Carrot kheer

Don’t hate me for my obsession with red carrots. I use  them  as salad, vegetable, pulav and even in breakfast. Yes, you heard it right….. In breakfast!

This concept I adopted after my marriage at my in law’s house. During winter season my mother in law prepares ‘Gaajar ki kheer’ for breakfast and serves it hot.Such a nutritious breakfast and yummy too.At my mom’s house we were not particular to have it during breakfast only. Any time of the day is fine.


Recently, I prepared it during Shivratri festival as it was a fasting day and we are not supposed to eat any kind of grains .

And with this post  I will stop my red carrots recipes series till next winter. So try it once………

Ingredients :

Carrots        300gm (peeled)

Milk                1litre

Sugar              between 150-200gm(200gm is too sweet so adjust)

Mixed dry fruits           2tbsp

Cardamom powder        1/4tsp

Process :

Cut the both ends of carrots and wash them.  Peel carrots and again wash in running water.


Keep the milk for boiling and start grating peeled carrots.






By now milk would have boiled, so add grated carrots in it. Keep the flame on sim and let it boil for 40-45 minutes.




Keep on stirring in between and scraping milk from the sides of the vessel. Otherwise, in the end it is very difficult to clean the vessel.


After 40 minutes, add sugar, mix it properly and let it boil for 10 more minutes.

Switch off gas. Pour kheer in a serving bowl. Add cardamom powder and chopped nuts and serve hot.




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