Kachhi keiri ka panna

Kachhi keiri ka pana/panna

Kachhi keiri ka pana/panna is one of my favourite beverage during summer season. Summer brings many childhood memories of spending time with friends after exams. These include gulping one big watermelon with your cousins, having chilled musk melons early in the morning, munching grapes whole day, drinking Mangoshake (aamras), preparing sharbat (beverages) with Rasna and Roohafza, and drinking my favorite Kachhi keiri ka pana/panna with smoky flavor!!

kachhi keiri ka panna

Kachhi keiri ka panna


Kachhi kairi is raw mango and pana/panna is beverage which is prepared by either boiling or roasting raw mango. At my parents’ house we had traditional chulha (stove) and my mother used to roast raw mangoes on that. This roasting method gives wonderful charred flavor to the drink.

Kachhi keiri ka panna

The other method is to simply boil raw mangoes and prepare this beverage. Kairi ka pana is a refreshing summer drink and adding fresh mint leaves enhances its already wonderful taste. It has sweet, salty and tangy taste and jaggery can be used instead of sugar. After preparing you can add a few ice cubes or leave it in the fridge till it is chilled.

Kachhi kairi ka panna

To prepare Kachhi keiri ka pana/panna , always buy firm raw mangoes. If you will just keep on postponing the preparation for 2-3 days, kairi will ripen because of summer heat and will turn sweet. The same happened with me, so if you will see the pictures, the pulp has slight yellow colour. But as the taste of the pulp was still tangy, I went ahead with the rest of the process.

Kachhi keiri ka pana

Ingredients :

Raw mangoes (kairie), sugar powder, white salt, black salt, red chilli powder, dry cumin seeds powder, dry mint powder and fresh mint leaves.

Use all dry ingredients as per your taste buds. Sugar or jaggery is added so that the extra tangy taste of raw mango can be balanced. Therefore, sugar gets added a lot more than the other ingredients. Rest of the ingredients are added to enhance the flavor. Add them in small quantities and check the taste from time-to-time and adjust according to your liking. My personal suggestion is to go generous with mint and roasted cumin seeds powder.

Process :

Wash and boil or roast kairie (raw mangoes) till they are become soft. Don’t throw away the water in which kairie is boiled.

Let them cool down completely and peel off the skin.

Take out all the pulp and mix it in boiled water.

If you are using granulated sugar, pour this pulp and sugar in mixer and grind it till sugar is mixed thoroughly. If using hand blander, use powdered sugar. Pour this mixture in a pan.

Add other dry ingredients, mix them well, taste and if you are satisfied with the ratio of all ingredients, add finely chopped green mint leaves.

Mix it well and  Kachhi keiri ka pana/panna is ready to beat the summer heat 🔥.

Keiri ka panna



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57 thoughts on “Kachhi keiri ka pana/panna

  1. Mmmmh, we love mangoes! I won’t have a problem with getting raw mangoes here, they are the only ones we can buy here. Unfortunately they are not good for mango lassi, but good that I have this recipe now, so we can make use of them. Best regards from Denmark.

      1. I know quite a few words. I worked for an Indian company in Hamburg for 4.5 years. The bosses were all Punjabis though. There I learned – among others – the expression “Tikhe first class”. 😉 🙂

      2. I know quite a few words. I worked for an Indian company in Hamburg for 4.5 years. The bosses were all Punjabis though. There I learned – among others – “tikhe first class” 😉 🙂

  2. We started autumn in Chile and it came very cold. But the drink is worth preparing. Here the mango comes from Peru and is very tasty. Boil the raw mango, if is a novelty but you say, there is the special flavor of the drink.
    Thank you for the recipe. It is a good alternative to try something different.
    A big hug

    1. Mac, In India many dishes are prepared with raw mangoes. Grannies prepare pickles for whole year with many different ways. Then mango rice is south Indian speciality.
      I hope you will be enjoying ripe mangoes. Because of lock down here still it is slightly difficult for farmers to bring their crop in the market. Probably with some relaxation soon mangoes will be available in shops.
      I hope you will like the taste of this new drink.
      Stay safe and healthy and have a great week ahead!!

      1. I’m going to wait to go get the mangoes. I have been left wanting to prepare this drink. Take care of yourself too.
        A hug

    1. Isn’t it!!
      Aamras and pana, both are best homemade summer beverages.
      We are in green zone, so till now all is well. Hubby has started going to office since yesterday. Hope things to be better with each passing day.
      How are you doing? Jaipur badly got caught with lots of patients.

      1. Of course, Aamras is a popular choice. These days Mango shake is popular, in which case they replace milk with ice cream. It can’t be compared with Aamras though. These are miles apart. Good to know you are safe. Jaipur is one of the highest cities for positive cases. Some areas of the walled city are notorious. We don’t know when things Will get back to normal. Let’s hope it gets better soon.

    1. I agree Subbashini, those were long days. If I look back now probably summer was the best time of the year. Now with all facilities around the corner also kids only sit with phone or tv all year round.

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