Kaashifal ka raita (pumpkin raita)

Kaashifal ka raita reminds me of winter season at my parents’ house in Jaipur. Compared to Bangalore, Jaipur is lot more colder during winter season. But despite very cold foggy mornings and chilled nights, Jaipur gets bright sunshine during the day.

My mother used to prepare a variety of raita each day for our lunch during winter season. Among all other varieties my favourite was Pumpkin Raita.

Kaashifal ka Raita has amazing blend of flavours. Sweetness of  yellow pumpkin is complimented by slight sourness of curd and a mix of red chilli powder, roasted jeera (cumin) powder and dry mint powder gives a wonderful taste of warm and cold spices.

Around 2 months back my daughter Apoorva was diagnosed with Ulcerative Collites. It was a shock for us as she is just 17 and we have always been very careful with our food habits. And till three years back Apoorva had no special  interest or liking in food. She was not able to tolerate spices at all. Can you believe that she never used to eat Pizza!! Slowly her taste buds started changing and she was enjoying and experimenting different types of cuisines at home and outside. Though we hardly eat outside or use frozen food but teenagers along with their friends love to eat outside and explore different cuisines. All of a sudden food related experiments came to a halt. Now she is restricted to rice, curd, lentils, lots of buttermilk, tender coconut water, vegetables without seeds, no raw fruits except banana, boiled apple, nothing with high fibre, no chilly of any variety, no milk products except curd,no fats and no sweet. Anything which causes heat is completely restricted till she recovers and recovery might take 6-7 months. Her board exams are on and so we are following food restrictions very strictly and are trying to to do some experiments with the given choices of ingredients.

Pumpkin as a veggie is Apoorva’s favourite, so I decided to introduce to her pumpkin raita too. I believe with such limited choice of food, she liked it as it was a change from having plain curd every day. Though we are not adding red chilli powder which gives it a wonderful taste, I am mentioning it in the list of ingrediants.

For raita, curd or butter milk can be used. Remember, this buttermilk is different from what we use in baking. In India buttermilk is a mix of curd and water and it is churned nicely.


Pumpkin, thick buttermilk, salt, roasted cumin (jeera) seeds powder,dry mint powder, red chilli powder and asafoetida. 

Process :

Remove thick peel from pumpkin, wash it and and slice it into small pieces. 

Boil these pumpkin pieces in water till they are soft. 

Squeeze out the water completely from the boiled pumpkin and mash it as a smooth puree. 

If using curd, then churn it with churner and in a big bowl add pumpkin puree and  mix it nicely in the curd. 

Add salt, red chilli powder, roasted cumin (jeera) powder,dry mint powder and a pinch of asafoetida. Mix it nicely and sprinkle little bit of red chilli powder and roasted cumin powder on top of the raita just before serving. 



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95 thoughts on “Kaashifal ka raita (pumpkin raita)

  1. I am so sorry to hear this about your daughter and hope that she will be fine again soon. Good for her that you take care of cooking so that she can concentrate on her exams.
    The pumpkin raita sounds very tasty!

    1. Hello Stella, thank you very much for your kind wishes.More than me Apoorva is very strong with her food restrictions and that is a lot helpful for me..
      Pumpkin raita is my mom’s recipe and mom’s recipes are usually tasty!!

    1. Thank you very much Prashanti.
      Apoorva’s condition is improving but unfortunately she is stuck with this problem forever. There is no permanent cure, just have to be careful with food always. We are hoping for the best!

      1. Please check other alternative medicines too, bcoz I had known some people that had been cured by Kerala Ayurveda and Homeopathy, where Allopathy cudnt cure.

      2. We have been reading a lot about this. That’s true that allopathic medicines are not much helpful. Feedback is that Ayurveda is far more effective here. I trust a lot in homeopathy, but Ayurveda seems to be a better choice in this case. Though permanently it can’t be eliminated by any treatment. Food precautions are the only one thing which has to be take care always. Wait for the first 6 months till colonoscopy is done again and report is positive.

      3. Oh that’s good that you’re exploring all options, and reading. Wish you find what your looking for Deeksha. May your daughter be healed well. Many blessings and love to you all.

