Churma (wheat flour)



Churma is a part of wonderful spreadover dishes in traditional Rajasthani thali.
Other than wheat flour it is prepared with rawa, besan and millet flour. My favorite is millet flour churma. However, the following recipe is of wheat flour churma.

Ingredients :

Wheat flour 600 gm
Desi melted ghee 120-130 gm (while kneading)
Water/milk for kneading  almost 250 ml
Powdered sugar/bura 300 gm
Melted ghee later to be added in churma and for frying.
Chopped mix dry fruits and cardamom powder.

I used almost 500 ml ghee which includes…. used while kneading, frying and later adding after grinding.
Method :

Take wheat flour and ghee in a bowl and mix it.

Prepare dough with 50/50 water/milk mix or with milk only.
Dough should not be either too tight or too soft.

Make balls from the dough and press them flat with your palms and fry them nicely in hot ghee…


Have to be really carefully while frying so that outer crust should not become very hard and from inside they should not remain raw.
So keep on changing your flame from medium to sim.
Once all are fried, take them out. Break them into pieces while they are hot to avoid the outer crust becoming dry in the cooling process and grind them into mixer.



BE CAREFUL.. we are not making a powder here….we need it in the form of normal sooji or rava – so turn on mixie for 5/7 seconds…and take out the mixture and sieve it in a siever which has small holes.


Again put the big pieces in mixie,and keep on doing the process until we finish all big pieces
Now we have CHURMA which is slightly dry…so add melted ghee generously. Let it cool down if it is still warm.

Then add bura or finely grinded sugar, reduce or add, according to your taste.
Add mixture of chopped dry fruits along with cardamom powder.
Your delicious full of calories CHURMA is ready.
Enjoy this as part of your meal or as a sweet dish.




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