healthy juices without added sugar

Healthy Natural Juices (no added sugar )

Fruits and  vegetables produce healthy natural juices without adding sugar. Fresh juices are essential to keep us healthy and hydrated.  There are many brands of packed juices available in the shelves of supermarkets. But no brand can compete the fresh flavor and nutrients we get from freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables .The biggest health benefit of fresh juices is that we don’t have to add sugar in them. These are naturally sweet juices and instead of adding sugar, a pinch of salt enhances their taste a lot!

Interesting, isn’t it! Try these few fruits for healthy natural juices without sugar and see how beneficial they are for your whole family. But of course, be careful if any of them have a contrast with any of your health problem.

Watermelon juice

Wash and cut only red pulp of watermelon. Chop small pieces of red pulp (don’t worry about the seeds). Add washed and chopped mint leaves and grind into mixer. Sieve juice to remove seeds. Add a pinch of rock salt or white salt and pour juice into glasses. You can keep tiny round pieces of watermelon along with the juice to make it more inviting for kids.

Eat and drink watermelon 🍉

Healthy natural juices without sugar

Purple Grapes juice

This year we got a lot of purple grapes direct from the farmers due to lockdown situation. A few of my friends prepared grape jam. But grapes had seeds and I didn’t have so much of patience to de-seed them for jam. So, each day fresh grapes juice for everyone in the family!

Wash grapes, and along with the seed keep them in the mixer, add little bit of water and grind them. Sieve the juice to remove seeds, add salt, pour into the glasses and enjoy.

Healthy Natural Juices without sugar

Mosambi juice (or sweet lime juice)

Wash and peel mosambi, take out seeds and squeeze out juice through juicer and enjoy. In the same manner orange juice can be relished.

mausambi juice (healthy natural juices without sugar)

Tomato and Mint juice

Tomato and mint juice is a very nice summer drink. If you don’t have green mint leaves, then after taking out juice of tomatoes add Homemade Dry Mint Powder/ Podina ka powder – it would be equally delightful.

tomato and mint juice (healthy natural juices without sugar)

Spinach Tomato juice

We all know how nutritious spinach is. But with cooking, nutrients die down. And unlike Popeye, we can’t eat raw spinach also 😀. So, add tomatoes with spinach, grind them together with some water, sieve that, add some salt and enjoy!!

Healthy natural juices without sugar

Carrot, Tomato and Beetroot juice

This is very healthy, dark coloured juice. It is best to improve your hemoglobin. You can even add little bit of grated gooseberry. Wash everything ,peel carrots and beetroot, chop them in tiny pieces along with tomatoes and grind everything in the mixer along with some water, sieve it, add some salt and serve.

Fresh tender coconut water, lemon juice, mixed berry juice, bel ka juice (golden apple or aegle marmelos), musk melon juice, pomegranate juice Aamras (Mangoshake)  ,Kachhi keiri ka pana/panna (raw mango beverage)  and so many seasonal fruits can be used for fresh juices. Encourage your kids to develop a habit for fresh juices by making them understand the difference of packed and fresh ones.

I am very sorry for not being a regular reader of my fellow bloggers’ blog for quite some time. In my previous post also I had promised that I will try to be regular, but it is just not happening. Probably I am little bit slow with multi-tasking. But I am glad that gradually I am able to do what I had dreamt for the last 4-5 years. Due to some unavoidable circumstances was not able to continue my baking entrepreneurship, but now it is taking shape slowly. There is a long way to go, but just a few glimpses of my work till now…



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78 thoughts on “Healthy Natural Juices (no added sugar )

    1. So nice to get connected with you Radhika after such a long time 😘Thank you so much. Still a lot of improvement in icing is required. Hopefully slowly will reach there!!

  1. Most of the fruits to prepare your juice recipes are obtained by Chile. From what you describe, they are very healthy juices and they help a lot to keep the stomach healthy. When it comes to sweets and cakes, they look delicious and the photos are formidable. Greetings and happy weekend.
    Manuel Angel

    1. Mac, many thanks for your kind words☺. I am glad that you find all these fruits in Chilie. I am sure there must be some different delightful varieties also. Sometimes whole fruit is too much for ourselves, but juice is just so easy to finish and digest.