  2. Hope your daughter is better now Deeksha. Her exams must will be commencing soon I guess. Wish her all the very best.
    Such an interesting recipe. Never heard of pumpkin raita. Reading your description is already making me drool. Surely am going to try this. Thanks for the share.

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely wishes Radhika 😊☺️
      Her exams are going on and she is improving. I hope this improvement continues….
      Yes, Pumpkin raita is not much know but I hope you will like the taste!!

  3. Hope your daughter is feeling better. It is truly not comfortable to the limit of her favorite food… hope she gets well soon!

    I love pumpkins. This recipe is great. I can’t wait to try your recipe! Pumpkins are really good for immune system and stomach!

    1. Hi Oscar, how are you doing.
      You are right. At this age living with food restrictions is very difficult and it could be forever as there is no permanent cure for Ulcerative Collitis. But we have to accept whatever life brings to us.
      I always liked pumpkin and raita is always my favorite. I hope you too will like the taste.
      Thank you so much for your kind wishes 😊😉

      1. Dear Deeksha, I am doing well!
        I made it. It was delicious! Thank you for the nice recipe. I love it a lot.
        Good food. Good heart. Good health.
        Best wishes to your family!

      2. Dear Oscar, I am so glad that you liked the taste. Yes, good healthy food leads to positive energy. Thank you very much for the feedback.
        Have a wonderful week ahead!!!

  4. With such a cuisine as the Indian foods it must be so difficult for your daughter. One of the delights is the spices used to create delicious recipes.
    I do hope her reports become more and more favourable as time goes by. It would be a ‘dream’ for her to indulge in the foods unable to be presently tolerated.
    By the way: Pumpkin is such a versatile and tasty vegetable. This recipes sounds just the thing for our approaching autumn/winter here in Australia.
    All the very best to you both!

    1. Carolyn, thank you very much for all your positive thoughts. Yes, Indian food without spices is so difficult to imagine. But we are trying to adopt a different taste bud. Thankfully she never had sweet tooth, so sweet restriction is not affecting much.
      I am so glad that you liked the recipe with pumpkin.
      Once again thank you so much for your visit and sharing your kind thoughts❤️😘🤗💕

      1. What an especially kind gesture to place a link to my post upon your site. I am absolutely honoured that you would do that. Thank You so very much.
        (I have not been inspired to reply to the comments upon that particular post. Please accept this as my humble gratitude.) ❤️😊😘💞

      2. Carolyn, I meant that I will forward the link of your that particular post to a few of my friends who are not bloggers but they would love to read that post from your blog. I guess I created some confusion before, I am sorry.
        Wishing you a Happy Sunday and Wonderful Women’s Day!

      3. I realised that, Deeksha, after I sent the reply.
        However, it still stands – Thank You so much.
        And a Happy Sunday and Wonderful Women’s Day to you too…
        Much Love & Many Blessings

      4. Carolyn, very sorry for replying so late again. I hope you are completely safe with Corona virus. Keep yourself safe and sound dear friend!

  5. Dear Deeksha, with all my heart I wish for your daughter a speedy recovery! I have heard so many good things about oatmeal porridge (based on water, not milk), and also about linseed (pour boiling water over them, allow to soak, and then drink the water).
    Also very good are tea with umbellate wintergreen (aka pipsissewa, or “prince’s pine”, latin name: chimaphila umbellata).
    And maybe also yarrow (latin: achilléa millefólium) tea.

    Good luck, dear friend!

    1. Dear Elena, I will try to introduce above mentioned ingredients in her diet. The problem is that she can’t have anything with fiber. But slowly I am trying to give her in very less quantity so that her tummy shouldn’t be alien to all good nutrients. Let’s see how it goes!
      I hope you are all safe with Corona virus.

      1. Dear Deeksha, what do you think about “golden milk”?
        I have heard so many good things about it…

        1 cup of warm cow or plant milk
        1 teaspoon curcumin
        a sprinkle of black pepper

        Drink ½h before food in the morning
        or 1½h before going to bed in the evening.

