

Red chilli powder        1+1/4 tsp (or as per your taste)

Cumin  seeds (jeera)       1+1/2 tsp (or as per your taste)

Oil/butter       1+1/2 tbsp. (room temperature)

Water (or 50:50 milk + water mix)       1+1/4 cup minus 1tbsp (should be slightly more than lukewarm, but not hot)

Instant dry Yeast      1+1/4 tsp (room temperature)

Process :
Collect all dry ingredients – maida, salt, sugar, yeast (I am using instant dry yeast from Gloripan),    red chilli powder and cumin  seeds in a big vessel so that it’s easy to knead nicely.



Keep your water or milk + water mix (slightly more than lukewarm, but not hot) ready. (I always use milk + water mix).



Slowly pour water in dry ingredients and prepare a rough dough. At this stage dough would be very hard.




Now keep pouring water in small amount and keep on kneading the dough.



Initially kneading will be messy but slowly as elasticity will develop in maida, dough will start becoming smooth. Remember that consistency of the dough should be loose than  chapati dough.




Now add oil/butter in the dough and knead for 5 more minutes. Your total kneading time should not be less than 15 minutes.





Keep this dough in a large size oil greased bowl so that there is enough space for the dough to become double in size. Apply some oil on the dough also to avoid it  drying .Cling wrap the bowl and keep it at warm place for first proofing (till it becomes double in size).




In the meanwhile keep the baking tray ready by greasing it with oil.

First proofing takes 1 to 1+1/2 hours. My suggestion is not to follow time limit blindly. Just keep an eye on the dough. Once it is double in size, first proofing is done…..if it is summer and your kitchen is hot, proofing can happen in 50 minutes also. But during winter it might take 1+1/2 hour.





Dust little flour on your kitchen counter or grease it with oil and take out proofed dough and punch in gently.





Knead the dough gently again and prepare a log.



Cut the log into same sized pieces with knife.




Now grease your palms with oil and roll these pieces between your palms to prepare smooth buns. If there are cracks after rolling, just pinch and seal these cracks and roll again.






You will get crack free smooth bun.




Keep these smoothly sealed buns down in the greased tray and keep it for second proofing. The pinched side will have a crease or line visible – so keep that part down on the baking tray so that it is not visible. Second proofing gets over in 15 to 20 minutes.




Give milk wash to all buns and bake them in a preheated oven at 180 or 185 for 20 minutes.





Take the buns out from the oven and apply some butter to keep them soft.




Enjoy your warm spicy buns with your morning or evening tea/coffee, or if you want to relish them later, shift them on to a cooling rack and just before serving, warm them in microwave for 10 to 12 seconds.







Pav Buns with wheat flour and maida

I always enjoy baking buns, whether spicy, plain, flavored or stuffed. Whole house has a wonderful aroma during baking and the moment buns are out of oven, I feel like preparing a hot cup of ginger tea to accompany them and give myself a treat.🍮 This time I decided to mix two flours wheat and maida together and bake pav buns .


If buns are flavored, Apoorva is very happy to have them as her evening snack.

Last year when my inlaws had come to stay with us, my mother-in-law had requested me to prepare pav bhaji for my father-in-law, but somehow I couldn’t , though I packed for them  carom seeds flavored buns when they were going back.

This year when my in-laws came to stay with us, I was determined to prepare pav bhaji for them, and the very next day after they arrived, I did and they liked a lot !!!!!!


I prepared buns with half wheat flour and half maida. If anyone wants to try buns for the first time, this recipe is very easy to follow….

Ingredients :

(all ingredients except water+milk mix should be used at room temperature)

Maida 1+1/2cup
Wheat flour 1+1/2cup
Milk powder 1/4cup
Sugar 2tbsp
Salt 1+1/2tsp
Yeast 1+1/2tsp
Oil/butter 1+1/2 tbsp
Milk+water 2 cups minus 2 tbsp

Notes  :

  1.  To knead the dough only water can be used. I prefer using half water and half milk. It helps to keep the bread/buns soft longer.
  2.  Absorbing liquid quality of flour is different for everyone. So don’t follow blindly the quantity of water or water +milk mix given in the recipe.
  3. For first proofing people are generally confused if the dough has doubled or not. My personal simple way to solve this problem is to select a vessel which you think is the exact fit for doubled up dough volume.

Process :

Take a big, wide vessel and add maida, wheat flour, salt, sugar, milk powder and yeast in it.


