Coriander Chutney (dhaniye ki chutney)

coriander chutneu (dhaniye ki chutney)

Coriander Chutney (dhaniye ki chutney) is very very popular in India with all meals of the day. Right from our childhood we all had tasted different kinds of chutneys in various flavors. It might be of mint, coriander, onion, tamarind, spinach, coconut, tomato or chili. On a beautiful rainy day or nail biting cold weather, before we start preparing hot bhajiya or pakora, we first prepare chutney. In India chutney is integral part of our breakfast. Dosa, idly,  vada, poha, upma, plain paratha, samosa, kachori are incomplete without chutney. So, come let’s prepare nice spicy green coriander chutney and add a zing to your meal.

Ingredients :

Fresh green coriander, salt, hing (asafoetida) green chili, amchoor (dry mango powder) ginger and tomato.


1.If you are interested in keeping chutney for a week in fridge, always use fresh coriander, otherwise you won’t get beautiful green color and taste will be different.

2.Don’t throw away tender stems – use them along with coriander leaves.

3.Quantity of green chili is based on individual’s taste – my personal preference is spicy chutney. So I add lot of green chilies and ginger and it gets  balanced with amchoor powder.


Cut the roots of coriander and wash it thoroughly under running water – after washing keep it on a sieve, so that all excess water will be sieved away.cut stems of coriander

Wash one tomato, a small piece of ginger and some spicy green chilies. Chop coriander so that it’s easy to put in the jar. Grate or chop and add ginger, chopped green chilies and tomato.cut rest of the ingredients for coriander chutney

Grind it for a minute (if required, add some water). Now you will know exactly how much quantity of chutney you will get. So now add salt, amchoor powder and hing and again grind till your choice of consistency, whether you want it to be a complete paste or slightly coarse. Enjoy your spicy green coriander chutney with any meal of the day!!!

Coriander chutney (dhaniye ki chutney)


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