Kaashifal ki sabzi

Kaashifal ki sabzi (pumpkin veggie)

Kaashifal ki sabzi (pumpkin veggie) always reminds me about my father. He always used to prefer kaashifal ki sabzi or pumpkin veggie for dinner, so that all family members can sit together and enjoy it with hot poori, curd and pickle. This used to be my favorite dinner also!

Pumpkin is basically sweet in taste. So chirpy green chillies, tiny pieces of raw mangoes or lemon juice gives this sabzi a perfect mixed taste of sweet, chirpy and slight tangy flavours.

Unlike other North Indian sabzis, kaashifal is not seasoned with our regular ria, hing and jeera. It is seasoned with dana methi (fenugreek). So the moment fenugreek seeds are added in hot oil, the fragrance spreads in the whole house and everyone knows that kaashifal ki sabzi is coming at the dinning table!!

For preparing Kaashifal ki Sabzi I always prefer to buy pumpkin which has green skin. Green ones are very soft and we don’t have to remove the peel while chopping pumpkin. This variety of pumpkin has lots of water in it, that’s why it gets cooked very fast. Nowadays, we are ordering online vegetables, so we get all varieties of mix pumpkin pieces. Other varieties of pumpkin are a little dry so while cooking add little water.

One more thing, while preparing pumpkin vegetable, add slightly more oil than usual. Trust me, you will feel like having chatpata pickle! Probably, I like pumpkin a lot, so either it is kaashifal ki sabzi or Kaashifal ka raita (pumpkin raita) I can just brag on and on…

Try this sabzi once, who knows this might be a new regular entry in your menu!!


Chopped pumpkin 1/2 kg
Oil          5 tbsp
Fenugreek seeds 3/4 tsp
Coriander powder 1 tbsp
Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
Red chilli powder 1 tsp
Chopped green chillies 3
Salt as per taste
Raw mango pieces(grated or chopped) /dry mango powder (amchur) /lemon juice
Water 1/8 cup (if pumpkin is dry)


Wash and chop pumpkin in small pieces along with skin (chilka).

Heat oil in a wok and splatter fenugreek seeds followed by chopped pumpkin pieces and green chillies.

Add salt, coriander powder, red chili powder, turmeric powder and salt. 

Mix everything and cover it. Let it cook on sim flame till pumpkin becomes soft. In between 2-3 times keep on turning pumpkin upside down for even cooking. When 90% pumpkin is cooked add tiny chopped pieces of raw mangoe or 1 tsp dry mango powder or 1/2 tbsp lemon juice.

Mix it well, cover it again and in 2-3 minuets Kaashifal ki sabzi will be ready! Serve hot with poori or parathas.


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70 thoughts on “Kaashifal ki sabzi (pumpkin veggie)

      1. Made it today Deeksha. I also did add some potatoes and green peas as I was doubtful of the quantity. It has turned out yummy. Thanks for the share 👍

      2. Deepika ,You made my day dear🥰
        Its a nice idea to add potatoes and peas as pumpkin gets reduced in quantity after cooking.
        Have a safe and nice weekday ahead.

  1. You really like pumpkin, don’t you? 🙂 In Denmark we usually get what we call Hokkaido pumpkin, which is the orange one, small, and with edible skin or – in rare cases – butternut pumpkin.
    Your recipe sounds good … again … will have to try.
    You won’t believe it, but we made your onions in malai again!!!!! We like it so much. The onions turn sweet with cooking and give taste to the creamy sauce together with that precise spice blend, yummy!

    1. Thank you very much Stella 😊 😊
      I love pumpkin in all savoury dishes.Sometimes I cook it two days in a week!! In North India we get only with green skin. But in South there is a lot more variety. We too have these small orange ones and they are called disco pumpkins, don’t know why🤔😇never heard butternut pumpkin or probably I can’t differentiate with their biological names.
      Aha…. I will share your sweet feedback to my sister.🤗❤️ Originally creamy onion recipe belongs to her. She will have a happy dance 💃💃

    1. Tanja, thank you very much. In south India we get mostly all vegetables all year round. But in north India still vegetables are available as per seasons only.

  2. The green pumpkin has a good texture and I think it tastes like green banana. You made it very well, looks delicious too. Great dish ma’am😊🤗👌👌🌻🎆😋

    1. Thank you very much Yogesh ☺️
      Green skinned one is definitely good in taste for vegetable but I might be bias as since childhood I like it a lot. But it doesn’t taste like green banana. Can’t say about raw green banana taste, but I have tasted raw green banana vegetable and it is somewhere close to sweet potatoes. But of course, we all have our different taste buds🙂

  3. Deeksha, you put up such lovely recipes. I love pumpkin too. I make it another way, a mix between north and south Indian. I put urad dal in the tempering and add turmeric, cumin powder and pepper powder as spices.
    I must try it your way! 🥰

      1. Good morning Kamal. Things are not so good here also. Cases are increasing, no beds are available in the hospitals. Now we have one case in our apartment also. People are getting infected from eatery joints… I don’t understand why people can’t cook?

      2. Good morning Deeksha. Yes can understand what is happening everywhere and now people in high rise residential buildings are getting affected same in Mumbai too. Let us pray and be safe and take care from this virus.

      3. Kamal, you wouldn’t believe that to make money private hospital labs are giving faulty results. Is there any end of greed… so disgusting.

      4. Yes I completely agree with you Deeksha. Life has become so uncertain we all have become scared to go to hospitals. My husband was admitted for fracture in the month of May and now we are leaving for hip replacement today and before all this Covid test has to be taken. But that is our plight and all this I have to do in emergency so can’t help it but take God’s name and go forward.

      5. I am sure everything will go well Kamal. You spread so much love and positivity around yourself. You and your family are in my prayers🙏🙏🙂☺️

    1. Thank you very much for visiting the blog and going through the post😊
      You can substitute fenugreek seeds with cumin seeds, carom seeds or small mustard seeds.

    1. Rita, thank you very much 😊 We all cook pumpkin in many different ways and that’s the beauty of culinary art.One veggie , and so many different ways to prepare!!

  4. Yes, pumpkin in green skin is very easy to cook and fluffy! It has a sweet and creamy taste like sweet potatoes.
    My mom usually pumpkin soup with oyster mushrooms. yum!

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