Moong ki daal ke pakode (green lentil fritters)

I love Makar Sankranti festival the most! In Jaipur Makar Sankranti is celebrated in its full galore. Before a month itself you can feel the vibes of the festival in the air. Even a small street corner general store starts selling kites. Immediately after coming back from school, kids will be seen on terrace with their kites till their mother starts calling them to come down because it is going to be very cold – after all it’s peak of winter season. Mothers will be drying up sesame seeds in hot sun for preparing sweets as til ki papdiΒ andΒ til ke ladoo.Β 

Kids keep their kites ready the previous night of Sankranti itself. Gaajar ka halwa is prepared and split green moong daal is soaked previous night of Sankranti. I remember at my parents’ house we used to take bath with cold fresh tap water early in the morning on the day of Sankranti (a religious custom). Mother used to be busy with her pooja preparations and we used to wait for Sun to come so that sky can be clear of fog. I remember, once my brother, Sunny, and I, tried to fly kite very early in the morning when it was still dark. We found some neighbours also along with their kites on their terrace. But unfortunately because of fog kites became wet and everyone returned disappointed.

Sankranti is the best day to be soaked up in the Sun. Whole day family members are on the terrace. If guests or neighbours visit you, they also join you on the terrace.

Streets are also full of kids – some will be there to fly kites and others to catch the kites. Have you ever caught a kite flying in from somewhere in the sky, and somehow you guessed that it’s going to cross through your territory…it creates such a wonderful scene!! Everyone on your terrace is on full alert, sometimes including your parents, not to leave no stone unturned to catch the incoming kite!!!! And the person who succeeds in catching that kite will have a wonderful sense of proud feeling!!

Whole day will be gone in watching and flying kites, making loud hullabaloo if you are successful in snapping others kite’s string, gossiping, and munching roasted groundnuts, gazak, revadi, til papdi and hot moong ki daal ke pakode /vade.

Oh, I miss so much Makar Sankranti celebration in Jaipur, 😒 I guess I can write a lot about this festival. It is that one festival which is celebrated from morning till night. After sunset also some people fly kites with lamp, even though it gets very cold.

After shifting to Bangalore I hardly saw kids flying kites. But a few days before Sankranti I read that at some place kite festival was being organized. And today when we went out to our nearby shopping complex in Banashankari 3rd stage, I was amazed to see kites being sold in shops. Just like rakhi now there were kites to attract kids with their favorite cartoon characters like Doremon, Dora, Barbies etc. Even our honourable Prime Minister Modi kite was there.


mk 2

I really hope that in coming 3-4 four years we might see sky of Bangalore filled with colourful kites on Makar Sankranti.

The main attraction of food in the whole day of Makar Sankranti is ‘chilke vaali hari moong ki daal ke pakode‘. Daal is soaked the previous night, and in the morning it is ground, spices added and this batter is used the whole day for family members and guests to have hot pakode. These are very tasty and crispy and you can have them with your hot evening tea.

Ingredients :

Split green moong daal,Β  green chillies, ginger, salt, red chilli powder, salt, asafoetida and water.

Process :

Wash nicely and soak daal overnight or just for 2 hours in the morning – it puffs up nicely.


Add salt, red chilli powder, green chillies, asafoetida and ginger. Without water grind it in a mixer. We need thick batter, so don’t add water while grinding.


Heat oil in a deep pan and with your finger tips take very small quantity of daal batter and drop it carefully in the hot oil. If this tiny pakoda/fritter floats in the oil, it signifies that oil is hot enough to fry. In the same way fry rest of the pakode. You can use spoon also to drop the batter in oil.




On medium heat fry pakode nicely by turning them upside down.


Take them out with a handled sieve to drain out extra oil.


Serve hot and crispy pakode with any sauce or chutney.

pakode daal













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38 thoughts on “Moong ki daal ke pakode (green lentil fritters)

  1. Your kite festivals are spectacular according to my husband! It sure looks like it. He took some beautiful pictures on his last visit to your country. I can’t resist fritters! Yummy.

    1. Is it !!! Kite festival is definitely a lot vibrant with colors and festive activities. You should have accompanied your husband for beautiful memories. Try to visit some other time… Indian festivals will give you wonderful experience of Indian culture!!

      1. I could not go with him because of my job and it was at a time of the year when the kids had exams at school. I had to supervise the studies. I missed the festival and so much more, but my husband brought me back lots of beautiful fabrics, jewelry and tunics. I was really happy! I even showed one of the tunic in a blog post. So lovely.

      2. That’s wonderful!! During festivals shopping in Jaipur is so exciting. Whole city looks very colourful. And yes, we can’t compromise kid’s studies. It’s really nice to get connected with you, we will be in touch 😊

    1. Thank you very much Maniparna. Unity in diversity through food, culture and festivals is definitely a unique feature of India. Looks like kite flying during Sankranti is a common ritual in other parts of India. And we all love to have special food , we just need an excuse for some occasion or festivals 😊

  2. The festival sounds amazing! So much cultures and precious tradition!

    My goodness! My mom used to make something similar to fritters! She used mixed chopped vegetables. They are the best memory of childhood.
    Thank you for the beautiful sharing!

    1. Thank you so much Lady Oscar for going through the whole post😊.

      In India festivals are a lot colorful and a great deal of variety in food delicacies. If given a chance try to make a trip to India during any festival. It would be a memorable experience for you!

      I believe all moms in different parts of the world have definitely prepared some or other kind of fritters.. Lol…πŸ˜€ after all it is the best crispy teatime snack!!

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