Rabdi / Rabri

Rabdi /Rabri is milk based sweet dessert. In India milk sweets are prepared with a wide range of varieties. Some are done by curdling the milk, like Rasgulla , or by thickening milk, like Rasmalai  or by thickening and then curdling the milk and so on…

Rabdi/ Rabri is prepared by thickening the milk and simultaneously collecting the milk cream (malai in Hindi) during the process of thickening and later adding it in the milk. Rabdi/ Rabri is generally served with other sweets such as ghevar, malpua, sweet bread toast, gulab jamun etc to enhance the taste, flavor and richness of sweets. But you can have it independently too. It has a thick creamy consistency of milk with small chunks of malai (milk cream). Rabdi tastes best if served chilled. So for your guests you can prepare it one day in advance.


Rabdi is prepared using full fat milk. It is a long time process and it needs our complete attention. Once milk is boiled, it is left on sim heat till the volume reduces to 1/4th quantity of the initial volume. While milk is becoming thick or concentrated, a layer of milk cream (malai) keeps appearing on the top of the milk. We have to collect this milk cream at regular intervals all around the sides of the milk vessel. 

Now if you are using a light weight vessel, then this cream might get burnt and even milk will be stuck at the bottom of the vessel despite stirring. So always use thick heavy bottomed vessel to prepare Rabdi /Rabri. 

While milk is thickening, it will change its colour to pale yellow and it can be served just like that after adding cardamom powder. But you can make it more flavored and attractive by adding saffron and by garnishing with a few dry fruits. 

Doing some workout is advisable after relishing this delicious milk sweet as it will add on a lot of calories!! 



Full fat milk 1 litre 

Sugar 1/4 cup 

Saffron strands 5-6

Cardamom powder and your choice of finely chopped dry fruits. 


Boil milk in a big heavy bottomed broad vessel. Usually in India we use kadai/ wok. It is a broad vessel and is helpful in collecting the milk cream around its edges and in making the milk evaporate faster. 

Once milk is boiled, take out 2 tbsp milk in a bowl and add saffron strands to it. Reduce the heat to sim and let the milk become thick. After 5 minutes, add 2 tbsp saffron milk in the vessel. Keep stirring in between to avoid it sticking or burning at the bottom of the vessel (kadai/wok) . Simultaneously keep collecting the milk cream (malai) around the sides of the vessel. 

Milk collected on the sides of the wok

Add sugar once milk has reduced to half of the quantity you originally started with. With the addition of sugar, milk will again become diluted. So let it keep boiling for some more time and when milk remains 1/4th of the of the initial quantity, switch off the heat. 

With flat spatula slowly remove all milk cream from the edges of the vessel. If you are having difficulty in removing the milk cream, then pour thick milk from the vessel on it and it will come out easily. 

Cream removed from the edges

Add cardamom powder after the cream cools down and add a few chopped nuts while serving. 

Rabdi /Rabri


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53 thoughts on “Rabdi / Rabri

  1. This preparation requires a lot of patience and dedication, but if it will turn out as you say and according to the photo, then the effort is compensated, with the ingredients there are no problems and if we like the sweet, then we will do it well. Dulce de leche is always very desirable. We will try this weekend as we have enough time with quarantine.
    That you are well, just like your family
    A big hug and thanks for the recipe.

    1. Dulce de leche will be a lot helpful to avoid this long process. As you said these days we have lots of time and it is safe also to cook homemade desserts.
      Thank you so much for your kind words Mac.

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer 😊❤️
      Not much ingredients are required here. You need only milk and sugar and saffron is completely optional.

    1. Dear Radhika, thank you very much 😊 😘Our traditional Indian sweets have a long process but at the end its worth the effort!!!
      Moreover I felt once in a while itni mehnat is ok… varna calories burn karne ke liye bhee mehnat karni padti hai😀😂

    1. Thank you very much Indira. Yes, after a long time!! Now trying to be regular.
      Getting a compliment from a photographer about photos means a lot 🤗 ❤️

    1. Kamal, thank you very much 😊 😊 Saffron definitely gave wonderful flavor to rabdi… not much ingredients required here and these days homemade sweet is the best option!!

      1. Yes completely true Deeksha very simple to make. I will try your recipe today. True nothing like homemade food and sweets. Welcome dear 😊❤️❤️😊

  2. Lately I have been looking for some delicious ways to use the milk left in my refrigerator, now I got it. 🙂 Thanks, Deeksha!

  3. I laughed when I read your advice to get a workout while preparing this dessert because of the calories, Deeksha. I had exactly the same thought. But it looks sooo delicious. 🙂

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