        And thank you so much for asking, my friend. We are fine – for the time being. But all of Denmark has been shut down, hard. Even our borders are closed now…
        Wishing you and your daughter and your close ones – strong health and a beautiful springtime! ☀️🌱 😊💖

      2. Elena, golden milk is part of ancient Indian remedies for wounds and to fight with cough and cold. Circumin is part of our daily cooking ingredient so she gets it regularly . Plant milk is a good idea. I will definitely try.
        Thank you very much Elena for so much concern and blessings. God bless you 😘 🤗💕
        Have a safe and wonderful weekend dear friend 😊

      3. Dear Deeksha, the reason why I gave you that recipe is because some people say, that it is really important to drink it – not together with food but by itself and with black pepper added. According to them, the effect will be much diluted, if mixed with food.
        They also say it is supposed to be 1½ h before bed, or ½h before breakfast, for 40 days and then with 1 month pause.
        Mind you, I do not know if they are right. But it might be worth trying?
        Wishing you, your daughter and your close ones, strong health, much love, and all best! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      4. I completely agree with you Elena. With milk in raw form it has more healing power. I will sure try with small quantity in the beginning. Thank you so much for being here with all your kind wishes and blessings ❤️😘🤗
        I hope you are safe and doing well!!

  6. Sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope she will be fine and do well on her exams. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I finally made time to post again.

    This recipe is new to me. I never heard of pumpkin raita before.

    1. Daughter is settling down with her new diet and changed lifestyle. Exams will be over tomorrow and because of Corona virus fear in the air, that’s a big relief.

      I know, mostly people use pumpkin for vegetable only. Preparing raita from it is a part of traditional UP cuisine.

  7. Oh Lord! I hope she is back to as normal as can be. She would need to be very careful with her diet. Sending lots of love and blessings for her.

    Pumpkin raita is first for me. 😊

    1. Yes Monica, food precaution is the only method to keep oneself normal in this situation. Thank you very much for your blessings 🤗😊
      I am so glad that we both share same taste Pumpkin raita!!
      Wishing you a Wonderful Women’s Day Monika♥️

  8. Thanks for sharing this recipe! We have a relative who grows pumpkin, and we end up with quite a few of them in the fall – which is always fabulous, and it gives us an opportunity to expand our pumpkin-making horizons.

    I hope things are going well for your daughter, including exam results. She has a wonderful mother looking out for her. 🙂

    1. What can be better than getting fresh vegetables direct from the farm!! One pumpkin is quite enough to try many things and you get quite a few. You can be an entrepreneur in different types of dishes with pumpkin 😊
      Daughter is trying to accept her changed diet and new lifestyle. Tomorrow will be her last exam and that’s a big relief.
      Thank you so much for your kind wishes ❤️😘
      I hope you are safe and sound with Corona virus in the air.

  9. Hi Deeksha! This is such an interesting recipe. It’s fascinating for me to learn of your culture and foods. I’m never disappointed when I come here to your blog 🙂

    I am so sorry to hear about Apoorva’s diagnosis. Bless her heart. Ulcerative Colitis is definitely a diagnosis that takes a bit of adjustments in lifestyle. It sounds to me like she has the blessing of a loving mama who is doing all she can to help & protect her sweet daughter. That’s always a blessing to hear!

    How is she doing now? I hope her tests have gone well in her favor and that healing is underway! 🙏🏼

    1. Dear Holly, Apoorva is trying to accept her changed diet with all precautions. It is really difficult for me to accept that at such small age she got Ulcerative Collitis. But I guess she is quite brave to accept it and that gives me a lot of confidence.
      Her exams are getting over this Friday. We are planning to explore some new ingredients as I didn’t want to experiment anything new during her exams. Hopefully things will go well!!
      Pumpkin raita is my favorite raita since childhood. Hubby never liked it much but now it is regular in my kitchen. I hope it will go well with your taste buds.
      I really appreciate your efforts to go through the whole post and encouraging sweet words, means a lot to me ❤️ 😘 😘

    1. Hi Oscar,
      Till now situation hasn’t worsened here.Though schools,mall,theaters all are shut down. Fear is in the air. I believe it is better to stay at home rather flying. Apoorva was also going to attend a dance workshop,but that is also cancelled now.
      How are you and your family members in your hometown…

      1. Dear Deeksha,

        The city I live in United States hasn’t worsened; however, schools are cancelled, events are cancelled…

        My family in Taiwan is ok. They stay home mostly.

