Chillies, with a twist

Few days back I bought some big sized  chillies to prepare them in stuffed form with spices. I washed them all and kept in a sieve. Three days passed and those chillies were still in the sieve. Finally, Manish teased me that green chillies are turning red with anger as I was neglecting them….ok… ok I will cook them today for sure! But by now I was not in a mood to stuff them. I prepared them in a different way and Manish liked them a lot……


Ingredients :
Green big sized chillies
Oil, salt and dry mango powder (amchoor) or lemon juice.

Procedure :

Wash, dry and cut chillies.

Peel and wash potatoes and cut them in small and thin pieces.

Heat one tbsp oil in a heavy bottomed pan and add cut potatoes and keep on stirring to avoid them sticking on to the bottom. Once potatoes start turning brown, sprinkle salt, mix it properly and take them out in a bowl


. Now put cut chillies in the pan, add one tbsp oil and let it cook till it becomes slightly soft.


Sprinkle salt, mix it properly and add potatoes in it.


Stir for 4-5 minutes sprinkle lemon juice or amchoor powder, mix and done!! Crispy chillies with a twist are ready. Serve it with plain prantha in breakfast or as a side dish with rice.





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Deeksha Pathak

I like reading, watching movies, listening to music, doing some art and craft, cooking, baking and exploring new ideas. Baking is my new passion!!

4 thoughts on “Chillies, with a twist

  1. I see your blog only for the lovely pictures. Your cooking and presentation is very delectable. I love the chillies. The recipe etc has little meaning because cooking is like sanskrit for me😊.
    I’m sure you have lots of serious followers who go home and try out things. Then they find out that they couldn’t replicate it😊
    Because cooking is much more than a recipe. It is the person.
    Please accept our compliments on a really ‘mouth watering’ blog😋

    1. Parneet, you are too generous with your kind words of encouragement and appreciation ☺️
      I am truly humbled 😊
      Aap sanskrit ke chakkar mai mat pado… I am sure your wonderful wife would be taking care of that department 🙂
      Keep enlightening us with your wise words and philosophy!!

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