Mango Shrikhand (curd based dessert)

Mango Shrikhand (curd based dessert)

Mango Shrikhand is a curd based dessert and it tastes best during summer. With the addition of natural mango flavour in it, you might find mango shrikhand as the best fruit based curd dessert for summer.

Mango Shrikhand (curd based dessert)

The recipe for mango shrikhand is basically based on three ingredients, so there is no need to wory about searching for a lot of things in your pantry. The whole preparation method is also hassle free. So now you just can’t make an excuse to not prepare this delicious mango dessert this summer.

Mango Shrikhand (curd based dessert)

Use good quality mangoes for puree. If mangoes are not sweet enough than we will have to add more sugar. Flavour of mango also wouldn’t be enough. Here I have used puree from alphonso mangoes; but feel free to use your choice ofΒ  mangoes.

Mango Shrikhand (curd based dessert)

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Ingredients :

3 cups hung yogurt (dahi/curd)
1 cup mango puree
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/2 tsp Cardamom powder


Set curd with full fat milk. In warmer locations curd usually takes 4 hours to get set completely. Pour this curd into a muslin cloth and hang it for 2-3 hours. If your kitchen temperature is very hot, curd will turn sour. To avoid this keep it in the fridge wrapped up in muslin cloth along with a bowl and a strainer. You can leave it overnight inside the fridge.

When all the whey from the curd has drained out, measure and take three cups of thick curd from it and keep it into a separate bowl. You can use rest of the curd for raita or prepare any curd based gravy.Β 

Add powdered sugar and cardamom powder in the curd and mix it well.

Now prepare mango puree by grinding mango pieces.

Add this puree into the curd and mix it well.

Shrikhand is a thick dessert but because of the mango puree it’s consistency won’t be the same. Keep mango shrikhand in the fridge for 3-4 hours to be chilled completely.

Later serve in bowls and sprinkle a little bit of cardamom powder for nice flavor or just add a few cut pieces of mango.

Mango Shrikhand (curd based dessert)

Mango Shrikhand (curd based dessert)


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82 thoughts on “Mango Shrikhand (curd based dessert)

  1. I get the feeling that you are trying to lure me to India, Deeksha … πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    I have made something similar with curd, but without fruit, with — have a guess — saffron! πŸ˜‰

    Actually, I remember having bought mango puree on the internet once. I have to have a look around. It was actually quite good. We used it for Lassi.

    1. I believe I am successful up to some extent, isn’t it. Once we all are corona free, plan a trip during winter☺️
      Saffron curd is delicious. You unknowingly did basic Shrikhand with saffron flavor. Finely chopped dry fruits tastes awesome with saffron flavor.
      Tomorrow I will be preparing mango lassi/aamrasπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  2. This is one of my favorites. What always provide a little twist in the taste is changing the type of mango- Langda, Hapus, Kesar…. Each has it’s own distinct flavor and taste.

    1. So true. Different variety changes the taste. This summer because of Lock down farmers were selling mangoes and grapes direct to customers. So we got the best quality of Alphanso at very reasonable prices and farmers were able to sell their crops pretty soon.

      1. wow. That’s great! From what I know finding variety of mangoes in Bangalore is not easy. Most common ones are Alphanso and Badami.

      2. On the contrary, I have witnessed a lot variety of mangoes in Bangalore. Every year Lalbagh organises mango mela also. North Indian’s favorite ‘dussehra’ comes only for a month. Today also one farmer came and sold 130 β‚Ήkg Alfonso. Can you beat that!!
        And tomorrow another one is coming with 3-4 varieties. I hope they do it every year. Middle men should be completely prohibited between farmers and customers.

      3. Happy to know you get such a variety of mangoes in Bangalore. I agree that this is a win win situation for farmers and consumers. Keep your connection on and involve lot more people which makes it worthwhile for farmers to sell directly.

      1. All is well Deeksha, it’s just due to the lock down I’m not getting enough time for myself, busy with family members calls and other chores 😊. Truly blessed to have you here 😍😘

      2. I know it is sometimes very exhausting to do anything else. Caved inside the house for so long is something we never experienced. Take your time , we all are here for you!!!

  3. I have had Shrikhand before. I did not realize it was this easy to make. I love Alphonso mangoes in India. They are the best. πŸ˜‹ This dessert makes me home sick. I am supposed to be going to India on November 28th. I really hope this Covid situation will be over so my trip does not get cancelled.

    I also love your photo of the dessert. The happy yellow against the black looks great.

    1. Thank you very much Kamini ❀️😘
      I guess in present scenario it doesn’t look like if corona will dissappear completely. But yes, November is too too far and I hope you have a fear free pleasant journey.
      Alfonso is very popular in South. Dussehra has same status in North.
      You must be getting good quality of mangoes there also or it is difficult to get nowadays because of Corona.

      1. Yes we get good quality mangoes here at the Indian grocery store. Unfortunately, I can’t eat them like I used to because they don’t fit into a Keto diet. They are too high in carbs and I have to watch my blood sugar. I used to buy them by the case. But not anymore πŸ™ƒ

      1. Mango Shirkhand looks so luscious Deeksha and with summer springing, the mango cravings kick in. Loved the click!

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  5. Love this delicious recipe and it always seems simple looking at your steps and explanation. Thank you for the fabulous share!

    1. Dear Oscar, you are too generous to appreciate πŸ˜˜πŸ€—β€οΈ
      Whenever you are free try this dessert. Least efforts and minimal ingredients.

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