        Praying for the peace … let’s make effort to protect selves and others, and pray for things calming down as soon as possible… it has been too much…

      2. Good to hear that your family is safe. I was thinking about you. Situation is worsening everywhere instead of becoming better.
        You are right, it has been too much to tolerate.

    1. Things are going well till now, but don’t know how long. A simple sneeze from the next person gives fear. Staying indoors for longer period would be depressing. But yes, among all this daughter is improving and that’s a big relief! Thankfully now a days TV gives us a lot of variety to watch.
      Thank you very much for visiting the blog. Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

  10. I am sorry for your daughter. I hope she is well now! I can relate to her somewhat. But personally, I am not particularly a fan of pumpkin, but this looks interesting enough to try this out! Thanks for the recipe😁

    1. Thanks a lot Ramyani ☺️ 😊 Apoorva is much better now. Pumpkin doesn’t attract a lot of people in the form of vegetable. But I guess raita has complete different taste. Try it once, probably pumpkin might get entry in your kitchen!!

  11. I just hope your daughter is fine. You have time away from the blog and the truth is that my wishes are that you feel well, like your family.
    My greetings

    1. Hello Mac, many things happened in the last 2-3 months. My father in law passed away. Apoorva’s Ulcerative Collitis was a shock. Then my husband also had some medical issues. Suddenly surrounded with all, I lost my sleep completely. Sleeplessness is the worst thing. I tried all possible methods except taking pills, but nothing is working. Probably as they say, time heals everything, that will only work. I feel little better nowadays. Very sorry for replying so late. I hope you are safe and doing well.

      1. You don’t know how sorry I am for having these problems with the family. The only certainty is that you are a strong and determined woman, that is why you are going to draw strength to face that situation. You have to have the will to defeat insomnia. You have to hold onto positive thoughts. By what you write and what you do, you have shown your ability to improve and do better every day. The success of the blog comes because you insist on doing it better and unique. Now it’s your turn to apply the same thing, on yourself. In your family that needs you most today.
        I am sure it is a passing state. May your smile fill your home with joy. That you get the best out of yourself to calm your anxiety. Let your face shine again that beauty that always accompanies you.
        I have always admired you because you are an enterprising woman and everything you do, you do well.
        Because you write divinely and I hope to read you again.
        You can and you will.
        With my greatest cariño

      2. Mac, your words are mesmerizing!!!
        You have exceptionally gifted talent with words. You have motivated me so much that soon I will be coming with a new post in the blog.
        With your blessings my sleep is far better now and I am so relieved as I didn’t want to start any medication for insomnia.
        Now my father is sick and because of lock down can’t even visit him, but slowly I am trying to keep myself in control with the changing situations of life. I just can’t let myself go down with negative feelings. Though it is really difficult to control our emotions and not to play them with our brain and body, but I am trying….
        Mac, thank you so much for being here with your love, blessings, kindness and magical words ❤️🤗☺️
        Stay safe, healthy and have a good day!!

      3. Deeksha, you have no idea how happy I am, knowing that you are encouraged to see your life in a positive way. I will look forward to your return. You are an admirable woman and you have not disappointed me.
        This bad dream will soon be gone and the family will return to normal.
        I’m glad for you.
        A big hug

  12. I’ve never eaten yellow pumpkin, Dee. This recipe looks absolutely delicious. I eat pumpkin seeds every day which is such a good source of fiber and protein. Tell your daughter my heart so goes out to her because I am on a very limited diet due to allergies. If she is consistent her body will heal. Thank you for sharing this. My mouth actually watered when I saw the pictures. (smile) xo

    1. Hi Amy, there is no doubt that pumpkin seeds are wonderful source of fiber and protein. But fibre is not good for Apoorva,at least till we get next colonoscopy report in our favour.These kind of restrictions are very disappointing but that’s how life will be now.

