Eggless Vanilla Sponge Cake with Condensed Milk

Plain vanilla sponge cake always look great served with all other spread at the occasion of tea parties. I have noticed that if people don’t bake their own sponge cake,Β  they still buy and add in their menu for small get-together celebrations.

My choice is always to serve home-baked cake. Just squeeze out little bit time from your busy schedule, as for eggless cakes you don’t need much work. It is just mixing dry ingredients with wet ingredients and rest of the work will be done by your oven!

This recipe gives you a very rich, decadent butter and condensed milk basedΒ  cake. Addition of fat in recipes always works wonder with taste and texture. So don’t be surprised if after finishing this delicious cake, you will be asked by your guests to share the recipe.

It is really difficult to save this cake for the next day. But still if you manage to save some, cake will become hard in the fridge as it is a butter cake. So, after taking it out from the fridge, let it come on room temperature or just warm it in microwave for a few seconds.

I have baked this cake in a bundt cake mould. It’s a firm cake and bundt tin holds firm cakes very well and of course a different look makes the cake look attractive. But you can bake it in a regular 8 inch deep or 9 inch round or square cake tin or as two sheet cakes.

It’s a simple recipe with vanilla flavour, but variations in flavour can be done by adding good amount of lemon or orange zest in the batter followed by lemon or orange juice drizzle or some fresh fruits after baking.

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Eggless Vanilla Sponge Cake

Before we start the process of baking, just take a look at some simple tips on baking the cake:

  1. All ingredients (except hot water) should be on room temperature.
  2. Check expiry date on the pack of your ingredients before using.
  3. Don’t open the door of the oven for the first 20-25 minutes of baking. Uneven temperature might result in collapsing the cake.
  4. All ovens have different settings, so complete baking time may vary as per your oven’s temperature settings.
  5. Don’t let the cake stay in the tin for a long time as heat of the cake will turn the bottom of the cake soggy.
  6. This cake can be baked in microwave also on convection mode using the same settings as given in this recipe.
  7. If even after completing the baking time also the top does not turn brown, just switch on top rod only and bake for a few more minutes, but keep a sharp eye. If done for a longer period, cake might burn with excess heat or it will be dry.

I have used 250 ml measuring cup.

Recipe credit: DivineTaste by Anushruti

Ingredients :

Maida (all purpose flour) 1+3/4 cup

Baking soda 1 tsp

Baking powder 2 tsp

Powdered sugar 3 tbsp

Butter ( melted) 100 gm

Condensed milk 400 gm

Water 3/4 cup

Vanilla essence /extract 2 tsp

Additional 2 tbsp hot water


Grease and dust baking tin and keep it ready. Preheat oven at 175 degrees for 10 minutes.

Collect all wet ingredients in a bowl except hot water (yellow colour is due to melted butter).

Sieve and collect all dry ingredients in another bowl.

Slowly add wet mix in dry ingredients and simultaneously keep on mixing it with wire whisk. In the end, add 2 tbsp hot water. Mix it properly in the batter. Be careful not to over-mix.

Pour the batter in a cake tin and bake for 35-40 minutes or until the sweker or tooth pick comes out clean. Baking time may vary as ovens have different temperature settings.

Keep the tin on a wire rack till it cools down and you are comfortable to hold the tin. Clean the edges with the help of a knife if using normal baking tin and un-mould the cake. Let the cake cool down completely before you serve it.



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    1. Dear Amy, baking makes me really happy, probably because I started learning it very late and got hooked to it!!
      When final ready cookie, bread or tiny cupcakes come out of the oven with desired outcome…I know that this is the best day today!!!
      Have a happy, healthy weekend!!

      1. Same to you, Dee!! Have a very happy and healthy weekend! I’m happy for you that you found your happy place. I too loved to bake until my husband displayed no will power and just pigged out. I think we may have had this conversation previously. Sorry if we did. Some day I’ll be baking again! GRIN! xo

      2. Why sorry, we do repeat many times during chit-chat with loved ones… Only with strangers we have to be careful before uttering a single word 😳
        My husband also follows very strict diet because of his IBS issues, but I teach a few kids in the evening… So I share with them and with my friends!
        I have a feeling that you will be doing great baking during Christmas for sure!!