Keep your milk + water mix ready. It’s temperature should be tolerable to touch, which means it should be slightly more than lukewarm but not hot.Don’t add whole liquid in the flour mix. Slowly start pouring liquid in the flour and start binding all flour together. Once flour comes together, it will be dry.IMG_20171125_112706834_BURST000_COVER_TOP.jpgNow keep on adding liquid and start kneading the dough. Remember, dough consistency should be little more wet and sticky than chapati dough.IMG_20171125_112800463.jpgKneading for the first 8-10 minutes will be a messy task, but after 10 minutes, start adding oil /butter and knead for 5-7 minutes more. Your palms and fingers will be clean now and messy dough will turn smooth.IMG_20171125_114025036.jpgGrease a bowl with oil and keep the dough in it. Apply oil on top of the dough to avoid it drying and cling wrap the vessel for first proofing.
(Always take a bigger vessel to keep the dough for proofing so that there is sufficient space for the dough to become double in volume).IMG_20171125_114602499.jpgKeep the vessel at a warm place for proofing. I always keep it inside my microwave (switched off).IMG_20171125_114810976.jpg
First proofing takes one to one and a half hour depending on the temperature of your kitchen. During summer it gets proofed within 50 to 60 minutes, but during winter it might take long.

While dough is proofing, grease the baking tray and keep it ready.

Once dough is double in volume, first proofing is over.IMG_20171125_125039514.jpgApply little oil on clean kitchen top and take out the dough and punch it slightly.IMG_20171125_125715061.jpgShape the dough in the form of log and cut it into equal size and roll all buns smoothly.(To get smooth shaped buns, please take a look atTea time Wheat Flour Buns with pizza spices ).IMG_20171125_130117215.jpgIMG_20171125_130346503.jpgPlace all the buns into ready greased tray/pan and apply oil on them to avoid dryingIMG_20171125_131630476.jpg Cover the baking tray with another larger sized vessel. I don’t cover the buns for second proofing. After brushing them with oil I just keep the tray in microwave (switched off) for 10 to 15 minutes.

Just ten minutes before baking preheat oven at 185 degrees. Second proofing gets over in 10-20 minutes. If you are baking buns in large quantities, they start getting proofed while you are preparing , so 10 minutes are sufficient to proof.IMG_20171125_132500363.jpgGive a milk wash to all the buns and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Baking temperature is different for all ovens so bake according to the set temperature of your oven.

Apply some salted butter on baked buns for good shine and to keep them soft longer.IMG_20171125_140017509After 5 minutes transfer them on a cooling rack. You can’t beat the taste of homebaked fresh warm buns. Or if you want to use them later, just warm them in microwave – they will be as soft as freshly baked.IMG_20171125_140222337_BURST000_COVER.jpg




Tea time Wheat Flour Buns with pizza spices (1)

Buns are everyone’s favorite. We can have salty buns in breakfast or with evening tea, plain buns with bhaji and your meal is ready, prepare them as burger for kid’s birthday parties or sweet buns with cream and so on…….

My daughter apoorva is always ready to have pizza any time of the day, but I am kind of always lazy to prepare pizzas😑. I am very comfortable with bread and buns.. but pizza…. I always feel lazy to do so much preparation of chopping  veggies, preparing pizza sauce and baking base… too much work!!!!☹️ Once in a while it’s ok, but not frequently, though I bake  with wheat flour.

So, today I thought of preparing wheat flour salty buns flavored with pizza spices…..!!  Believe me, while baking, your house  will be filled  with wonderful aroma of spices and butter . Neighbors might feel as if they are staying near a bakery!😋😋



In the evening when apoorva tasted them, her response was, “ma, these are bomb”

That’s how teens react nowadays!!!!🤔


Ingredients :

Ashirwad wheat flour             2+1/2cup

Milk powder                              1/8 cup

Salt                                             1tsp

Sugar                                         1tbsp

Oil                                                2tsp

Groripan instant yeast             1/2 tsp

Mixed pizza spices                     2+1/2  tsp

Butter                                           2tbsp

Water +milk mix (temperature should be slightly more than lukewarm)    1+1/2cup +2tbsp

Process :

Take a big flat vessel with edges, so that you can knead the dough comfortably. Measure and keep flour,milk powder , salt, sugar, half quantity of mixed spices and yeast in the vessel and mix everything.


Prepare  water and milk mixture and keep it ready.



Start kneading the dough with water+ milk mix. Don’t add whole quantity of  liquid in the beginning. Slowly keep on pouring and keep on kneading the dough.

(Always prepare liquid more than written in the recipe, because soaking quality of flour might not be the same,some flours might absorb more liquid and some might take less.) Once everything comes together, start kneading it.



Here dough looks dry because wheat absorbes more moisture than maida, so add some more liquid and keep on kneading. It will be messy in the beginning, but we need little wet dough here, consistency should be softer than chapati dough.



I did the kneading for 20 minutes. After ten minutes add one tsp of oil and keep on kneading. Oil will make kneading easy. Slowly dough will be very smooth and easy handle. Add one more tsp oil, knead little bit more and you will get soft and shiny dough.



Keep this dough in a oil greased pan. Apply some oil on the dough also to avoid it drying and cling wrap the vessel.