      1. Always welcome dear Deeksha. Plans are going on and we are planning to shift by August. Had to stop because of lockdown. How is Bangalore now was very bad I heard. Hope you and family are doing well 😊😊😊😊

      2. Weekend lockdown is still going on, but I guess rules are for common people. During complete lockdown also tv program shootings were going on 24/7 in our nearby studio. People were roaming without mask. I guess whenever there wouldn’t be any restrictions, situation will go bad everywhere. Vaccine might be of some help.

  2. Wow! Nice to see your post after a long time ma’am. All these juices are very healthy and look easy to make too. Very nice post ma’am.👌👌😊🤗🌻
    Your work is great, keep it up. Best wishes to you for your future work. May you always be happy and safe with your entire family.💐🙏🙏
    Can order them online?😋

    1. Thank you very much Yogesh for your kind words ☺☺ Yes, you can order online. I have page with name of Deesplatter or can get connected through Instagram.

  3. So are you saying that after drinking the juices, the cakes would not be fattening??? 😉 just kidding!

    Sweet lime sounds interesting, we don’t have that here, only sour lime.

    Your cakes are pieces of art, and I am not exaggerating, and I think you are handling a multiplicity of tasks already … 🙂 <3

    1. You caught it right, isn’t it 😄😃😀
      Sweet lime juice is very energetic, but I guess orange juice is equally good and to squeeze out oranges is far from easy than sweet lime.

      Thank you very much for your support and encouraging words, means a lot☺ 😘🥰😍

  4. Good to see you again!
    Impressive array of cakes…. wish you all the best in your enterprise. Itni saari cheezein sambhalte ho, you certainly are a superwoman!

  5. I would generally prefer having the fruit itself because it offers more nutrituion. But sometimes it does feel nice to enjoy cool juice.

    1. Whole fruit is full of fiber so definitely has more nutritious value. But if you can’t eat four mousambi, you can sure drink juice of four mousambi 😉

  6. Been some time Deeksha, it is sweet and colorful to be here again and see, savor in these colors, more so these important important healthy juices. Thanks always for sharing. Your images are beautiful.

    Nara x

    1. Yes, it has been quite some time… I guess nothing can beat the taste of fresh juices and fresh home made food. Thank you very much for your appreciation😊

  7. Just by seeing the pictures of the juices – gives a refreshing feeling. I am sure they would be delicious and energizing. Great preparations Deeksha

  8. First of all, sweet Deeksha, congratulations on working toward your dream for the bakery. Your creations are absolutely gorgeous and I can only imagine how incredible they taste. Wow, you’ve got a gift! I pray for your continued success and many many clients to come. ♥

    But I also love this post for these yummy juice recipes. We just recently had the watermelon one and it was a treat. Like you said, I love how each of these are delicious and nutritious without added sugars! The fresh grape juice from your local grapes must have been amazing too!

    Sending much love and many hugs to you and your family. God bless! 🌻

    1. Holly, many many thanks for your love and kind wishes😘😘
      Getting fresh fruits and vegetables direct from the farms is a blessing these days. Our kids should have a taste of fresh produce whenever possible, otherwise they keep fridge is always stocked with packed commercial boxes.
      Have a safe a nice weekday ahead!

  9. Looks delicious. My former landlady used to make the watermelon juice a lot and then share. Very healthy.
    I try not to feel too guilty about not always being able to keep up with everyone’s blogs all the time. It gets very time consuming. I do the best I can and I’m sure you do, too.

    1. Thank you very much Joann.
      You are right. It is really very difficult to keep up updated with all blogs. I will keep your advice in mind. Thanks a lot.
      Have a great weekday ahead!

    1. Hello Jaya, yahi hu… bas thoda blog peeche raha gaya hai…. keep thinking about you all in between, but pata nahi, shayad menopause tantrums ya bas ghar mei rah rah kar do saal se mera dil kisi bhee ek jagah nahi tik raha hai😃😀 felt so good to see your message 😘🥰
      naya saal shuru hone se pahle ek post to jarur karungi☺

      1. Yes, inn dinon sab kuch ajeeb sa ho to gaya hai.
        Looking forward to a mazedaar post soon, best of luck with health issues!

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