Pyaaz ka paratha

Pyaaz ka paratha

Weekend comes with a demand or hidden wish for special breakfast or brunch. For this Saturday, I had thought of doing Pyaaz ka paratha. Manish and Apoorva both want only Aaloo ka Paratha (wheat flour flat bread with spicy potato stuffing) . If I would have asked their choice, I could never prepare any other variety for paratha. So, I did the preparation and served them both onion and aaloo ka paratha. Both wanted next one aaloo ka paratha. I knew very well that I am going to get this feedback only , so I had kept aaloo masala ready.

But I thoroughly enjoyed two pyaaz ke parathe with plain curd,  mint chutney and butter!!

I have posted  recipe for aaloo ke parathe Aaloo ka Paratha (paratha with spicy potato stuffing)and coriander chutney Coriander Chutneyalso in the blog…. mint chutney also has same procedure as coriander chutney, just replace coriander leaves to mint leaves .

Ingredients :

Onion (medium-sized) 4

Green chillies 3-4

Ginger         tiny piece

Oil              1tsp

Salt, red chilli powder,  garam masala powder,  dry mango powder, one pinch asafoetida. (add all spices as per your taste)

Wheat flour dough

Dry wheat flour

Oil for roasting paratha

Process :

Chop onions and green chillies finely and grate ginger.

Heat oil in a pan and add chopped onions, green chillies and grated ginger. Roast them till they become light brown.


Add salt, red chilli powder, garam masala powder, dry mango powder and hing (asafoetida) and switch off gas. Let it cool down completely .


Prepare wheat flour dough and heat tava. Take a small portion from the dough and make a round ball, apply some dry flour on it and roll it in a small round shape.



Keep some onion masala on it and seal it by pinching from all the sides.



Again apply some dry flour and roll this in a round shape carefully and evenly from all sides.

pyaaz ka paratha is rolled

Place this on hot tava and when you notice tiny bubbles, flip it to other side and apply oil and follow the same for other side also.



If you have rolled paratha evenly it will puff up beautifully.

Pyaaz ka paratha is ready

Serve hot Pyaaz ka paratha with curd, chutney, butter or pickle!!

Pyaaj Ka Paratha

Pyaaz ka paratha


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31 thoughts on “Pyaaz ka paratha

  1. Love it! Which I could have you nearby my apartment. Would have been wonderful to have you as a friend. 🙂 Awesome, Deeksha!

      1. We make an Indian dish at least one night a week…I always grind my own spices so much nicer…This week I am making green banana koftas as I have many green bananas to use 🙂

      2. Thank you, Deeksha we just love food and trying different foods.. Luckily I can get ghee and the spices I use here and my friend Reena has given me some good advice/recipes while I was learning. So all is good.. I hope you a wonderful weekend 🙏💕

      3. Wowwww… you use ghee also!! You are a great inspiration to me Carol. Keep up this wonderful spirit and enthusiasm towards life. We all have to learn a lot from you. ❤️

      4. I do..why are you surprised? I love to learn different cuisines Thai and Indian are my favourite…I am sure I was abducted at birth and taken to the wrong country ..haha…<3

      5. Ha.. Ha.. Ha… You are too good 😘😘
        Out of India many people don’t even understand the concept of ghee. I have seen butter and margarine in recipes. But yes, nowadays tv food shows and food channels are making a lot of difference in the world. People are experimenting a lot and creating fusion dishes. This year I noticed that in Masterchef Australia they have many Indian ingredients in their pantry.

  2. Hello Deeksha I have looked at many of your recipes and must admit they made me very hungry. I do not use Indian Food but have tried lots in my younger years with friends from India. Do not stop sharing these tasty looking food with us or we will starve !

    1. You made my day!! Among all difficult times now a days staying indoors makes me feel depressed sometimes. Enthusiasm to add more posts in the blog has almost lost. But your visit on the blog and such heartfelt appreciation boosted my energy. Thank you very much 😊 😊
      I will sure try to come up with something interesting. It is always nice to hear that someone had enjoyed Indian cuisine with friends!!!
      Have a great time and safe weekend!

      1. Thank you very much for these warm words Deeksha. I admit I love food period. Indian foods are incredibly tasty and amazing as well. You are every welcome I meant my words to pick you up. I am happy they boosted you right up my new friend

  3. I have tried Aaloo ka Paratha once from my Indian cookbook. I find it difficult to roll out the filled bread without it tearing open and spilling everything. I guess it just takes some practice. Also the lady who wrote the cookbook put two circles on top of each other with the fill in between them and sealed the outer rim. I will try it your way, I think it is better, when the rim of the paratha is flexible. I loved the taste though … 😉

    1. Stella, wheat flour dough should be soft for stuffed parathas. It helps in smooth rolling. As a beginner, use less stuffing, ,it wouldn’t come out. Later increase it and you will be a pro!!
      Around 18 years back when we were in Chennai, my house owner used to prepare by keeping the stuffing between two dough balls. I was amused with this method but then I thought that probably stuffed paratha is a North Indian thing so probably in other regions people are trying to prepare them in their own ways. Internet and Google usage was very limited in India that time.

      1. I will try again, no worries … 😉
        That was my problem: when you have to fix the dough at the rim, then it is not flexible anymore and cannot expand. So my next try will be your method … 🙂

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