Mangoshake (aamras)


Summer is best known for fun filled freedom from school, playing for hours without worrying about school homework, no need to get up early in the morning, having cousins at your home, or visits to Nani ma ke or dadi ma ke ghar, and having lots of cool drinks, sharbat, chilled ice-cream and lots of fruits. I remember during summer we used to gobble one big sized watermelon after dinner!!!!!!! Mangoes were used in different ways.  Raw mango for pana, chatni, pickle, longi, or eat it just like that with salt.  My favorite was always sweet and sour pana. My mom used to roast raw mangoes instead of boiling them to prepare pana and I still have that yummy tangy taste. Dussehri is considered the best variety of mango in North India. Just slice into pieces and enjoy……. 😋😋We used to enjoy aamras or mango shake in the evening during summer, because as kids we were not allowed to have tea. Now I prepare aamras with breakfast. In Bangalore I buy Baiganpalli mangoes specifically for mango shake as it gives lots of pulp. One glass of mango shake, and you are good to go for  next 3-4 hours…….

Ingredients :

  • Mangoes
  • Sugar
  • Milk

Procedure :

  • Wash mangoes and peel them.


  • Slice them into small pieces.


  • Grind these pieces along with sugar.  You will get nice smooth paste like consistency of pulp.


  • Add milk in it and run the mixer again.

Your mango shake is ready. You can keep it in the fridge to chill it for two hours, or if you can’t wait that long, just crush some ice cubes and add in mango shake. Pour in glasses, cut small pieces of mango and add on top (optional). I love to sip and eat mangoes at the same time 🤣🤣. Enjoy the king of fruits…..



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5 thoughts on “Mangoshake (aamras)

    1. You are blessed to get fresh mangoes Jennifer ! Lassi is the right word, but originally Lassi is prepared with thick curd and it could be sweet and salty like buttermilk.

  1. The shake looks and sounds very delicious, when i was in Greece the mango cakes were delicious and i love mango, and unfortunately mango does not grow in my country that i live, and the mango that is shipped is not that good.

    1. Thanks a lot for visiting the blog 😊

      Its really unfortunate that you don’t get good quality mangoes there. I really hope that in near future you will be getting best quality of fruit there too!!

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