Dry fruits Burfi

Dry fruits burfi is a traditional Indian sweet which is prepared almost in every state of India with some variations. Some prepare it with only dry fruits, while some add grated coconut to make it more healthy whereas some bind it with crushedΒ  dates and others use jaggery syrup.

At my mother’s house every year dry fruits burfi was prepared on the occasion of Shree Krishna Janmashtami (celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna) with only dry fruits and sugar syrup. Here I have added dry coconut powder also.

Mixed dry fruits Burfi is the best homemade sweet for your family members. Moreover, you can have it during fasting days too. Navratri is just round the corner and you can prepare this Burfi for your 9 days fasting.

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Dry fruit mix 130 gm

Coconut powder 60 gm

Sugar 200 gm

Milk 1/4 cup milk

Water 1 cup

If you wish, you can take fresh or dry coconut powder.


Take all dry fruits of your choice and slightly roast each of them separately in 1/2 tsp desi ghee. Makhane (lotus seeds) might take slightly more ghee than other dry fruits.

Dry roast coconut powder for a minute. Roastingwill help to maintain the longevity of burfi.

mixed dry fruits for burfi

After roasting, when dry fruits are slightly warm, grind them coarsely only to break them into pieces. Mix coconut powder in coarsely ground dry fruits.

In a wok pour water and switch on gas on full heat. Add sugar and keep on stirring it until it melts.

The moment sugar melts completely, add 1/4th cup milk in it to remove impurities of sugar.

With the help of big spoon remove impurities and then reduce heat to medium and let the sugar syrup become thick till it reaches 2 thread consistency.

In the meanwhile, grease one plate till the edges with desi ghee and keep it separate.

Keep a sharp eye on sugar syrup and keep on checking the thread regularly. The moment it turns in two thread consistency, immediately pour dry fruit mixture in it. Switch off gas and mix everything swiftly and pour everything in ready greased plate. With the help of flat spatula, spread the mixture evenly on a plate and pat it from all sides.

My plate was bigger than the quantity of dry fruits mix, so I kept the mixture in a limited place otherwise Burfi would be very thin.

Dry fruits burfi is ready

Let it cool down for sometime till it becomes comfortably warm and then cut Burfi with the help of sharp knife in any shape or size.

Dry fruits burfi

Enjoy dry fruits Burfi with your family and friends.

Dry fruits burfi

Dry fruits burfi


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60 thoughts on “Dry fruits Burfi

    1. Thanks a lot Prashant!
      Yes you can do laddu also but with warm sugar syrup it will be difficult. Instead add soft jaggery or dates in dry fruits mix and bind them as laddus.

    1. Suni, thank so much 😊
      Our traditional vegetarian recipes are so versatile that we can create many more dishes out of one recipe only. That’s why we can see same dish in other states also with slight variations of spices.

      1. Oscar, you really tried this sweet dish!!! I am still hesitant to work with sugar syrup, and in first attempt you nailed it. I am so glad to hear your feedback. Lots of love to your students and a big hug to you dear friend πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ’•πŸ’•

    1. Hi Chiru, long time…..
      You seem to be a good cook!
      I believe in every Indian state burfi is prepared , though method might be different. That’s why whichever place we live,we have burfi during festive season.

      1. Haha.. not great.. for two years I was away from home and forced to cook on my own..
        now back to home so lazy again 😜
        Yes right na.. every state we have this super food burfi

      2. We all learn when we are forced to, isn’t it… I started cooking when I was staying away from home for my job… and of course back home who wants to cook when mom is thereπŸ˜‰

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