Keep the vessel at a warm place for first proofing . My favorite place is my microwave. I kept  the vessel in microwave (switched off) and it took almost 1hour for the dough to be  double in size.




Apply some oil on clean kitchen counter and take out the dough from the vessel and punch it.



Again knead the dough,  prepare a log and cut it with the knife into same size to prepare buns.




Apply some oil on your palm and roll all of them nicely without cracks. If cracks are there, pinch them and seal them, roll again and you rounded bun will be ready.





Grease your baking tray with oil /butter and place all buns in it with some space to each other.



Apply some oil on all buns to avoid them drying , cover them and keep again for second proofing. Second proofing takes 20 minutes to half an hour maximum. Don’t let them become completely double in size, that will happen during baking. So when they are slightly bigger in size, second proofing is done. I kept again in the microwave(switched off)  for second proofing and covered them with the vessel I used to knead the dough.


Heat butter in pan and add the rest of the pizza mix spices and apply this butter generously  when buns are proofed.

Always remember to preheat oven 10 minutes before buns are ready to be baked.





This was the first time I baked in OTG, so I preheated at 175 /for 10 minutes and baked also at 175 / for 25 minutes with both rods on along with fan on medium rack. But if you want to bake in microwave, preheat at 185/and bake at 180/ for 15 – 20 minutes. Buns might look slightly dry once they are completely baked.



But don’t worry, use  remaining butter and apply on all buns. Buns will be shiny and butter will keep them soft. Transfer buns on a cooling rack or enjoy them warm with tea or coffee!!!






Wheat flour Spinach Buns

After trying spinach in all purpose flour buns, I thought of doing wheat flour buns too.

Generally, people don’t like the taste of whole wheat bread or buns. Maybe because right from our childhood we know bread as ‘white sandwich bread’, so our taste buds are more settled with maida bread. But slowly everyone is becoming more health conscious now. So people are demanding whole wheat bread in shops, and some people like me and many more have started baking their own breads. But today we will be baking whole wheat buns with Spinach puree, onions and some spices………IMG_20170106_183558910~2.jpg

Ingredients and procedure are almost the same as I had already posted for Maida Spinach Buns. Here instead of maida we are using wheat flour and water quantity will be slightly more because wheat absorbs more liquid…….

Ingredients :

Wheat flour        1+1/2cup

Salt                 1/4+1/8tsp

Sugar                1/2 tbsp

Instant active yeast  1/4+1/8 tsp

Spinach puree      1/3cup

Hing powder           one pinch

Oil/butter              2tsp

Finely chopped onion         1/8 cup

Cumin seeds           1 tsp

Green chillies           2

Water/ Milk(can be 50-50)            1/4cup+1 tbsp (Lukewarm)

Procedure :

Wash spinach leaves thoroughly under running water and boil them without adding water.  Grind the boiled leaves and keep this puree separate.


Take a big vessel (so that you can knead the dough easily) and add wheat flour, salt, sugar, cumin seeds, chopped onions, hing and yeast in it. Mix everything.Now add spinach puree and 1 tsp oil into this mixture.

Slowly keep on adding lukewarm water and start kneading. Don’t add water in one go. Dough should  be loose than chapati dough.


Your palms will be very sticky, so use remaining  1tsp oil in intervals to grease your palms during kneading. Keep on kneading for 10 minutes. Slowly dough will become smooth.


Apply some oil in a glass bowl, keep the dough in it and apply some oil on the dough also. Cover the bowl with cling film.




If weather is cold then keep the dough in the oven (switched off) or if it is hot, leave the bowl on the kitchen counter and cover it with a kitchen towel. It will take 45 minutes to 1 hour to proof the dough.

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out if the dough has proofed well or not, or the dough has doubled in volume or not. Generally, first proofing takes one hour, but if your kitchen is very cold then it might take more time. So, after cling wrapping the dough bowl, you can put a mark on the bowl with a marker so that when dough rises and becomes double in volume you will have a clear idea.


Lightly grease your baking tray with oil. Spread some flour on the working area and after first proofing, take out the dough and lightly punch it.


Shape the dough in the form of a log, and divide it equally.


Roll the balls neatly and keep them in ready baking tray/tin and oil them lightly to avoid drying and again cover them for second proofing.



Second proofing gets over within 20 minutes to half an hour.

(Remember, don’t let the buns rise till they are doubled, otherwise buns wouldn’t rise during baking. When buns are half risen, it is time to bake them and they will rise beautifully inside the oven during baking. And trust me, it’s a wonderful experience to watch them rising!)

Just 10 minutes before second proofing is getting over, preheat oven at 200 degrees C. Give milk wash to buns, and   bake them at 185 degrees C for 20 minutes or till they are done.


Apply butter on hot buns and after 5 minutes transfer them on a cooling rack or enjoy warm with tomato sauce.