      1. Vegetable protein I don’t think would harm your daughter, Dee. Now I am NO expert but I can understand meat yes, but vegetables, no. Life is what we make of it. We can if we so choose, turn lemons into lemonade. I had to more then once, and I am grateful!!

      2. Vegetables are are only hope Amy, but those with seeds should be avoided. Even cucumber can be given after removing the seeds. Rice is allowed, so we can turn rice into many varieties, but then if no spices are allowed (as all Indian spices cause heat) food is really bland.
        Till now medical science has no specific answer as what is the reason of Ulcerative Collitis, so I believe the cure is just based on assumptions.
        Yes, life is what we make of it!! Apoorva has a passion for dance and she is trying to make it as her career also. She has our complete support here. So… Life is moving on with all positive mindset😊☺️

      3. All of our bodies are interwoven and by that I mean our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies along with our physical. That being said, does anyone know what is the root cause of your daughter’s condition? When did it begin and why? I myself am on a very bland diet eating mostly vegetables and fruits. I’m slowly introducing foods I used to eat one at a time to see how my body reacts. After what I’ve been through, I hesitate to even do this. I feel so good now. However, my diet is so limiting. It turns out I have environmental allergies which took me years to figure out what to do to improve me. I had no help from the medical arena. Just follow your “intuition”, Dee, about your daughter’s diet.
        Yes seeds can be a problem as they can and do get imbedded in our intestinal tracts. I actually blend my pumpkin seeds with milk, a banana and blueberries in a blender, then drink that. It’s really good!
        My heart just goes out to your daughter who is experiencing a huge life change. Something GOOD will come out of this. What? I don’t know. Tell her I wish her all the best!! With you overlooking her diet, I’m sure she will get well! xo

      4. Amy, according to medical science when our immune system goes against our body.. this problem starts. I didn’t even know something like this can also happen. Apoorva is too young, so I was worried a lot. But as you said, who knows something hidden good might come out of it.
        Blending seeds with milk is a good idea!!!
        I am waiting 6 months to get over and if everything is good in her next colonoscopy report, I am going to start ayurvedic medicine. Reading a lot about this on internet and a common feedback is that people are benefitted with ayurvedic treatment, diet control, yoga and meditation.
        Thank you so much Amy for being here and wishing all goodness for Apoorva. Wishing you lots of happiness, good health and peace ☺️😊
        Stay safe and have a great day!

  13. Hi Deeksha, hope you daughter is doing well now! I used to make Pumpkin Soup…will try raita as well. Thank you for the recipe. Take care! <3

    1. Hi Nanchi, daughter is doing really well, thank you very much 😊
      Pumpkin soup sounds great.I will sure try and it will be a new addition for my daughter’s menu!!

  14. I’m sure your daughter would have recovered soon under your meticulous care.
    I will definitely try this unique raita, never heard before, but it sounds like it soothes the stomach.

    1. Megala, summer season is a blessing. Lots of good cooling fruits are available these days. So her list of edible things has slightly increased. And by God’s grace her condition is also improving.
      Thank you so much 😊 😊

    1. Thank you so much for your concern. By God’s grace daughter is stable. Yed, you are right. More than medicines, food control is the best way to control Ulcerative Collitis.

    1. You bet! Young people are far better in many ways than us though we end up blaming them for many issues. She is doing better now. Thank you very much. Her colonoscopy is due after a year but once again virus is back, so we are just postponing. How are things at your end regarding virus…

      1. Very well thank you Deeksha! Last vaccine was last week. I had a colonoscopy yesterday and they removed a precancerous polyp! The surgeon looked at me and said congratulations for your decision to do this, it just saved your life!

      2. That’s wonderful that your vaccine shots are over!
        Last year during Covid my husband also went through the same polyp removal. It was a big relief!!
        Definitely your comment gave me strength to take my daughter and finish the job. Many many thanks ☺️ 😘

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