10 Hours Proofed Sandwich Bread

Have you ever heard before 10 hours proofed sandwich bread recipe or overnight proofed sandwich bread in the fridge? Why should I ferment my bread dough for a long 10 to 12 hours if the whole process of bread baking can be completed in 3 hours maximum? Well, sometimes after kneading the dough, you get a call from your friend that she needs your help and you just can’t say no! Or we get a reminder message from the phone that today you had your long awaited appointment with the doctor and can’t afford to miss it. Our daily routine also is so hectic sometimes with multiple chores to finish in the day that we are not able to keep a careful watch on the bread dough and it gets over proofed.

Personally, I don’t like over proofed dough as it gives a strong yeasty smell to bread. So to avoid any such situation, we can proof the dough in the fridge with our convenience for an entire day or night and bake it after 10 to 12 hours. That’s how we will get 10 Hours Proofed Sandwich Bread.

Just in case if you have any doubts about the quality of bread after 10 hours of proofing in the cold temperature of fridge (which is quite contrary to the normal proofing done at a warm place), I will show you the picture of bread and then let you decide if still you are having second thoughts to try this 10 hours overnight proofed sandwich bread recipe.

10 hours proofed sandwich bread

I loved this simple long proofed bread and honestly speaking, there are no specific technical details needed to try this recipe.

10 hours proofed sandwich bread

The only thing which you have to take care of is not to add more yeast to the flour.

Remember, that because of the cold temperature of the fridge, fermentation process slows down but it is continuously happening. It will just take longer than proofing the dough in warm temperature.

So no need to worry about the proofing part. Rest of the process is same. After 10 to 12 hours take out the dough from the fridge, let it rest for half an hour so that it can come on to room temperature. Later deflate it, knead it a bit, roll it in a shape of loaf, keep it in the bread tin, cover it for second proofing and then bake – that’s it!!!

10 hours proofed sandwich bread

So, now if you have a busy schedule also, you can still bake a home-baked sandwich bread for your family.

10 hours proofed sandwich bread

10 hours proofed sandwich bread

Just in case you are a newbie in bread baking and not comfortable with this 10 hours fermentation process, you can still try this recipe without keeping the dough in the fridge and follow the normal bread baking process. I have a few more sandwich bread posts – you can check them also…

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For complete tips on bread baking check the following post and if you still have any questions please feel free to ask…

Basics of baking – bread/buns/rolls (Wheat flour buns with pizza spices-2)


Ingredients :

White flour (maida) 3 cups

Milk powder 1/4 cup

Instant active yeast 1 tsp

Salt 1 tsp

Sugar 1+1/2 tbsp

Oil/butter 2 tbsp

Water 1+1/2 cup (reduce or increase as per requirement)

Bread tin size: width: 10 inch height: 3 inch depth 4 inch

Points to remember :

  1. Except water, all ingredients should be on room temperature.
  2. Water should be slightly warmer than lukewarm but not hot.
  3. Dough might dry up a bit inside the fridge – so to keep the moisture as is, I have used slightly more water than usual to knead the dough. But never follow the water quantity blindly as written in the recipe – just knead the dough slightly more wet than usual and of course as per the absorbing quality of your flour.

Process :

Collect all dry ingredients in a big vessel.

Slowly start pouring water and collecting dry ingredients together in the shape of a dough. Don’t worry about loose or tight consistency of dough at this stage.

Now start pouring remaining water 1 tbsp at a time and knead the dough for 12-15 minutes by adding oil/butter simultaneously.

Initially, kneading will look a lot messy, but slowly dough will become smooth.

Keep the dough in an oil greased bowl for first proofing (bowl should be big enough to have extra space for doubled up dough). Apply some oil on top of the dough to avoid it drying up. Cling wrap the bowl with 3-4 layers and keep it in the fridge overnight for first proofing .

In the morning, grease the bread tin and its cover (if using tin with cover) with oil.

After 10 /12 hours take out the dough bowl from the fridge and let it rest for half an hour so that it can come to room temperature.

Sprinkle some flour on clean kitchen counter or grease it with oil. Take out the dough and deflate it softly.

Knead the dough very gently to make it smooth and spread it in a rectangular shape according to the size of the bread tin. Roll it tightly in the shape of the log.


Seal the sides by pinching them.

Keep the log in your ready bread tin by keeping the seam side down. Apply some oil/butter to it, cover it and keep it for second proofing for 20 to 30 minutes.

Just 10 minutes before the baking, preheat your oven at 185-190 degrees for 10 minutes. Give milk wash to the proofed dough and bake it in a preheated oven at the same temperature for 35 to 40 minutes or till the top of the bread starts becoming brown. You can tap on top of the bread – if it sounds hollow, bread is done!!

If you are using bread tin with cover, then uncover the lid after 35-40 minutes and bake on medium rack with top rod on and with fan for 5-7 minutes more. This extra time will be helpful in getting nice brown colour. Be careful – keep an eye on the baking as you don’t want the top of the bread to turn dark brown.

