Home made Dry Mint Powder

Home made Dry Mint Powder

I had always seenΒ Home made Dry Mint Powder in my mom’s spice collection in the kitchen. My mother used to prepare this powder from freshly plucked mint leaves from our kitchen garden. We used to grow mint leaves in a big area that provided us with many leaves enabling us to prepare home made dry mint powder for the whole year.

Mint is a wonderful aromatic herb and is not at all difficult to grow in your kitchen garden or pots. We can use fresh mint leaves to prepare dry mint powder. Dry mint powder adds excellent flavor to summer drinks like Kachhi keiri ka pana/panna (raw mango beverage), lemon juice, butter milk, water melon juice etc. It can be added in plain curd or any raita.

While drying fresh mint leaves for powder, never dry them directly under the Sun’s heat. Heat kills the aroma of the leaves – so always dry them in a shadowed place. In case of rain, we can dry them in microwave or oven too.

Ingredients :

Fresh mint leaves

Process :

Pluck out fresh leaves of mint from the stems and wash them with running water.

Let them stay in the sieve till the water dries out completely.

Later, spread these leaves on a newspaper or dry cloth to dry out.

Don’t keep these leaves under the direct heat of Sun as that will diminish the flavor of mint. You can keep them under the fan. In the heat of summer, leaves will dry out inside the house too. Leaves will shrink in a day or two, their colour will change and they will look like this…

Now keep them in a broad bowl and let them dry till they become crispy dry.

Home made Dry Mint Powder

Rub dry mint leaves with your palms or grind them in a mixer.

Home made Dry Mint PowderΒ is ready to use!!

Home made Dry Mint Powder

As no moisture is left in the leaves, these can be easily stored in an air tight container.

Home made Dry Mint Powder


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68 thoughts on “Home made Dry Mint Powder

    1. Thank you very much Ronit.
      Now I also buy from the shop. Unfortunately apartment culture doesn’t give that much space. But fulfilled all my gardening hobbies at my mom’s independent house!!

      1. I will as I love mint and will drink it fresh. But the dried ones I can have during winter.
        Happy Mother’s Day!!!

    1. Mel, drying out leaves naturally is the best way to get most flavor of mint. Though for tea,I guess you can use fresh crushed mint leaves. This might give the best result.

  1. I never would have thought of drying out mint leaves like this, let alone adding powder to drinks! Great idea, and very nicely done with the easy-to-follow instructions.xx

  2. Wonderful idea to prepare pudina powder at home and use it all through the year. Thanks for sharing these useful tips.

  3. Wow, Deeksha this is very nice. I have mint in my house we use for having mint tea. Will try it tomorrow itself and would love having with the drinks as you have suggested. Thank you so much 😊😊😊😊😊

  4. I can’t believe I forgot this site, so sorry it has been so long since my last visit. It is getting hard to keep up with everyone. I have mint growing out in the yard right now. I will have to do this with ours, thank you.

    1. That’s absolutely fine. We all are having a hard time and no one knows when we will be able to come out of it.
      I hope you will develop a taste with dry mint powder.

  5. I never thought about growing mint inside the house. When I was a newbie at gardening, I planted mint in my garden!!!! It grew everywhere and we had an awful time getting rid of it, I never grew it again. It even grew in the grass and when my husband cut the grass it smelled so good. Lol

    1. I agree with you Diane. Once it flourishes, it is quite stubborn and we can’t get rid of it. So we just keep chopping and drying out leaves. At my parent’s house even neighbors had freedom to take it whenever they wanted.. Lol πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  6. My parents always had fresh mint growing in our yard. My dad loved having fresh mint around . I never thought about drying it but seems like a good practice.

    1. JoAnn, aroma of mint is a lot soothing. I love it eating by direct taking fresh leaves from the pots.
      Drying leaves are a lot helpful during winter. Try this time, you might develop a taste.

      1. I love it too. I’ve started drinking herbal mint tea in the evenings. I really enjoy it πŸ™‚

  7. I grow mint in pots and dry the leaves for the winter. My mom and grandmother used to do this. The home made mint powder has much more flavor and fragrance than the store bought one. I love putting it in Raita and other yoghurt sauces.

  8. I have thought of adding mint to my kitchen garden this year. I heard it spreads to take over an area. Have you had this happen in your garden? We like mint with yogurt over cucumbers and onions…cool and delicious!

    1. Sarah, if there is good temperature, mint spreads a lot. You can restrict it in pots.
      Yes, mint tastes really nice with Yogurt. It is really a refreshing herb.

  9. Ah, I do love fresh pepper mint! I used to plant some in my yard. That was a extremely hot summer, and I forgot watering… days later, although pepper mint is a tough plant, it died…

    I love the nice flavor! I hope someday I will plant it again.

    1. Yes, it’s tough plant. Sometimes just with little bit of roots in the stem is enough to grow it back. While plucking leaves from the plant I love that soothing fresh smell!

  10. Hey, I have too grown mint plant in my terrace.
    And I’m recently thinking about what to do with them , I have told mu mom to prepare it chutney ( pudine ki chutney ) but she told we have not sufficient leaves that we can make it.
    But you give me the new idea how to use it.

    Thank you very much !😊

    1. Dakshali, thank you very much for visiting the blog. I am glad that this post is helpful for you and your mom. If you like podina powder, you might have a mint garden at your terrace!!

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