Sweet carrot rice

Rice is that one grain with which one can prepare numerous dishes, sweet.., savoury or everyone’s favorite just plain boiled rice with your choice of curry.

At my mother’s place rice was cooked for Sunday lunch along with rajma /chole or black masoor daal. I was never a rice loving person, be it  in the form of daal chawal or pulav. So once mom gave me  a small bowl of hot rice with sugar and little desi ghee in it. And being a sweets loving person I liked it a lot.

Once during winter mom prepared sweet rice  with carrots. Oh! my younger sister and I  just loved it!! Whereas my other younger sister hated it as she is completely a savoury dishes lover.

Since then sweet carrot rice became a regular dish during every winter season…… img_20170201_183842367

Now, my husband and daughter both don’t like sweet rice at all, but still I prepare it and share with my friends…… IMG_20170201_183709306.jpg

Ingredients :

Basmati rice             1cup

Grated carrots        2 cups

Desi ghee                  2tbsp

Granulated sugar     3/4cup

Water                        2+1/4 cup

Cardamom seeds      from 4-5green cardamom

Chopped mixed dry nuts of your choice              2tbsp

Procedure :

Wash and soak Basmati rice for half an hour.



Cut both the ends of carrots and wash them. Peel, wash again and grate.


Switch on gas and keep cooker on it. Heat ghee in the cooker and add coarsely chopped dry nuts and fry them on sim heat for a minute.


Take them out in another bowl and now put grated carrots in the cooker. Roast for 2-3 minutes and add rice in it along with water.


Close the lid of the cooker with whistle and keep the flame on medium. Switch off gas immediately after two whistles. Open the lid once cooker cools down completely and add fried nuts, crushed cardamom seeds and sugar in half cooked rice. Stir it with the spoon and again close the  lid of the cooker along with the whistle.

Switch on gas, keep the flame on medium and switch off gas immediately after one whistle. Let the cooker cool down completely and open it….wonderful aroma of carrots, nuts and desi ghee will force you to taste one spoon from the cooker itself!!

Serve them hot in a serving plate. You can garnish them with some more finely chopped mixed nuts.




After adding sugar and dry fruits in the cooker, it’s not compulsory to close the lid again. You can cook  by keeping half the lid on the cooker. But keep the flame on sim. Keep an eye on rice, till they are completely cooked and all sugar is absorbed in the rice.

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