Temperature of every oven varies – so you should be careful and judge the baking time as per your experience.

Take out the tin from the oven, keep it on a cooling rack and apply butter on the top to keep it soft.

10 hours proofed sandwich bread

After 5-7 minutes clean the edges of the tin with a knife and take out the bread from the tin and let it cool down completely on the cooling rack. Don’t leave the bread for a long time in the bread tin. The heat of hot bread will turn it soggy from the bottom.

10 hours proofed sandwich bread

Later cling wrap the loaf and keep it in the fridge for 4 to 5 hours.

10 hours proofed sandwich bread

Though you can slice the bread once it cools down completely, but keeping in the fridge will settle down its crumbs and you will get amazing slices while cutting with serrated knife!!!




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62 thoughts on “10 Hours Proofed Sandwich Bread

  1. Your breads always look so perfect!
    I do the long proofing with our half and half bread (half whole meal, half white). I let it proof outside the fridge, but only use minimal yeast. But no matter how, I think the long time proofing im”proof”s the taste.

    This sandwich bread of yours really looks yummy!

    1. Stella, thank you very much 😊😊
      I believe long hours proofed bread tastes really good. With less yeast and long hours room temperature proofing bread must be very soft and porous.
      For some time I am avoiding wheat flour in bread as Apoorva is not supposed to have fiber.

  2. Dear Deeksha,
    It is so true that there is always something pops up and we need to put the things down… sometimes I just forgot to continue and finish the thing before the phone call… ^o^

    wonderful tip! Also, making bread at home is such a beautiful moment.

    1. Dear Oscar,
      I agree with you… baking bread at home is so much satisfying when the loaf comes out of the oven, as you said… It’s a beautiful moment!!
      How are you doing. Your students must be missing you. Last week for my daughter her dance teacher started on line classes. That was a big relief otherwise it was so difficult to keep her occupied all the time specifically if exams are over.

      1. Dear Deeksha,
        I miss my students, too. I taught 3 online classes now.
        How is your daughter’s dance class going? It is actually challenging to teach such type of art classes online. I had a hard time demonstrate posture and tone quality online — the internet connection is challenging as well.

        I am doing ok. it is a time to try most of your recipes! haha!

        So glad to see your posting again. Take a good care!

      2. That’s true, Internet connection is a problem. Apoorva is learning ‘Kathak’. It’s traditional Indian classical dance form where till now the main focus is on foot movements. So I guess that they are managing. If the whole body posture would be included, then I guess it would be a challenge.

        Trying out recipes is a good idea for lock down isolation!!
        Somehow don’t know I am not in a mood to cook much. Probably it’s too much heat. Not able to tolerate heat by staying in the kitchen for longer period.
        No vehicles, no pollution and clean sky with sun… Nature is coming back in its original form.

      3. I love what you said: Nature is coming back in its original form. I do hope the beauty of nature will remain and protect us.

        “Kathak” sounds beautiful! I am going to do some research! ^^

        yeah, it is getting hot… soon, summer will be around the corner. It is getting warmer here as well. I hope you and family are well and let’s keep faith!
        Have a nice week, dear friend!

  3. Mmmm this looks good, I can almost smell it! I love the smell of freshly baked bread and yet I’ve never made it myself. Good to see this is done in the oven rather than a breadmaker as I don’t have one of those, yet the end result looks amazing. Might have to give this a try as I’ve often thought about making a loaf but it’s another one of those things I’ve never got around to. Great recipe!
    Stay safe,
    Caz xx

    1. Thank you very much 😊
      Baking bread in the oven is a lot more fun and learning.
      Yes, that happens all the time that something is always on hold. But just one attempt, and we completely stop buying breads,bread baking is so intoxicating!!!

    1. Hello Theresa, I am yet a overcome my fear of trying sourdough bread.
      I have simple bread cutting knife. Keeping bread in the fridge and later slicing really helps in neat slices. Thank you very much 😊 😊

  4. We have tried several times to make bread at home, The truth is that at first, due to lack of practice, nothing went well. But now, after trying so hard, at least we can already taste it. Time is what is left over so it is a lot of fun and above all, it reduces the tension of hearing so many negative news. We are going to test with your recipe. It looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    My greetings and may everyone be well at home

    1. Mac, I completely agree with you here. Trying out different recipes nowadays makes us calm these days. Bread baking is always fun and therapeutic. A little success here inspires to do more trials!!!
      Thank you so much for your kind wishes. Wishing you too be very safe and healthy and enjoy Sunday!

  5. It is really worth the wait, the loaves look super soft. Your recipe motivates me to try my hand, let me try my luck. 🙂

      1. Hi di can i give the same proofing time to wheat bread also?? As overnight timing is less than continuous 2 hours😀😀😀

      2. Sumi, if you are new for bread baking, i would suggest you to start with basic plain sandwich bread or buns. Get confidence and you will be able to do your own experiments.

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