No Churn Mango Ice Cream

No Churn Mango Ice Cream was in my bucket list for this summer. Fortunately, we got best quality of mangoes delivered to our door step this season. Mango ice cream tastes best if fresh fruit pulp is added. You should definitely try this recipe once this summer as not many ingredients are required to prepare No Churn Mango Ice Cream.

You can can easily prepare mango puree in your mixer. Homemade Condensed Milk/Milkmade  can be prepared in advance. Milk is always available in our kitchen. I have used  Amul  dairy milk cream (blue pack) instead of whipping cream. In India many of us don’t keep whipping cream in our pantry on a regular basis. Whipping cream is also not available in all stores. But Amul milk cream is very common and easily found in many shops.

So, just use your mixer to mix all the ingredients one after another. Pour the batter in a bowl or tin, cover it, freeze it and delectable, luscious creamy homemade no churn mango ice-cream is ready to lick!!

This homemade Ice cream is so delectable that we can’t waste a single drop – make sure to lick the drop before it drips down to the floor (oh, what a terrible waste!). 

Ingredients :

Mango pulp 400 gm

Milk cream 200 gm

Condensed Milk 400 gm

Full fat milk 400 gm

Process :

Wash, peel and cut mangoes and prepare mango puree.

Add full fat milk in the puree and turn on the mixer to mix both. Keep this puree in a big bowl. I used another bowl and blender as my mixer jar was small to accommodate every thing. If you have big jar, keep on adding every thing in that itself.

Add condensed milk in milk mango puree mix.

In the end, pour dairy cream and mix everything. Taste this mixture, but control your temptations – otherwise  a lot of mixture will disappear while tasting!! If you feel it is not sweet enough, add powered sugar. I didn’t add as mangoes were very sweet.

Pour this delicious batter in a container and cover it with 2 to 3 layers of thin plastic wrap. If you want, you can additionally cover this with the container-cover.

Keep this in the freezer for 6 to 7 hours or overnight and later indulge in ice cold yummy creamy delight of a fresh fruit dessert.


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Deeksha Pathak

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138 thoughts on “No Churn Mango Ice Cream

      1. You are blessed… Keep relishing the king of fruits. In India mangoes are available only during summer and if you missed them, then wait for one whole year 😞

      2. I so much wish to feed you the best quality aromatic mangoes Stella💕😘🤗
        You should have stayed close by😩
        Or if you get good quality tinned puree, try that.

      3. I did order tinned puree from somewhere once, and it was fine, but do I remember from where??? No!!! But I will research once more, as this is something my husband also likes very much.

      4. It happens so much with me too. I keep forgetting the shops. But nowadays online shopping is on full bloom. Try if you can find something.

  1. Very good post ma’am, it looks delicious.
    The fun of eating homemade ice cream is different. But that’s right, you can’t waste a single drop of it – it shows our timing, how expert we are at eating ice cream. 👌👌😊☺️ 🙏✨

    1. Agreed, we can’t let go a single drop of hard work wasted and of course as you said, we become expert in eating 😁
      Thank you very much Yogesh ☺️

    1. Hi Tanja, long time… how are you doing.
      It is sure a lot refreshing with real fruit pulp and creamy with goodness of milk products.
      Thank you so much 😊 🙂

      1. Thank you for asking, Deeksha. Other than being very concerned about the state of the world and humanity, I’m fine. And I’m sure in that I’m not alone!
        I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.
        Best wishes,

      2. Tanja, we all are sailing in the same boat and it is becoming scarier each day. Having hope that some day all will be well.

        We all are fine here. Thank you very much. Be positive and have a good week day!

      1. I used to live in Bangalore and we got beautiful organic mangoes from GzkVK. We have moved to the US and we get 2 varieties from Mexico. No Indian varieties year maybe because if the virus.

      2. Yes probably due to Corona export might not be happening. But this year because of Corona we got the best quality of mangoes direct from the farmers. I hope this trend of getting direct from the farmers continues each year.

    1. Family requested to prepare once again, so I guess taste was really good ☺️
      Thank you very much for visiting the blog and appreciating the post 😊

  2. Deeksha, what an incredible treat this is! I’ve never had mango ice cream before. It sounds like I’m really missing out! 😉 This really looks YUM!

    Reading your recipe makes me feel like this is a very do-able dessert! Better yet, it looks like a ton of fun. You’ve just inspired me! Thank you for sharing this, sweet Deeksha. It’s right on time with all the hot weather outside! 🌺

    1. Holly, how are you dear friend. I hope all is safe and secure around you.
      Fresh mangoes really added a lot taste in ice-cream. I don’t have churning machine so have to find an easy way 😊
      As usual so generously you shower the praises of appreciation 😘
      Thank you so much🥰😊

  3. During the pandemic and difficult year, having some delicious and soothing homemade food is blessing. Thank you for being here with everybody, Deeksha. This is so meaningful. This is so powerful.

    1. Dear Oscar, many many thanks for your kind words and being so positive. We all are having difficult time and only strong faith in God is giving us strength. Take care of yourself dear friend 😊😘🤗

    1. Ashley, thank you very much. Ice-cream was truly lip-smacking. But before I could prepare one more time, mangoes disappeared from the market. Now a long wait till next summer…

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