Kasuri Methi (dry Fenugreek leaves)

Homemade Kasuri Methi(dry fenugreek leaves)

Have you ever thought if we can prepare Homemade Kasuri Methi(dry fenugreek leaves)? Probably we never think about it as it is very conveniently available in the shops. Whenever we have to use Kasuri methi (dry fenugreek leaves) in our dishes, we always open a market bought packet. But preparing homemade kasuri methi  is not all a difficult or time consuming task.

I believe we all keep kasuri methi in our kitchen as it gives wonderful flavour to our dishes. As fresh green fenugreek leaves are not available all year round so kasuri methi works as a wonderful substitute to fresh leaves. Remember my post on Homemade Dry Mint Powder/ Podina ka powder . We have to follow exactly the same process and homemade kasuri methi will be ready! The only difference you might find in homemade and market bought would be that homemade has stronger flavour than market bought. So, use it carefully in your dishes. The only work is cleaning methi leaves. That you can do even while watching TV or just chatting with your neighbour!!

It has been continually overcast in Bangalore for the last month or so. So I faced difficulty in drying up Methi leaves. I could have used my OTG, but that also is not  working and I couldn’t call a technician as we had a covid case in our apartment. So for a few days visitors entry is prohibited. Therefore I kept all semi dried leaves in a steel plate and kept that plate on hot milk vessel. I did that for two days and methi leaves were crisp dry.

But if you have nice sunny days, fresh leaves will dry nicely indoors itself. Never keep leaves to dry out in direct sunlight. Sunlight kills the aroma and the colour of leaves fade. If you are in a hurry, then can use microwave or OTG to dry up leaves faster.


Pluck out fresh leaves of methi from the stems and wash them with running water. Let them stay in the sieve till the water dries out completely.

Later, spread these leaves on a newspaper or dry cloth to dry out.

Fresh Methi leaves

Don’t keep these leaves under the direct heat of Sun as that will diminish the flavor. You can keep them under the fan. In the heat of summer, leaves will dry out inside the house too. Leaves will shrink in a day or two.

Drying methi leaves

Now keep them in a broad bowl and let them dry till they become crispy dry. Because of overcast conditions leaves did not become crispy dry. Keep them on top of a hot vessel 3-4 times a day, or use microwave or oven to dry them in case sunlight is not bright enough.

Rub dry leaves with your palms or use them just like that.

Dry Fenugreek leaves

Homemade Kasuri Methi or dry fenugreek leaves are ready to use!!

Kasuri Methi (dry fenugreek leaves)

As no moisture is left in the leaves, these can be easily stored in an air tight container without fridge.

Kasuri methi (dry fenugreek leaves) is ready to use!


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83 thoughts on “Homemade Kasuri Methi(dry fenugreek leaves)

    1. Thank you very much Deepika. Yes you can sure preserve curry leaves in the same way. Here in Bangalore lots of my friends dry them and use it for different types of powders to accompany with dosa, idly etc.

    1. Thank you very much Lynette 😊
      Yes, we can preserve most of the herbs this way specially strong flavoured herbs. Nowadays I am drying up basil leaves and seeds.

  1. I just read on Wikipedia that fenugreek grows in Eurpe as well and looked at photos. I am quite certain that it is growing in my garden, gut I have uprooted it because I thought it was a weed perennial. I willl watch out, if there are any plants left and compare them to the photos. The flowers are nearly white though. And I never knew that one also uses the leaves. Yes, one learns every day.
    I do prepare other kitchen herbs for winter though, I have quite a few in the garden.
    And, Deeksha, I am sorry to hear that you had a Covid case at your place, I do hope everything is o.k.? Most Covid cases are light, so I hope your’s is as well!
    Sending you lots of love <3 <3

    1. Stella, just be sure that it is really fenugreek. I guess if you smell the leaves, you will get an idea.
      Yes, things are really not so good here. My husband has not got a haircut for the last 2 months as in a parlor we come in close contact. My daughter Apoorva has Ulcerative Colitis, so she can’t take any heat related medicines. So we are almost confined since March. It’s depressing many times but what all other people are suffering in terms of their financial requirements, we are safe and by God’s grace that’s a big relief. People are hardly going to shops, all business is happening online only. That is so difficult for street shop keepers.
      Honestly I shouldn’t complain at all, but sometimes you know…
      Festivals are good to keep up our spirits high and then there are good souls like Stella who keep reminding that some one is always there for me with all love and care😘🥰🤗❤

      1. Deeksha, it does sound tough! But being financially safe is something to be grateful for, when so many lost their small shops or companies. I will always care! But you are such a lovely person, I am sure that many people care for you!
        🙂 We would be great neighbours … <3

    1. Thank you very much Subbashini. Home made is always better as we don’t use machines to dry them. That’s why leaves are more green and flavour is a lot stronger than market ones.

    1. Thank you very much Kamal😊😊
      This pandemic is highly depressing but indirectly the present scenario is teaching us a lot to back to our roots rather than dependency on market bought products.

      1. This is great news Kamal!! A lot relief that everything went well. Nothing is better than coming back home.
        You take care of yourself very well Kamal. Sometimes in these situations we ignore ourselves a lot.

  2. Of course for the first time, we have seen this recipe in your post, thank you ma’am. You have told such a good and easy method of making Kasuri Methi. Tremendous work!😊🤗👌👌🌻🎆

  3. Oh! This is so cool, Deeksha! I was thinking about drying out herbs myself the other day, but it seemed a bit daunting. I pictured them hanging in bunches all around. This actually looks very easy! Thank You and Cheers!!!

  4. This is wonderful. Although I don’t know fenugreek leaves well, I believe that this method is good for preparing any kinds of species and dry leaves-veggies! Very useful for all kind of cooking.
    Thank you, Deeksha!

  5. Reading your post made me realize that we are not getting methi leaves here as we used to . I love them. I will see if they are available and dry them. Thank you.

  6. Wonderful share indeed! Never thought about making it at home, marvellous idea Deeksha. Great advice that it may be a little strong and to use in the right quantity .

    1. Monika, you are really blessed to have such wonderful aunt. Cleaning greens needs strong will power.
      Aap to aunti ko khush rakho, bas😀😂
      Just kidding…. 😊

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