Naariyal ke Laddoo

Naariyal Ke Laddoo

Even though I usually prefer to follow traditional method for any sweet dish, Naariyal ke Laddoo with condensed milk is a very quick way to prepare these traditional laddoos. However, this time condensed milk was also Homemade Condensed Milk/Milkmade during Janamashtmi festival, so I decided to go ahead with this no-fail quick-fix recipe for preparing Naariyal ke laddoo.

Janmashtmi celebration

Naariyal ke Laddoo

While celebrating Janmashtmi, we keep fast (vrat) for whole day. This  fasting is different than our usual fasting days as this day we don’t use grains and white salt to prepare prasad and food. Everything is prepared with milk or milk based products, dry fruits, fresh fruits and fruit based flours. So I prepared these laddoos for prasad.

This best part about this recipe is that there are no difficult steps to follow. We can make our kids also join-in in the preparation. Just prepare condensed milk one day in advance and next day delicious Naariyal ke laddoo will be ready within 30 to 40 minutes! We can add Khoya/Mawa also to enhance the taste.

Just like Naariyal ki burfi (coconut burfi), I used desiccated coconut powder in laddoos too. But if you want, you can use fresh coconut also. If so, remember that as fresh coconut has a lot of moisture, you will need more quantity of fresh coconut powder than written in the recipe.

Ingredients :

Condensed Milk 250 gms

Desiccated coconut powder 250 gms

1/4th cup extra coconut powder to roll out laddoos

Process :

Pour condensed milk in a big broad pan so that mixing is easy. Add coconut powder in condensed milk and mix it well. Mixture should be thick enough to roll it as firm round balls. If required, add some more coconut powder to get the right consistency.

coconut powder and condensed milk

thick mixture of coconut powder and condensed milk

Now take a little amount of mixture and give it a round shape of laddoo with your palms.

laddoo is ready

Roll this laddoo in dry coconut powder and repeat the process for all laddoos. And job done!

roll laddoo in coconut powder

Naariyal ke Laddoo

Isn’t this the fastest way to prepare delicious naariyal ke laddoo!! For longer shelf life keep these laddoos in the fridge.

Naariyal ke Laddoo


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113 thoughts on “Naariyal Ke Laddoo

    1. Thank you very much Lynette 😊 I am glad that you will be reviving long lost favorite dish 🙂
      Chocolates became popular in India with Britishers. And during religious events specifically Indians don’t prepare anything with chocolate. We believe to follow traditional sweets recipes.
      Though, now things are changing, but at a very slow pace. Just last month a few bakers created Chocolate Ganpati (Indian God) at the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi and later after the ceremony melted it with milk and distributed that chocolate milk among underprivileged children.

  1. Great recipe! I made versions of burfis and pedas but yet to master laddoos! So just what I needed. Being a North Indian I love all these sweets. And being 13 i might as well like chocolates though!

    1. Wowwww… a 13 years old preparing burfi and peda!! At this age I only knew to keep packed lunch box in school bag.
      I guess chocolate is that killer tasty thing which is liked by all irrespective of any age, isn’t it 😊
      Aarushi, thank you very much for visiting the blog and appreciating the post ❤️🤗

      1. I have a request for you to post a recipe on gulab jamun! I mean I tried making them and they looked great but they weren’t as soft so I might need a little help there!

      2. I will sure try to do that 😊
        If you are adding too much white flour in khoya then they will be hard. Second most important thing is to fry them. They are fried initially on sim heat, very slowly keep stirring for even frying. Then switch off heat for a few minutes but still keep frying them because oil is hot. Again switch on heat and for a few more minutes fry and instantly shift them in hot sugar syrup.

      3. Ya I did all of that but now I know where I made mistake… I let the sugar syrup and jamuns cool down before I transferred them into the syrup.. anyway thanks a lot and keep posting delicious recipes! I look forward and await to them!

    1. 😂😂😀😀😀 reading this Manish and me are having a hearty laugh. At my mom’s house it was compulsory for the whole family to do fasting. So a lot of delicious spread over used to be for dinner. In my house I am only carrying forward the tradition, so don’t cook much variety. But it is nice to have a complete different food than usual 😊

  2. Your welcome! And you’re right chocolate is that killer tasty thing! Do visit my blog… @ I started it 3 days ago and I’m pretty new ..

  3. I am touched… during the pandemic, it is nice to know people still keep the traditions and celebrate the traditional festival. We should always respect the traditions and keep all in mind!

    1. During this pandemic, festivals bring hope and cheerful atmosphere in the house as well in the community. So, if only one person in the family is following the tradition, it bring a lot of positivity in the atmosphere 😊

  4. Deeksha, I didn’t anything could be simpler than this. It really looked wonderful.
    I decided to try. I can’t even think of sending you the pictures of what I created. Didn’t look like ladoos at all. Sonu laughed and laughed. Never again will I try cooking😊😂

  5. Deeksha, I didn’t anything think could be simpler than this. It really looked wonderful.
    I decided to try. I can’t even dream of sending you the pictures of what I created. Didn’t look like ladoos at all. Sonu laughed and laughed. Never again will I try cooking😊😂

    1. Ha ha ha…. that’s ok… you gave Sonu a hearty laughter 😂😂😂
      You were telling me that I speak the truth. And this feedback… tell me who writes with such honesty!! Immense respect for you and Sonu🙏
      On a lighter note, I believe aap to kitchen mei jaaiye hi mat, seedhe dinning table par hi beithiye😁😁Sonu will take care the rest!!! 😊 😊

  6. बहुत पसंद हमको ये लड्डू
    आज भी घर रखे यहां
    आज अंतिम खत्म करे उसे
    परसो फिर बनाए यहां।।

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