Okra (Bhindi)

Spicy Bhindi (okra)


Bhindi, okra or ladyfinger, you call this veggie with any name, it is favorite with all age groups except my fussy daughter apoorva. Yesterday night, I was very late to prepare dinner and was thinking about some quick fix vegetable, I decided to pick Bhindi. Though apoorva was not happy with my choice, but like all mothers I didn’t care. My rule for food is very clear in the house, “whatever is prepared, everyone has to eat, otherwise cook on your own”. Apoorva never believes in second condition. So, I quickly I started my preparation, but instead of preparing it in my usual way, gave a little twist and……. Bang on!!!!!! Apoorva loved it!!!!! though poor girl couldn’t have more because it was more spicy than her limits….so I decided to do it less spicy next time…..

Ingredients :
Bhajji Chillie(they are in green parrot colour)
Small spicy chille
Oil, salt, tarmaric powder, red chilli powder coriander powder, and lemon juice or dry mango powder (amchoor)
Tip:My twist was to add bhajji chillies in bhindi and believe me it gave excellent flavor and small chillies added zing in it.


Wash, dry, cut both the ends and slit bhindi vertical in two pieces.
Cut onions and both kind of chillies in the same way.

Heat oil in a pan (use oil 2tbsp more than usual) and shallow fry bhindi along with both kind of chillies, till they become little soft.


Add salt, mix it and take out bhindi in a bowl.
Now shallow fry onions in the same pan, add some more oil if required.


Once onions are transparent and light brown add bhindi in it.
Add tarmaric, coriander and red chilli powder in it along with some more salt according to your taste.


Mix everything nicely and cover the pan for 2-3 minutes. Don’t cook for long otherwise crispy bhindi, onion and chillies will turn too soft and we don’t want that to happen. In the end sprinkle little lemon juice or amchoor powder (whatever is your preference), mix nicely and your spicy bhindi is ready to go with lunch or dinner!!!!!!



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