Stuffed Mirch( Bharva Hari Mirch)

Stuffed Chilies(Bharva Hari Mirch)

Stuffed Chilies (Bharva Hari Mirch) is loved by all chili lovers.The best part about this recipe is that here I have not used those chirpy spicy chilies which very few people can dare to tolerate. To prepare these Stuffed Chilies (Bharva Hari Mirch) I have used big size parrot green chilies. I am not sure what they are exactly called but read somewhere them as pepper green long.

These are mildly spicy, so we can have them without worrying much about a burning stomach. Years ago my mother used to prepare very spicy veggies, and I used to hate chilies in vegetables. In fact, all my maternal relatives used to have 4-5 raw green chilies in their salad. So naturally my mother was used to to prepare spicy food. Later because of her stomach problems she was forced to prepare normal food. But by then my younger sister Nandini had become a lot fond of spicy food. And she was a lot fussy about her choice of food. My mother had a rule that, whatever is cooked, everyone is supposed to eat that without throwing tantrums or else cook your own food! Because of this rule I learned to eat all vegetables and because of the same rule Nandini was the first to learn cooking amongst all three sisters😊😊 I was the second despite being the elder one😂.

My mother used to prepare these big size chilies in stuffed form with spices or stuffed with besan (gram flour). These stuffed chilies can be served along with the meal but I like them with plain paratha in breakfast…..

Stuffed Chilies( Bharva Hari Mirch)
Ingredients :
Big green chilies
For stuffing

Coarsly grinded fennel seeds(kuti sauf) , coriander powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt, dry mango powder (amchoor) and asafoetida (hing).
Can add grinded groundnut powder(pisi hui moongfali) or lightly roasted gram flour (besan) along with all spices.
Process :
In a pan keep all spices. Have not given measurements for spices here because it completely depends on individual’s choice of taste on quantity. Just remember to have coriander powder maximum, then add slightly less quantity of half grinded fennel seeds, and then rest of the spices according to your taste.

spices for stuffing mirch

Add very little quantity of oil, just few drops in these spices and mix everything.

add oil

Wash and dry chilies.

green chillies

Slit chilies and if you don’t like seeds along with masala, de-seed chilies.

deseed chilies

Stuff them with mixed spices. Don’t stuff too much otherwise while cooking, stuffing will come out and it will be burnt.

Stuffed green chilies
Heat 2 tbsp oil in a heavy bottom pan and place all stuffed chilies in it and cover it.

Keep the flame on sim. Sometimes our gas burner doesn’t give very low heat for slow cooking dishes. Just buy one extra small size pan support and use it. This helps in getting low heat on the cooking pan.

IMG_20171029_090835470.jpgChilies have very thin skin so they get cooked fast.
Serve them to enhance the taste of simple lunch of daal- chaawal or with plain paratha in breakfast.

Stuffed Green Chillies

Stuffed Chilies( Bharva Hari Mirch)


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