Raw Mango Chutney with Jaggery

Raw Mango Chutney with Jaggery

This recipe of raw mango chutney with jaggery belongs to my very dear neighbour friend Subbalaksmi. Good neighbours are a blessings from God. They are always with you in good and bad times. Around two years back Subbalakshmi introduced me to a new variety of raw magoes ‘omelette mangoes’. These are really big sized mangoes (one mango weighs almost 630 grams) and I have no idea how they got this name. Probably it is some kind of local variety of raw mangoes. Anyways, name really doesn’tΒ  matter. Our dish raw mango chutney with jaggery and its wonderful taste is most important.

A few days back I saw these omelette mangoes in a vegetable shop. I didn’t know how to use them but I bought anyhow. Next day I went to Subbalakshmi and she gave me this sweet ,salty spicy and tangy chutney recipe with jaggery.

Raw Mango Chutney with Jaggery

Try this recipe If you get omelette mangoes in your area. But I believe any variety of hard raw mangoes will also be just fine.

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Sliced pieces of omelette mango 700 gm

Whole Salem red chilies 18

Oil 3 tbsp

Jaggery powder 175 grams

Salt 1+1/2 tsp

Rasam Powder 4+1/2 tbsp

Turmeric Powder 1 tsp

Tiny mustard seeds 1tsp

Asafetida 1/8 tsp

Some points to remember :

The above measurements are for 1+1/2 omlette mangoes. If you are using only one omelette mango, then reduce the quantity accordingly.

Salem chilies are not very hot chilies. If you want to use some other variety of chilies, use them, but be careful to reduce the quantity if the other variety of chilies are very hot.

This chutney will last for almost a year in the fridge.


Wash, peel and cut omelette mangoes in tiny pieces.

Heat oil in a big, broad, heavy bottomed pan and crackle mustard seeds along with asafetida. Add whole red chilies and turmeric powder.

Add cut pieces of raw mangoes and salt. Mix everything together and cover it. Keep the heat on sim and in between keep on stirring till raw mangoes start turning transparent.

When mangoes start looking transparent, add jaggery and mix it well. Keep on stirring mangoes gently till jaggery melts and gets absorbed in mangoes completely.

Raw Mango Chutney with Jaggery

Now add rasam powder and mix it well. Keep the heat on sim and keep on stirring gently for five minutes. Taste it, and if you feel salt is required, add as per your taste.

Khatti, meethi, teekhi kachhe aam ki chutney tyaar hai! (Sweet, salty and tangy chutney is ready!).

Raw Mango Chutney with Jaggery

Raw Mango Chutney with Jaggery


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72 thoughts on “Raw Mango Chutney with Jaggery

  1. Homemade mango chutney, wow, that would be something. As far as the jaggery and the Rasam powder are concerned I will have to consult the Indian shop in Aalborg. I don’t get all the different kinds of dal in our shops (if I wanted to make it myself).
    I will see if I get small onions today … πŸ˜‰ (Friday is food shopping day for us).

    1. When we were in Jamaica, Friday used to be our food shopping day also!!
      Great minds are thinking alike for so long 😁
      I hope you got onions and jaggery, not sure about rasam powder though.

      1. I haven’t been to Aalborg yet, it is not just round the corner … if I don’t get the rasam powder I will have to find the dal, those at least they will have in the Indian shop, I am sure.
        I have got the onions … πŸ˜‰

  2. Will definitely try this . There’s a mango tree in our house and it gives raw mangoes weighing 700g almost … can be used for this receipe I guess .. thanks for sharing 😊

    1. Radhika, so true. Here in Bangalore it is cloudy nowadays otherwise best time for raw mango pickles also.
      Just 1/2 an hour preparation time for this chutney Radhika , so whenever you are in mood and have time, try it. I am sure you will like it ☺️😍

    1. You are right Kamal, This chutney is really good with meals. With jaggery we don’t feel the guilt of having something sweet also.
      Thank you so much Kamal and have a wonderful and safe weekend.

      1. It had rained for a week during first cyclone. Second cyclone made weather pleasant. Now Bangalore has started becoming very hot so it was a real relief!!

  3. I’ve used these mangoes. We get them here in Ahmedabad. What an unusual name though. And, your khatti, meethi, and teekhi mango chutney looks yummy.

      1. I just know these are pickle mangoes. They’re really large and heavy and especially used to make pickles. But never knew they were called omellet mangoes.

  4. Wow, looks interesting Deeksha. So many different types and ways of cooking raw mangoes.. should try..
    Planning to try your jeera biscuits..
    Will post pics if it comes out well.
    Which area of Bangalore are you from..?
    Me too from Bangalore 😊

    1. Thank you very much Deepika.
      Raw mangoes are really good to try in different ways as cooking gets over pretty soon.
      I would love to see cookies pictures Jaya ☺️
      I am staying in South Bangalore.

  5. Wow that’s a really huge mango never heard that name though. The recipe sounds like a lip smacking one .You are absolutely right about good neighbors being God sent, absolutely agree .Lovely share Deeksha.

    1. For me also the name and size both were new and intresting! Chutney with rasam powder was also new, but it was worth the effort!
      Good neighbours, good recipes ☺️😊

  6. We dry the cut omelette Mango pieces in sunlight… then we use it.. we don’t use rasam powder… balance every steps are same… yes we can use for long time..

  7. i do notice that you use mangos a lot in your dishes! And I learned from you that mangos are so useful in cooking. They have a wonderful, rich flavor.

    1. Oscar, in India each state has their own unique style and variety with one dish. So with seasonal fruits and vegetables if we want to try, we can cook so many variants from one fruit or vegetable. Before my marriage, I was aware of only north Indian cuisine. But now living in South India got introduced with different styles.
      Still a lot more to discover… ☺️😊

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