  1. Hi Deeksha, at first I couldn’t leave a comment (the comments were turned off) and I’m very glad you fixed that because I really wanted to compliment you on this marvellous cake! It sounds heavenly and I will be making it from your great directions. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Lynette,
      Your sweet appreciation made me smile ☺ ☺ thanks a bunch for putting so much efforts and time on the post, I feel honoured 😊

      I am not able to figure out how comments section goes off automatically. It is happening for the last 2-3 posts. Probably while editing I might have tuned them off unknowingly.

  2. For a newbie in the kitchen, it’s good to start with this cake. Your recipe is not complicated and the description of how to do it is helpful. An exquisite snack if I can do it. Regards.

    1. Mac, your sweet words always bring smile on my face ☺️
      Thank you very much 😊 😊

      Of course you can bake it Mac!
      It is just mixing dry and wet ingredients together..!

  3. Perfect for holidays!
    I do enjoy simple cake like this. It is very hearty and full of nice memory from childhood. I used to get some simple cake like this when I was a kid. It was a great treat, especially after my piano classes! ^^

    1. Certain childhood memories are great especially if they are connected with food, isn’t it…😊😊
      How is your festive season going on Oscar…lots of shopping must be during weekends…
      What’s your favourite part of any festival,food,party or sober celebrations!

      1. More performing schedules in December… And, I shopped something for my students and neighbors and friends. My favorite part of the holidays is stay quiet and meditate! haha~ I am really going to a short retreat session soon!
        However, my favorite part of lunar new year in my hometown (Taiwan) is food and family!

        How about you, dear Deeksha? Do you celebrate Christmas and western New Year?

      2. I can understand the excitement to celebrate festival with family, relatives and friends. Authentic native cuisine is always another attraction πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
        Now because of my daughter’s study schedule I am not able to celebrate any festival with my parents. I just go there during summer vacations only.

        In general we don’t celebrate Christmas and this New Year as part of our tradition. But I used to decorate Christmas tree when my daughter was young. She and her friends used to enjoy seeing decorated Christmas tree. Celebration of this new year is universal now whether it is part of our culture or not, everyone celebrates 1st January. In our apartment also we do get together followed by snacks and dance till midnight.
        Wishing you all the best for all your performances Oscar. You will excel in each event!! β€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ€—

      3. Thank you for the best wishes!
        Christmas is definitely children’s holiday! It is nice spending time decorating things with children. When they grow up, they will celebrate with their friends ONLY. ^^

        In my hometown, we celebrate both western new year and lunar new year. My monk teacher, who is a Tibetan, celebrates Tibetan-calendar new year. Thus, there are a lot of New Years we can celebrate. haha!
        oh, do you have your own calendar in India?

      4. Yes, Indian calendar is ingeniously based on both the sun as well as the moon. It uses a solar year, but divides it into 12 lunar months. So our festivals are not dates based. And we have different cycle of these lunar months which is different from western calander. These twelve months have different names which most of the indians don’t remember..πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
        Today everyone knows January , February, March……
        Everything is global now!

      5. Learning a lot from you! Thank you so much. This is so deep and interesting to me. Wow!
        I truly think the tradition should be passed on. Different names of months mean something culturally.

      6. Yes , each month’s name reflect the season. There are so many intresting concepts related to science in old indian books but unfortunately because of Britisher’s influence we learn only English calendar. Indian education system needs a desparate change by keeping a balance between globalisation and Indian traditional values.

  4. Dee, as always, I love your creations! Your home must always smell deliciously tempting! πŸ™‚

    This simple cake sounds amazing. I love the idea of adding lemon or orange zest too. I bet that really adds something extra special.

    Thanks for sharing this friend! πŸ€— I hope you are well today!

    1. Hi Holly,
      I am doing good.
      How is festive season going on, must be busy with preparations for fruit cake and gifts.
      Baking with butter and condensed milk definitely creats wonder with taste. High on calories but I guess occasionally its ok.Simple cakes have their own beauty, isn’t it. Thank you so much for your kind words πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—
      Have a great Sunday!!

  5. First of all, YUM! This looks delicious!
    Speaking of vanilla, check out my recent review of Pacifica’s Island Vanilla at
    If you’d like and have time, please comment on the post and let me know what you think!

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