Ripe Mangoes Gojju/Curry

Ripe Mangoes Gojju/Curry

What kind of dish is Ripe Mangoes Gojju/Curry? I believe all my South Indian friends know everything about this dish. I will tell you how I first got introduced to this summer fruit mango dish…

Around two years back my dear friend Padmaja and I had gone to attend a housewarming ceremony of our mutual friend Poornima’s house. Generally in South India menu on such occasions is kept traditional. Amongst the dishes there was this one dish which was prepared from semi-ripe mangoes Ripe Mangoes Gojju/Curry. It was such a delicious dish that I was amazed that something so good could be prepared with ripened mangoes other than Mangoshake (aamras).

Later I asked Poornima about the dish and she told that it is called Ripe Mangoes Gojju. In Kannada gojju means curry and is prepared with special small mangoes that are sweet and sour in taste. Noticing our interest Poornima generously packed Gojju for Padmaja and me. Ripe Mangoes Gojju/Curry

Subsequently Padmaja and I decided to give it a try at home but I completely forgot about this.

Now mango season is back and Padmaja and I were talking when we suddenly recalled the house warming feast and the ripe mango gojju. We both decided that we were going to prepare the dish this summer. Padmaja belongs to the beautiful coastal city of Mangalore, so she prepared Ripe Mangoes Gojju/Curry in a complete traditional manner with curry leaves and more towards the salty side to be relished with rice.

I couldn’t find the same quality of mangoes which are required to prepare mango gojju, but I got small size mangoes and I went ahead with the preparation. As curry leaves are not much appreciated by Manish and Apoorva, I instead used fresh mint leaves and dry mint powder. Mine was a little towards the sweet version than the salty one. So it had sweet, sour, salty and chirpy taste. I kept it in the fridge and after 3 hours it was the best homemade summer beverage!! It was really refreshing and delicious. I was  glad that now to beat the summer heat I have one more wonderful cooling recipe. Isn’t it nice to explore different food cultures around us!!!

Ingredients :

Small size firm mangoes (sweet and sour in taste), two crushed green chillies, fresh chopped mint leaves, oil, rai (tiny mustard seeds), curry leaves, sugar, white salt, black salt, dry roasted cumin seeds powder, dry mint powder and water to boil mangoes.

Process :

Wash mangoes nicely and boil them in water (half soaked) till they are tender.

Don’t throw away the boiled water. Peel mangoes and with the help of knife or flat spatula take out all the pulp from the peeled skin of mangoes. Mix this pulp in boiled water. Now discard the peeled skin and squeeze out some pulp from the seed of mangoes too (but not completely).

This pulp would be having a lot of fiber – so grind it in the mixer along with sugar. Sugar volume should be such that the natural sweet taste of mangoes is also retained.

Add rest of the ingredients. White and black salt are added to enhance the taste. Mint leaves, mint powder and dry cumin powder enhance the  soothing fresh flavor. Crushed green chilies and tadka or seasoning in the end with oil and tiny rai or mustard seeds will give it a touch of Gojju.

Ripe Mangoes Gojju/Curry

Ripe Mangoes Gojju/Curry

Mix everything nicely, keep it in the fridge to cool down and later refresh yourself with this slightly tweaked version of traditional Ripe Mangoes Gojju/Curry. You can add some more water later if you want to have thin consistency.

Ripe Mangoes Gojju/Curry

Ripe Mangoes Gojju/Curry



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69 thoughts on “Ripe Mangoes Gojju/Curry

  1. Being from Udupi we definitely cook this gojju often during the season. We have it with dried curd chillies. The combination is just so yummy. Thanks Deeksha for sharing this beautiful recipe from my region 😊

    1. Wow… Aap to hamare padosi hee ho aur hamei pata hee nahi thaa😘
      Radhika, though I prepared this Gojju first time, but now it will be regular in our house also!!!

    1. Even I boiled ripened mangoes for the first time and to my surprise the end result was simply delicious. Now we can’t complain if mangoes are not enough sweet. We have a recipe to turn them very refreshing!!

    1. Thank you very much Kamal. I believe mangoes are loved by almost every one. So we have a lot more different recipes for raw or ripened mangoes. Who can forget different varieties of pickles!!!

  2. We love mangoes! The colour alone is very appealing. I wish we could get better fruit here in Denmark. The climate is too cold, and the important ones are very hard.

    1. Thank you so much Stella😊☺️
      Cold weather is an issue for mangoes. My mom used to keep hard mangoes wrapped in newspaper inside the containers full of wheat grains. Within 2-3 days mangoes used to get ripened.

      1. I tried to “after ripen” two mangoes, but one of them smelled really strange in the end …
        I do like them when they are ripened on the tree. A friend from Egypt brought some back on the plane (when that was still allowed). They were so juicy that we had to eat them over the kitchen sink. 🙂

  3. A very exotic menu. The sweet mangoes in that preparation must be a perfect delight for the palate. We are going to have to try them to avoid complaining about it.
    A big hug

    1. I so much agree with you here Mac. If mangoes are not sweet enough, still we have a refreshing dish to prepare!!
      Thank you so much for your kind words 😊☺️

  4. This is first time I have ever come across a mango Curry. I also feel a sweeter version will be better for mango. I suppose this will taste almost like the Aamras.

    1. Monika, I got Sindoora variety in Bangalore. But originally people use some local variety of small mangoes which tastes ‘khatta and meetha’ both. Amiya would be very tangy, sugar jyaada ho jaayega. Better use any ripened small sized mangoes. Ripened ones give beautiful colour!

  5. I made lots of curry dishes during this time. All kinds of curry dishes are from heaven!
    I notice that one of the ingredients is black salt. What is black salt? Is it a traditional Indian seasoning?

    how are you Deeksha? Everything goes better?

    1. Oscar, black salt is a type of rock salt. It is also know as Himalayan black salt also. It adds nice flavor and known to be good for digestion. In India it is widely used just to enhance the flavor,not a compulsory ingredient.
      Looks like you are giving yourself awesome treat with curry dishes!! Good food keeps up our spirits high.
      We are doing good. Alternatively husband has started going to office. Slowly life is buzzing back with some liveliness. But this 4th phase is really scary and full of confusion. People have to start their livelihood, but virus is in the air.

      1. Thank you for the wonderful explanation about black salt! I am very interested. Hopefully I can find it at store here. — which I do believe so!

        yeah, same here… people are confusion about everything now.
        I am not open yet to do anything in public. Now just try to have some peace in the “stay home order.”

        Nice to share food and thoughts with you, dear Deeksha!

      2. I am sure you will find black salt there. But black salt can wait till the virus is not so scary.
        It is better to stay indoors Oscar. We are also not going anywhere though a lot leniency is given by the government.
        Even I enjoy this little chit-chat with you dear friend 🤗😘❤️

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