Gune (jaggery based)

Gune (jaggery based)

Gune (pronounced – Gu, as in Guru, plus Nay: gu + nay) is a traditional sweet snack which is prepared during the festival of Gangaur in a few states of North India and is the primary sweet which is offered to Goddess Parvati during Gangaur pooja (prayer). These can be prepared with white flour and white sugar, but I have always liked wheat flour and jaggery based Gune since my childhood. And as the whole family used to like this snack so much, my mother always prepared a lot for our munching.

Gune(jaggery based)

Basically, Gune is similar to Shakkarpara (first version)  Shakkarpara (second version.)  We just change the shape and the same snack is called Gune.

Oh, I missed blogging so much and I feel so good to be back here. While typing this post I can feel as if I am already talking to all my dear blogger friends!  Little bit here and there, ups and downs, but overall things are normal at my front. The main reason for not being active here was that I got busy with my home baking entrepreneurship. It is on a small scale but the most satisfying part is that customers are happy with my cookies, cupcakes and cakes. Many of them are coming back, again and again! What else one can ask for!

This year summer is really hot in Bangalore. Many a times I wanted to try a few variety of chips and papad for the blog. But honestly speaking, there was no strength left after finishing orders, experimenting on new healthy recipes, cooking three meals and other household chores. Now virus is back with a bang, and we have cases in our apartment so we have to restrict outsiders for a few days. Again there is fear in the air so no orders for some time. I got some time to relax (somehow you have to keep positive frame of mind) and decided to revive my blog.

Try these jaggery based Gune at home and don’t worry about the shape if you feel that it is a time consuming work.  You can prepare them as thin stripes or cut them like round thinners with a cookie cutter. I am sure you will love munching this crispy wheat flour and jaggery based snack…

Gune ( jaggery based)


Wheat flour 2 cups

Jaggery 160 grams

Warm water 1/4 +1 tbsp

Oil 1/4 cup

Cardamom powder 1/2 tsp

extra oil for frying


There are two ways to use jaggery in this recipe. You can soak jaggery in warm water, let jaggery get dissolved completely and use this sweet water to knead the dough…

Or, grate jaggery in a big pan and follow the rest of the procedure…

Add oil, cardamom powder and start kneading the dough by slowly adding warm water. Remember, we have to knead tight dough like we prepare for poori – not soft chapati dough. With soft dough, gune will not be crisp.

Because of jaggery, dough would be sticky. So sprinkle some dry wheat flour on your palm and this will be helpful in scrubbing the sticky tits-bits of dough. Now sprinkle some half a tsp oil in the pan and collect everything along with the dough and it will be smooth.

Dough for jaggery based Gune is ready

Divide this dough in two parts.

Again, there are two ways to roll this dough…

You can use a parchment or butter paper to roll the dough evenly from all the sides and then cut the stripes horizontally and vertically. Take one strip around your finger and seal it by pressing at the end of the edges.

The other way to do is that you sprinkle dry wheat flour on dry kitchen counter and roll the dough. If dough is sticking while rolling, again use dry flour. (Don’t roll the dough too thick. Because of jaggery, Gune get fried very quickly.Thick Gune will turn soft after frying. Thin ones will remain crisp for many days or till you finish them!) Cut the rolled disk horizontally with the help of a knife. Take one long strip and from one edge roll it around your finger, break it and seal the edges by pressing both the ends together. Use the same strip in the same manner until it gets over.

Roll the stripe around your finger to give shape of Gune

Jaggery based gune are ready to be fried

Heat oil in a wok and when oil is hot, reduce the heat to sim and fry Gune on sim heat. Be very gentle while frying. Jaggery makes them very delicate – so be careful while turning so that they don’t break. After frying all let them cool down completely. Later, fill them in an air tight container and enjoy  jaggery and wheat flour based Gune.

After cooling down completely, Gune become crisp.

Gune (jaggery based)


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  1. Hey Deeksha, I am finding you after long time. Hope you are doing well. Who can miss your tasty yummy recipes. Looks great, your passion n patience is deserves sweet compliments. Loves to you 🥰💖💖

  2. Hey Deeksha, so happy to see you back here. Missed you. Congratulations on your baking entrepreneurship. Wish you all the success.
    Thanks for the nice munchy snack recipe 👌😊

    1. Hi Radhika, thank you very much 😊 I also missed your wonderful poetry!!
      Kya kare, going to be 50 next year… age doesn’t allow now to do multiple things like before 😂

    1. Thank you very much Rupali 😊
      I guess so you are right. When situation was becoming better in terms of virus, people were still not comfortable going out for shopping. So probably home baked stuff sounded better option ☺️

  3. Nice to read your post, ma’am. Very difficult times are going on, there is an atmosphere of fear all around. From a distance, but we also have to keep in touch with our friends and relatives and take care of ourselves and our family in this difficult situation. This post is very good ma’am, I try to make it. Be happy be safe🙏🙏🎆💐

    1. Thank you very much Yogesh ☺️
      Yes, helping each other by keeping ourselves safe is the most important thing in today’s scenario. Other things can wait…

  4. Welcome back! Lovely to see your terrific posts again. The gune looks yummy. 🙂 I am sorry to hear that your successful launch has been interrupted by this wretched virus. Stay safe and well.

      1. Ah, don’t remind me … posting this recipe and then remind me of that, you cruel lady … 😉 😀 😀 I will do a small amount, just for tasting it, not for munching. 😉

  5. Hi Deeksha nice to see you at our blogging family. Was missing you and your awesome recipes. Shakkarparas are my favorite snacks and I love eating them. Thanks so much will prepare in your style. Hope all is good in Bangalore. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Thank you very much dear Kamal 🙂 😊
      Bangalore is pretty bad in terms of virus spread. I guess fear is much more than last year and still you can see careless people everywhere.

      1. Yes same here in Mumbai too. Let us all take necessary precautions and stay positive and motivating each other. All will be good with God’s blessings. Always welcome Deeksha 😊❤️😊😊

  6. This is similar to Rajasthani Dhoklas except for may be one ingredient.
    Happy to hear about the success of your new venture. Keep going! All the best.

  7. These are too delicious and addictive. I have tried the sugar version, using jaggery is a fantastic idea. Hope all is well at ur end, take care and stay safe.

  8. Thank you for sharing a wonderful, cute snack again!
    Congratulations for your home baking entrepreneurship! How does it go?
    How have you been? Is everything ok with you and family?
    Best wishes!

    1. Thank you very much Oscar ❤️ By God’s grace till now all is well. Baking adventures are satisfactory till now. Need a lot of practice in many fronts. But I am glad that customers are liking the taste 😊

  9. A beautiful walk through this amazing recipe! I’m very fond of eating (foodie) but cooking, nah! 😆 Your post triggered my taste buds.

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